All Clocks Suddenly Stop...

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Fantasy Science Fiction Fiction

On this dark stormy evening, in my cabin, snuggled in for the night, thoughts of gumdrops dancing in our heads, little chuckle”, just remembering good old days when childhood was freedom, and beating of the drums, could be heard from miles around.

Sparks from the fire lit up the room. This novel is getting really good now, at the part when the train stops to pick up passengers. This is not an ordinary train, this is a magical train, things that you see in the movies, and not the one that goes to the north pole.  

Okay; talking about magic, you have to put it to words-each person has their own beliefs, myths, even truths that can be shared, but you are the one to take where it comes from and make up your own minds to take it as is.

That is why I believe this quote; “looking in the eyes; did you know that is where the Soul lives! Some would say; magic is the air, as I was told growing up, all fairy tales, wishes, and even dreams can come true! Back in the cabin; ready for bed, scratching at the screen door, some kind of animal was there, went to the door, saw nothing there, turned in, blew the lights out and fell asleep.

Next morning; storm settled down, made a coffee, deep in the woods sits an old cabin, made it a home, it’s peaceful, in a crazy world, it is nice to have peace and here sitting in silence, a creepy feeling came across that chilled me to the bone.

Only started this morning off really early, but I couldn't sleep very well last night. Have you ever had that creepy feeling that someone was watching you, or losing the connections from reality and or fabrication.

With that said; {whatever humans believe in, makes it fact}! Now and then, fantasy takes us by surprise, waking up realizing that we are still sleeping and now it is the afternoon, where did the day go.

Ok; back to reality, it is almost supper time, not really hungry, because of the night before, it was slow in the inn, a quote that takes me this far in life; {out of darkness the light is reborn and hope returns the world up right side}!

Pushing that side, where was I, oh I remember; sitting at the dinner table, wondering well thinking what tonight will be like, if I could get a good night's rest and believing in myself is a good start!

Next morning, opening my eyes, was beautiful morning, had a very good night sleep, birds chirping probably, getting my coffee, putting wood in the fireplace, when went down low, left my room, to see what the world has to offer today, knowing that there was ocean down the way, remember service me correctly, and further down the way, the abyss.

So I went for a long walk, to clear my mind. It is so peaceful here, I never want to leave. Before I knew it, it was almost supper, days change fast here, before long was in a different time period, felt weird, and a bit confusing.

This was a weird feeling, and before long I was on a plane. Told you it was confusing, this type of plane was for people like “Royalty”, sitting here listening got me thinking about home, and in a flash I was in the inn.

Eating dinner now, quite alone, then out of nowhere a stranger walked in and said; {excuse me}, looking for a “red head named; Starbreeze? Who is asking; “deep voice spoke”, Raistlin, Mage-king of “Forgotten Realms”, what do you want with me? You are Starbreeze; yes again what do you want with me!

I never did tell any of you my name; so again, you asked for me, well I’m here, speak; {like I said, I am Raistlin, came a long way to speak with you, and need a quiet place to do it in}!

You may come to my study. It is quiet, private, and a walk, so we are in here, why, “we need your assistance”, there is a Clock suddenly Stopped. What does this have to do with me? Well, you are a Princess right! Well yes; you are the princess of the Forgotten Realms, right, yes, it’s your job to protect, and we need that now.

In notable times; I was sent to another time/place, believe it had to be “1475”, out of the abyss, fell on soft ground, it felt familiar place, looking around, images flashed, then was back in the little inn, my word was golden, and toke to my word.

“So went back in time, back to 1475, in the abyss, storming, flew around like a paperweight was lifted off my chest, and fixed the Clocks!” it was a switch that was stuck at the bottom of the key hole now in flic was back in my time.

 It was midnight, the stranger left, was back in my room, putting wood on the fire, silence filled the room, about to pick up my book, a spark fell and hit the window, out of the blue hobgoblin jumped up and knocked on the window.

Jumped out of my skin, once I saw the hobgoblin, it made me miss my friends, anyway, letting him in, asked what you doing here? Just saw “Raistlin”, now you're here, just fixed the clocks, what/why you are here now, giving you bad news, and how you take it is up to you!

What is it! A body was found, “what do you mean a body”? It is supernatural, up your alley, okay; I get that I am the Princess, but what makes you that I can fix all problems, left that world, I am just a Writer! Leaping into time/space, takes out of person, why does this sort of thing feel weird, like I have done this before!

Okay; have to say something about this, my history, what made me change this life style, from being a princess, to just a writer, this is it: {in 1475, princes Starbreeze, had many friends such as, Raistlin, Goldriver, Trapspringer, Kanan, Alhana and myself, best friends since we took that quest over the abyss.

In the forgotten realms, we grew apart and went our separate ways, after Raistlin went to college to be a Logician, others pathfinder, realist, meteorologist, Pipefitting Supervisor, me as a writer and that is what we all did after school.

That is a little history about what happened to us, so why is my life being interrupted? I'm happy, should I go back in time, see what is going on or just live my life and ignore it. Slept on it for a couple of days, it would be kind of nice to go back and see my stomping grounds again. So you know I am the {keeper of the Key that controls time and space}.

With that said; woke to having coffee, putting another wood on the fire, maybe two, because little chilly in the inn, couldn’t stop thinking about the time hole, kind of figured out the reason the hobgoblin knocked on the window, something weird is going on that needs to be takin care of, and the princess is the one has to do it.

What I am talking about is the “clocks suddenly stopped”, this is what I was worried about, for decades, it is time to call the old gang back together and take care of it. It is going to be a little tricky, it’s time to go back to my roots, how to get a hold of them, that is where it is going to be more trickery to get them in one place and though my life has changed I can’t change nor would I want to.

Thankful for my old friend, “Owl-Jareth”, had him since my birth, {tweet-tweet}, going forward, back in the early 2021 year, my words were heard, we had everyone has come to one place, magical creature friends are: hafling, dwarf, elf, mage, ranger, dragonborn as you recognize me as a DragonBorn, and back to the Clocks have Stopped.

Here is where the magic really starts; my old friends were back together again, now we have a mission to accomplish, as we take it, my apologies, I am getting ahead of myself, sitting in the inn, waiting for my friends, you remember me saying; “hobgoblin” hit my window, with bad news, about the clocks stopping, saw again the same hobgoblin, and waiting for my friends to arrive he joined me.

Drinking my coffee, with company, here we go, my friends have finally arrived, sitting back, trying to catching up, we have to get to the matter in hand, as I spoke about the {Clocks Suddenly Stopping}, a bang came from outside, chilling me to the bone, and I don’t know why it startled me, it did.

Guess you have to say; {not used to acting as me being the Princess here}, that I thought that was behind me, but once again the duties have come forward on wondering why/how we can put it to right and going back to me being a Writer.

Walking out of the inn, friends by my side, on the quest to the bell tower, to understand “Why”, just then the world stopped all together, it was just myself and my friends. 

{Looking around, birds stop in mid flight, people frozen, only sounds that would be heard is gentle wind, long grass blowing in it, then it started to rain, the clouds turning from black to purple and with a splash of gray}.

Monsters coming out of nowhere three days ago may sound crazy, putting pieces back together, some would say; “monsters don’t exist”, they only exist in nightmares and dream land.

Wake up; a voice said, “your dreaming”, it was Raistlin, loudly I must add, so we were camping in the forgotten realms, splashing water on my face, trying to wake up, the team members getting ready and on the way to the bell tower.

You see, the bell tower is four days away, mid-morning, honestly if we walk through the night too mid-afternoon on the next day, it would take two days and we should be at the bell tower. Only ration food to make it last for two days, talk about the old days, that should pass the time away, but something was bugging me, that couldn’t get it out my head, and then I fell, Raistlin “looked at me on the ground”!

The gang stopped, what is going on? Once they saw was on the ground, something weird was going on, couldn’t put my finger on it, it was like I was there but not, saw what was going on, but not really, also saw over the abyss, dark sharp gnome, peeking his head out and words were coming out of his little mouth but heard nothing.

Sound of the Kraken; some would say {mythological}, was looking in the eyes of people calling a myth, then was woken, by a kiss from Raistlin”, like said he was the best friend the longest, thought of him as my oldest brother, but truth is: another time we were in love, and we both thought it be better off as Friends.

Getting of track again, was talking about a vision, think it was a vision, anyway; talking about the Kraken, to my friends, they were looking at me like was an alien, we are wasting time, we have to get walking again, it's now almost the afternoon, time is going quickly, but my friends told me we are stopping you have to rest something is wrong and no one had a clue.

We were at the bell tower now, here is the reason the “clocks stopped”, it was time for my friends to get back together once again, to get my roots in order, but the reason I don't want to be a Princess anymore! Very happy to just be called a writer, no responsibilities, {I’m Free}, and it is a very good feeling. Spending time with my friends, kooky as it sounds missing that life, was a lesson that had to be learned and the lesson is; {don’t take anything for granted}.

So ending on that note; life is only what you make it and if you take it for granted you're just wasting your life. Keeping back to my friends, hanging at the inn, laughing, having an old good time, and living life like it is supposed to be.

Just remember to keep fighting for happiness!

December 22, 2021 07:32

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John Hanna
23:22 Dec 29, 2021

Hi Kathy, My name is John and I have been assigned your story through the critique circle. I don't nitpick when reading stories, usually a congratulatory note or nothing, but when assigned from the circle I feel it is my duty to do my best. chuckle”, just - accident I guess make up your own minds to take it as is. - think for yourself but think this? quote; “looking - no end for the quote mark '"' and not sure about the semicolon about whether the looking should be capitalized there, went - there. I went Hmmm your punctuation in general...


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