It was two days before New year's. Of course I picked the day that was cold and grey. Every thing will be closed in two days. I'm not sure if I have enough so I better get a few extra groceries to make sure.

Its so cold. I can't believe how dark the clouds are getting. Thank goodness I don't live to far away from the grocery store. I better start driving.

By the time I got to the store, the snow was really coming down. The sky was getting darker and it was getting colder. I'm freezing I said to myself.

Of course no close parking spots. Ok I found one. I'll get a basket inside so much snow I can't even see where they are.

As I walk towards the store I notice there's no line. Okay good I'll be fast.

I only need three things.

Good sign I just noticed two people went out. Oh and another person just paying. It's so dark inside. Some of the lights are out.

Doesn't look like there's many people here. I looked to the left and then to the right. Am I the only one in the store?. There's not even a chashier open. I hope I can find what I need. If not I'll just have to leave. I really need theese things. I'll look down the isles.

I want to leave fast then this is scary.

I found what I needed. Even though nothing was on sale. I'll check my list. Just to make sure. Went to the self check out. I put my basket on the side. I noticed a baby on the floor. Maybe someone put her hear to get something fast.

I picked her up and looked down the isles. I was right there is noone here.

Shes so cute and quite she must be sleeping.

I want to know who left you here. Your so cute but I no you can't answer. She woke up and started smiling at me. Great your adorable aswell.

I said to the baby

" I guess you don't know how you got here?

Ok keep smiling at me. Poor thing can't answer she probably thinks I'm nuts.

I'm thinking to myself what am I going to do I don't have any baby clothes.

Its snowing to bad. I can't stop any where else. I'll find a blanket at home for you. I'll make some clothes in the morning.

"I have to go to the kitchen. I don't know what I can feed you? "

Okay maybe some apple sauce. Hope this will be okay?

As I opened the door to get out a bowl. I saw a baby food jar. That's wired I said to myself. I don't have any other babies. I'm always working. It's completely sealed too.

Well that works great.

Ok. That looks cute. Your all clean. As for food I'll get you baby food.

"I have to take you to the hospital make sure your okay."

I said to the baby. She started crying and wouldn't stop.

"I have no choice I have to make sure your okay. I won't leave you there."

The minute I told her I wouldn't leave her she stopped crying. I wonder how much she does understand?

I already have you too long over night.

The visit at the hospital went well. No issues that she had to stay. It was just one hour.

Another nite passed I can't sleep in the morning I have to take you to the police station.

Again the baby starts crying.

"I have no choice. I don't want to I have to. " I said to the baby.

Of course she put on her adorable smile again. Your too cute.

Ok the morning arrived.

" I have to drive you now. "

Good she didn't hear me, she was sleeping.

I brought her in to the station. I had to leave a report. Answer a whole bunch of questions. That took longer than the hospital.

The man came back to tell me.

We keep them for a week. Right now no one has claimed her.

"Okay" I said.

I was so sad leaving her. I was going to start crying. The other day I didn't no her and now I love her.

Each nite went by slower than ever. I couldn't sleep or eat. I miss her so much. A few days ago I was just a regular person working from home. Now I have someone special.

Finally a week went by.

The phone rang.


Its the station calling.

I can see on my caller ID.

"Noone came to pick her up. Would you like to come down?"


I drove down with a half of a smile.

I arrived she was smiling at me.

The officer said.

"We couldn't get her to stop crying

Would you like to start the process?"


"Yes we need you to fill out paper work. If you want to have the baby."

"Really me?"

"Of course"

Everything took about an hour. I was so happy to see her again. I can't imagine my life without her.

Look at that she has a name.


I couldn't name her lucky.

I couldn't go right home I have to get you some clothes. Let's go to the nearest children's store. Get you some clothes. Then I have to get you some food. I don't have baby food around the house. It was wired how I had that one in the cubboard the day you were here. I don't have any other babies.

Maybe we'll stop at the toy store on the way home. Your smiling again.

Okay I'll get a couple teddy bears. Maybe a big one. No that's expensive.

Okay this one's just a little smaller.

"No crying not going to work. The other one won't fit in the car."

I paid for the bears and went home.

Every day I spent with her I loved her more and more.

Inspired by prompt contest.

July 26 2020

July 26, 2020 22:41

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