Close your eyes. Just like that. Good. You are surrounded by darkness. As far as you can see, enveloping everything you know, everything you have ever known. It’s the darkness. Do not fear, however, for the darkness holds you close, sticking to your arms, sending a kind energy through you. You are safe within the darkness, and you are completely satisfied. 

     In time, the darkness was disturbed. Gentle chimes come from above, and you look. Wispy orbs float down into the darkness, jumping one behind the other, making you reflexively smile. Down and down they drift to you, each one bloating for an instant, and when they deflated, a tone rang out.

    They surround you, slowly swirling close. You feel your lips tugging into a grin as you are filled with positive emotions, roiling deep in you. The tones play their melody, slowly rising to a crescendo, swirling around you faster and faster. Brighter and brighter they shine, louder and louder they play, until finally they began to open, still spinning, into an entirely new scene.

    A gentle golden light shines through a window, splashing the wooden rafters in an almond brown, the walls gaining a yellow tone. The tightness you used to carry in your shoulders is gone, one could say it’s like it never existed. A deep voice rings out gently into the room, and your eyes whip around to see him.

    With bronze skin and a big grin, a man with short cropped hair, your father gets your attention. “My child, how wonderful to see you here. Have you been well?” 

    You would respond accordingly, of course, as your father has always been a trustworthy man. A man that you’ve confided in for ages, a man you are genuinely happy to know. He’s not abandoned you, he’s not hurt you, and maybe most importantly, he’s taught you and your siblings how to play your instruments.

    After hearing your response, your father gently takes your arm and sits down with you. “Let us start our performance, in response to your news. After all: A sad or happy day, a song you should play.” Again your father smiles softly. He takes his cello off his wall, and snaps towards a wall of the room. There, your sister, with brunette hair pulled back into a bun behind her head, sits at a piano made of deep mahogany, curved in every correct way, flowing with the room. She nods gravely and begins to play her song. It’s not a sad nor a happy song, something whose meaning would be made through the lyrics that go along with it.

    Your father takes his bow and nods to you, and begins to add his cello to your sister’s song. Together, their blend is beautiful. You even feeling the burn of tears in your eyes, with how amazing your family plays.

    They both nod to you, edging closer. With a grin and a feeling of belonging, you pull out your instrument, and add your own taste to this musical meal. An absolutely fantastic orchestra occurs among the three of you, smiling abound.

    All good things must end, of course. The colors began to swirl once more, flowing in through the window. They bloated with the tune of what you had played, filling you with a swelling pride, your audience playing with you. They took you under and flew upwards, out the window. To the sky you went, an inky blackness swallowing you into it, being dropped off in the black sea. There, within the warmth, the memory of your beautiful family keeping you company, you wait, for yet another memory.

January 28, 2020 20:52

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Brigette Drabek
07:53 Feb 04, 2020

This reminds me of poetry I used to write. The style is very familiar and comforting. Kudos


Trevor Jackson
20:10 Feb 11, 2020

Thank you, I tell stories like these aloud whenever I’m on calls with someone who needs some cheering. Not this one specifically, but stuff like it.


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