The brawlout

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Thomas was waiting in the waiting room, trying out for the job of bodyguard. He waited nervously as the boss came into the room. “You did not get the job,” he said. Thomas was a little disappointed, but he knew there were other jobs. Just when he was about to leave, the boss said “Who said you could leave? You are too powerful to become my enemy, so I will have to eliminate you now.” He then whistled, and ten burly men came into the room. They were buff, but Thomas was more buff. He dropped them like flies. “Just what I expected from a top tier bodyguard,” the boss said. On cue, five men with machetes came in. They were a little tougher to take down, but it was still pretty easy for Thomas.

I guess you have taken down most of my weak troops. You will now advance to medium level. Thomas tried to make a run for it, but 3 men with pistols stopped him. Before he knew what was happening, he took a bullet in his right arm. That was his good arm, so he had some difficulty taking out those guys. They were only the beginning. The boss sent in a variety of people with different guns, including the AK27, a bazooka, desert eagle, shotguns, machine gun, submachine gun, carbine, assault rifles, hunting rifles, and the M16A4. He took them out without taking any more bullets, but he is still hurt from the first bullet to the arm. 

The boss clapped. “Impressive. You managed to take out my middle class troops. At this rate, you will kill all of my troops. Time to get the elite level troops” he said. He first sent out a guy called Viper Fang. He uses poisons to kill his enemies. He first threw a gas bomb, making Thomas weak, then he struck. He used an endless barrage of poison bombs on Thomas, but Thomas has been through training to not get affected by poisons, so he beat him easily. The next guy was called Tiger Claw, and he uses the Tiger Style. They parried and parried until Thomas finally won by an uppercut to the chin. The third person was not a guy, but a girl. Her name is Ariel, and she combines kung fu and gymnastics to make a unique fighting style called Gymnast Chuan. Her flexibility makes her untouchable, while she attacks with her kung fu. Luckily, she is not that strong, so her blows don’t affect Thomas. He swipes her away, and she becomes unconscious. The fourth dude actually has psychic powers, so he is basically unstoppable, but Thomas just threw a fork at his brain, stopping the psychic powers, and takes him out. The fifth and final person has real superpowers. He has super strength, can shoot fireballs, and can fly. He just flies in the air and shoots fireballs at Thomas. Thomas started dodging the fireballs, but he was running out of stamina. He quickly leaped into the air when the dude was close to the ground and took him out. The boss was furious. He unleashed the ultimate weapon. A robot still in its testing stage: FR125430. It was a robot capable of destroying the world. It not only has rockets, missiles, every single type of gun there is, and melee weapons, it has nuclear weapons. Thomas is getting completely obliterated. FR125430 is the perfect fighting machine. Thomas has no chance! Or does he? He remembers most robots are not waterproof. He leads the robot to water. THE ROBOT IS WATERPROOF!!!!! He is not affected. All Thomas can do is run and parry. He can’t even get in one solid hit. He has to constantly dodge bullets, while still being careful of his melee weapons. It is completely one sided. Thomas leads it into all types of traps, but the robot is way too strong. None of the traps work on it. The robot is just too strong. Just when THomas was about to give up, he noticed a little button on the robot’s head. He distracted it with a smoke grenade, and went up and pressed the button. It was not a shutdown button, but an UPGRADE BUTTON!!!! He is now even stronger. The boss told him it was a button in case of an emergency. It can use the button to make the opponent think they have a chance, but then use it to kill them. Thomas was seriously running out of energy. The only power he is getting is from adrenaline, which he can tell will not help him very much. He is still fighting for his life, throwing everything he has at the robot. He noticed the stun grenade could stop him a little bit, so he used all of his stun grenades on him. It gave him about a 3 minute break, to let him catch his breath and think of a plan. When the robot came back to life, Thomas had thought of a brilliant plan. He will figure out a way to make the robot’s power source disappear. Technology is not advanced enough to make a robot that does not have a power source, so he figured as long as he unplugged the power source, it would die. He ran around the robot several times, trying to find the power source. He spotted a little hatch behind the robot’s foot. He used his last stun grenade, and went up to the hatch he lifted it with all of his might, and sure enough, the power in the robot went out. Thomas breathed a sigh of relief. Now, he has to take care of the boss. The boss tried to run away, but Thomas easily caught up to him. “You will pay for your crimes,” he said. He beat him up, then left him outside of the police’s office, tied to a pole. “Whew! I will not try to be a bodyguard anymore. I should just settle down and work in an office,” he thought.

July 06, 2020 21:52

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