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The weather upcoming to Halloween can be unpredictable, from a summer time day to a blizzard. Today, the weather was summer like. Requesting a personal day so one of my favorite pastimes is reading horror around halloween. I savor a good old scare feast. Downloaded a new horror EBook to my reader, it was a collection of down right scary books.

      Taking my E-Book, lounge chair and coffee cup to my balcony,suddenly I was stunned by a car alarm going off. 

Looking down at my E-Reader the battery was exhausted, it was dark looking at my watch it was nearly midnight.

Thinking to myself must have fallen into a very deep sleep. I skipped my usual cup of caminal tea. I was meeting with the illustrator of my new children’s book later that day.

I said to voice activated device “turn off the lights set alarm for 6 Am. Its response “done” I turned to my side made myself comfortable pulled the cover up falling asleep quickly.

    The morning sunlight peeking through the curtains woke me up before the alarm when off. I got up worked out on the treadmill mill about forty-five minutes. I was training for a five kilometer race that I had scheduled for late November. The rest of the morning was my regular routine with time to spare. I had to pick up some photos enlarged for a show I was in at the local gallery.

     I snatched up my keys,wallet ,bus pass and a few dollars to get a cup of coffee on the way to the printer. Heading out the door walking toward the elevator, standing in front of the elevator when a another gentleman is standing near me on the side of me I said “How’s your morning?” He neither turned his head or responded. Maybe he has ear buds in and could not hear me thinking to myself shrugging it off.

     We both went to press the down button touching it at the same time. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the gentleman had this panicked look then wiping his hands with a tissue as if he touched something gross. The door open I went in first the other gentleman was right behind me in a vertly brushed up against the man once more, His face went pale began sweating.          As the door opened, he ran from the elevator screaming. Holding the door calling out after him “I’m sorry to startle you!

The lobby guard came over to the elevator seeing nothing that could have caused the man to go screaming from the elevator.  Walking through the lobby waving to the other security guard he did not return the wave, maybe he didn’t see after all the confusion.

     Walking toward the printing shop saw bike messenger come torrowed me attempting to move quickly to get out of the way. I thought he would miss my but the rider fell off the bike going to offer my help another person helped him up, I said to the messenger “sorry,” but all I heard from him was talking to his good Samaritans telling him he felt he bumped into something both looked around seeing nothing, that could have caused the rider to fall. I was standing right in front of them something wasn’t right. I don't understand what had  happened to me. Letting my imagination run rampant “What if people can’t see or hear me?” I thought should this be genuine what amusing fun it could  be

    I stood behind a young man waiting to cross the street. He was wearing a large cowboy hat I knocked it off causing him to turn around shrieked at the women closest to him for pulling his hat off.

“Excuse me,” the woman said, in a pissed off voice, “I didn’t touch you ludicrous hat!” walking away indignantly. The man looked puzzled, with hat in hand, looking back over his shoulder with puzzled and frightened face.

  “Oh! this can be fun.” I thought I must be invisible but how not a question to answer for now. 

  Arriving at work there was a number of my co workers waiting for the elevator, pushing through the crowd each moved back wondering who started shoving and pushing. The group started to argue about who was pushing mean while the elevator door opened, jumping into the elevator, pressed the up button the door closed without the group even aware it arrived.

As the door opened to the fourth floor I was egore to see what mischief I could get in.

    Feeling a little hungry headed for the break room opening the refrigerator finding my coworker lunches. Helping myself to sandwiches,soda, a piece of cake left over from yesterday's birthday party.

Sitting there awhile with my feet on the table, to witness what would happen when it was  lunch time. There were several people complaining using some language I can’t repeat some were yelling down the hall that someone had eaten their food and it was not funny. They wonder who in the office had a sick sense of humor lacked manners to do such a thing. Some suggested maybe a lock may be needed to prevent this from occurring again. Going next to an office, which door was opened, set up for a managers meeting, the secretary had neatly put the papers at each seat. As she left and when out of room and her sight, scatting the papers all over the table, the floor turned some chairs over. The group came into the room, finding a huge mess looked around who did this the bosses were dismayed yelling at the secretory how she let this happen she was speechless and truly distressed.

    Going over to another co-workers desk, putting my foot up against the wheels of her chair’s wheels prevent the chair to move. She stood up took my foot away the chair moved freely. Sitting down again putting my foot back the chair could not be moved, of course. The secretary could not figure out why when she stood up the chair moved and sat down would not move.

   I know it was nasty to cause all this mischief but to be honest, I was really having fun but I was beginning to feel a little guilty.  I asked for the day off so I was not expected to be in the office that day.

      I moved things around people desks when they returned looked around asking who had touched the supplies on the desk of course no one replied . Starting to get tired so deciding to go back home. I stood by the elevator door not allowing the door to close people in the elevator banged on the button panel and complaining they were going to miss their trains. I moved into the elevator door closed when getting out I stood in front of the door with my arms straight out people were pushing against me the just continues to push each other I moved out of the way causing some hard feelings.

      Walking home restrained myself from further mischief. Opening the door to my apartment made coffee watched TV for about an hour then hopping into bed tell the automated AI to turn the lights off.

Suddenly, I sat up, finding myself still sitting out on the balcony, the Ereader was fully charged in my lap. Getting up saw my neighbor coming home from work, I called out “Hi How are you doing?” She waved back. I was visible well could it been a dream or did it really genuine? I guess when you are reading the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison anything can happen.

      Next day, I heard about all the creepy things that had happened yesterday, so was it a dream or real I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Happy Halloween Boo! 

October 29, 2019 22:02

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Sarah Harris
21:15 Nov 06, 2019

I enjoyed the details. My favorite part was the bit about the secretary's chair. A suggestion I have is to watch the spelling and punctuation. Some parts were difficult to follow.


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