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Adventure Crime Suspense

Things had been off the radar for a while after the horrible situation that happened to Monica. Sonya and Trae were the only two trusted with what seemed like such a bizarre story, however it was totally true. No one else would know anything since Monica’s family would be put in harm’s way. There was never any mention in any local police report, newspaper or radio of this man and business owner, who mysteriously disappeared. IRON Press On was suddenly reopened and the business was now, ‘under new ownership’. Monica, Sonya and Trae were the only ones who were aware that the owner had vanished yet no one else saw beyond the obvious, or gave a crap. They found out a certain woman they had eyes on, at the church supper, had gone away, never to be seen again - yet. Monica was okay, but not okay. And now, Sonya was on schedule to be gone on a business trip for who knows how long.

     “Trae,” Sonya quietly asked. “Could you, and would you, check up on Monica now and then? Even though she seemed like her old self, I think we know there’s something else going on. I just don’t know with who or what that is.”

     Her brother whole heartedly agreed telling his sister to have no concern while she was off on her job site. “By the way, don’t you need to get to the library? I know you’re packed and all, and ready for takeoff, but isn’t there a small detail you’ve overlooked such as where you’re going?”

     Sonya let out a groan and berated herself. “You should go in my place since I’m not quite myself. You be me. Ha! Ha!”

     Trae chuckled at that idea, dressed as his sister and faking it all. “Let’s go. I’ll get you there, and then we’ll both be in the know just in case I do need to be you.” Right now, Sonya was so appreciative of her brother being near, even when she was sometimes so far away from family. They got to the library and casually strolled around. “I know it’s here somewhere.” Sonya began searching slowly from one aisle to the next, eyes scanning from top to bottom of each bookshelf in the World News Section. “Bingo!” Trae found the book. It was titled, “The Rain in Spain.” Was this a clue to her next location of mission impossible? Sonya grinned as he handed her the prize, and quickly flipped through the pages only to find no flight ticket. Her jaw dropped as there was only a small card stuck in. Discretely, she opened it and her new mission and purpose came to light. It was worded very cryptically in the event that someone else would peruse the book and find the note. The words would only seem like a cute message from one woman to another. It was written as if she was telling her friend an interesting story of the latest happenings in New Carle. However, the words, cleverly written, told Sonya that her next assignment would be right here, in her city. This is where her job assignment had intended to happen. Other agents would come into the picture now and again over time. More information would be forthcoming to spell out the plan. It seems that now, has become the right time to fix the broken links throughout the city as the drug cartel problem had become a heavy rock. The letter’s cute wording ended with, “Wow, I’m just so loving the vibe here. There’s like so much to do and places to go. Maybe I’ll invite myself over to visit and we can go out on the town. Okay? – as always, your friend, Barb.”

Over and out.

     They left the library and didn’t speak until they were in the car.

     “I’m shocked. This has never happened before. I believe more people know that there’s some serious stuff going on and it’s escalated to a national level. Keep this to yourself. Not even to Mom and Pops.”

      “Hey, we’re in this together already.” Trae was surprised, yet not surprised. “Wow.”

      Sonya knew she needed to give up her tiny sanctuary where she sought refuge outside of her heavy work life. She needed to leave this quiet space to be in the hub of the city with family and be another set of hands in their well-liked Korean food place, Yeung’s Apron Diner. Her parents welcomed Sonya with open arms into their home. She had her own guest room and living space, complete with a tiny kitchen. It was the next best thing; to be close, and available to her parents, and to have her own space.

     The situation involving Monica was also a deciding turning point and one she could not escape. But now, surprisingly, she was in this, whatever it was, for an indefinite time period, as her new job assignment. Sonya would know and be on guard to the cryptic signal communications. This would happen in various parts of town at specific times. Sometimes a call would be sent via a certain telephone booth or it would be a random person either near a bus stop or waiting at a park bench who might on occasion drop a key. This clever signal would be the way Sonya verified communication from the top, as it lead to a mail box at the postal center. 

     The murder that happened down by the river, not that long ago, and pointed fingers at certain ones, became one part of her undercover mission. This is when she began to go to the supper hour at the Church of the Martyrs dressed as an immigrant. This wasn’t the first time she used the church as her ‘go to’ point of interest. Yet this time, in playing her role, she was to find out what was going on behind closed doors. Certain happenings around town were starting to seem related and she sensed the church was involved. The trick was to do more homework, so she began a timeline and kept adding pieces to it to formulate a more believable picture. Her job was to find the gaps and figure out the missing pieces.       

     What happened under the bridge had become so much more than Sonya bargained for. It was time to take back her city.

April 29, 2021 18:11

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Debbie Curtin
19:32 May 04, 2021

This is an moment reconfigured for my latest prompt. A new story I'm working on takes place in the turbulent times during the Vietnam War era. The key 'actors' are veterans from their time in and come home to a place where drugs and kingpins are taking over. Crazy stuff is happening in many ways. I'm working on imbedding a super hero theme into the story.


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