She was born Aretha four months earlier than usual. She was small, delicate and inferior her dad had said compared to her siblings. She doesn't know if it was her parents fault for trying to conceive her when they were already old. Her mother had died the same day she was born. The doctors had said one of them would survive. Her mother so decisive on letting her child live sacrificed herself because she was going to meet her maker anyway. She'd been diagnosed with cancer and she knew she would survive the treatment. She had told her husband to take care of her little one and wished he could get married if he solely felt so alone. But Barry chose to heed to the former of her late wife's wish. May her soul continue to rest in eternal peace. Such a selfless and committed father. How I wish he was like my husband. My life wouldn't be a shipwreck and I wouldn't have looked like the witches in Shrek

Aretha survived. Everyone was thrilled! Who could have known she'd make it out of the incubator. From then we knew she was strong willed and would be a fighter come what may. She was blessed. Her sister Cherry adored her like her own personalised barbie doll. Her brother Dylan pretty much cared, cherished and vowed to protect her like Jacob the wear wolf under all circumstances. Barry couldn't have been more happier. His precious daughter continued to grow past her first, second, third, fourth and her fifth birthday healthy, witty, and more beautiful than her last birthday. The photos in the albums were the evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Oh how I wish my kids looked like Aretha, Cherry and Dylan. Nature made them look like their hideous father...it was my fault I chose wealth over looks.

Aretha came home sad and a little grumpy post her birthday. Barry thought she'd been bullied at school by the bigger kids in her class for her petite figure and witty self. He asked her what the matter was but she shrugged and diverted his concern to her report card where she was at the top of her class. He became excited and offered to head out for ice cream to celebrate her win. Her sister Cherry noticed her mood and asked the matter. She confided in Cherry saying that she hadn't had a boy crush on her like her friends Esther, Felice, Gaby and Hailey. Cherry comforted her saying she shouldn't worry. It was like that because the boys respected her. I mean who wouldn't want to feel respected. Me right. I let my self be embarrassed by my husband oh how I wish I could turn back time!

Aretha determined as ever focused on her books, sports, friends and of course her family. She bragged to her friends that she was being respected on some occasions. She continued to excel in each and everything. At age seven she asked for a note book for her birthday. Not a pretty dress or nice shoes or whatever seven year olds ask for. She started writing her bucket list like she'd seen in My name is Earl for things to do before she kicked the bucket. At eight she had been addicted to other sitcoms and at age nine she'd discovered her love for books. She used to spend her after classes and breaks engrossed in whatever book she found in her dad's study. That is where she discovered love, how one falls in love, how amazing it feels to be in love and to be loved, the happily ever after and sadly the break ups. At age ten she added having her first breakup on her bucket list.

From age ten to sixteen she became overly obsessed with soaps and more than often she acted out her favorite scenes and signed up for drama club to extend her talent. She met her first boyfriend Ian. They'd both been playing lead roles of a play and thought they'd fallen in love. They were as reckless as any highschool sixteen year olds. They dated till eighteen when Ian broke her heart with a new girl in the neighborhood Jill. Cherry comforted her and that night they crossed out first heartbreak in her notebook. She dated Kieran next that didn't last either. Kieran moved to Korea for college. She dated Liam a very charming guy. Her photographer who'd initiated her into modelling. Did their relationship last? Of course not. Liam turned out to be gay. She was twenty one by then and she felt exhausted and opted to not date anymore. I wish I had stopped dating either but my husband was my drug. I couldn't get off his prescription.

Aretha at twenty two was just gorgeous. She'd discovered her passion for singing. She landed her self a job in a band after a coincidental night out for Karaoke. Mason had given her a number to call in case she wanted to. Her band mates were amazing. The perfect crew at all times. She'd even had a crush on all of them Niall the guitarist, Oliver the pianist and Patrick the drummer but they had all been happily engaged and married to their highschool sweethearts. On the brighter side she acquired the best of friends. 

Cherry got married to Quinton when Aretha had turned twenty five. She was the maid of honor and couldn't be anymore happier for her sister. She cried when the vows were being exchanged between the bride and groom. It was such a perfect day. Her date Ryan was the best companion for that day. I thought they'd date but that wasn't the case. Both realized that they were better off as friends. Aretha started a blog about her life since she couldn't keep an ordinary diary and the fact that she couldn't handle reality TV. She left imagination to her readers. She met Stacy, Talia,Una and Viola from the gym who seemed to be just like her at twenty nine single , with careers, no kids but searching. Who wouldn't want to be married before they turn the big three. Hence her agreement to go out on blind dates pathetic right! The guys she met were just not clicking with her. William admitted to being a drug addict, Xavier was little and her last option Yash had been divorced thrice.  

And my Aretha turned 30 of course. With no husband but still bold, brainy and beautiful as always loved from birth by her family and friends over the years. That year she wanted to celebrate her birthday alone. She didn't feel like the usual merry making that had become a ritual. That day she went to visit her mother's grave. Left flowers and sang a song only she had written. She'd had no idea of the man that was mesmerized by her. The guy that eventually stood by her side and complimented her. He offered her a ride back to town for coffee. She had accepted and had coffee with him. That day she was over bubbly about her life. Maybe because she hadn't found the love of her life yet.

She knew it deep down she'd been waiting like Cinderella for the prince. She had kissed frogs and knew it was about time she settled down. She went out again with him for a few months and he was the perfect gentleman. He'd told her he had also turned twenty five that day at the graveyard. His mom similarly had died of the same fate as Aretha's. They bonded over the love of music, reading and photography. He attended her shows, won over the hearts of everyone around her. She knew he was the long lost piece to her maze. The Z to her A. Who knew that the key to her heart and her happiness followed the alphabetical order. Who knew that her silly writing on her bucket list at seven years, Marry a guy with a name whose first letter was Z, would come true? Zayn came last but he was worth the wait to my Aretha!

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