East Asian Happy Mystery

Someone once said "A happy family is but an earlier heaven".

This story is about a girl Amaara and her parents and grandparents.Once on the day of Eid when they were on the table having their feast grandfather handed a 100 bucks and said to Amaara ,"Here Amaara ,here is your Eidi i hope you will use it well"

Amaara says ,"Yess dada jan i would buy something useful with this but there was no need for this your support and prayers are everything for me"

Dada jan says ,"no my child this is a way to adore you and this is a long standing tradition as well"

Amaara had not known much of the long standing ritual of the family because she has been to pakistan for the second time in her life the first time was when she was 1 years old and now she is 10 so had not known much about traditional rituals then she asked"dada jan what are the other rituals i really want to know".

to which dada jan says ,"sure but lets finish the meal then i will tell you whatever you ask"

After the meal when everyday was having dessert and were lazed in the lounge.

Dada jan says,"I really feel happy today that my kids are with me i believe that The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself"

Amaara goes to hug her grandfather and sits beside him

After that her grandmother says,"Amaara you said you were interested to know about family traditions so I'm going to tell you about some of the real traditions and myths "

Amaara goes close to dadi and asks her to tell Ammara about the traditions

Dadi jan says ,"We Muslims believe that angels, were created before humans with the purpose of following the orders of Allah and communicating with humans. Muslims believe that angels, like all other creatures, were created by God. And if you pray ayat al kursi before going to sleep Allah swt sends two angels to protect you for the the night"

Amaara says,"i have memorised ayat up kursi and from now on i will recite it every night"

"Tell me more dadi jan "

Dadi jan says,"Each cook in a family contributes her own flavor and style. ... Remembering, collecting, recording and passing down the recipes your loved ones have passed to you is a wonderful way to honor and immortalize your family. These traditions from the past are part of who you are as an individual."

Amaara says, "just like we cook vermicelli on eid and eat the best food on eid"

"Exactly !and the best deed is to always share the meal with the neighbours"says dadi jan

"Dada jan please tell me the spooky old stories"says Amaara to which dada jan replies"My dear some are true and some are not but one fact that is true for sure is that Allah swt had created all sorts of creatures soen of which we know about and some are still hidden.some people fake spooky stories just to spice up a talk and some are really true.some jins are real whilst some are fake just like alladin and his genie and lamp"

To which Amaara's father says,"yes,those are the myths about jins or just fictional charcters "

"Yes dad i heard alladin's story that does sound fake as well"says Amaara

Then dada jan says,"Because they have free will, jinns can be evil or good, or anything in between, just like humans.

Across the Muslim world, jinn stories are told like old folk tales. .Ill tell you a spooky story now.one of my friend went to visit his cousins in India. His cousins told him that since it was summer time and they would all sleep in the courtyard together. However, they told him he wasn’t allowed to place his bedding in a particular corner. Apparently, a jinn slept there and strange things happened if any one disturbs that corner. My friend said it was nonsense and decided to sleep there anyway.

One night, he woke up on the other side of the court. He laughed at first and thought it was his cousins who were pranking him and decided to sleep there again. The following night, the same thing happened, so he left a note next to his pillow saying, ”Stop pranking me. I know there is no jinn.” That night, he said he was pushed off his bed, and his bedding was thrown on the other side. A note was thrown into his lap which said, ‘I sleep here.” The scary part is, it wasn’t that dark and there was no one there."

"What!" Said Amaara ,"i cant believe this.i to thought it was all fake"

Dadi jan said,"no dear there is so much good and evil that nobody still doesnt know about" ill tell you something.There’s this house in Lahore that belongs to my extended family. All four brothers that live there with their wives and families, all four of them died under mysterious circumstances, and they all died very young. So the house is just inhabited by four widows and their kids, who are my cousins who I hung out with growing up. It seemed like time and space just didn’t work the same way in this house as they do in the outside world.

There was an upstairs section to the house, and my aunt was always telling us not to go up there. But we were kids, and we just wanted to like have another playing area. So we went up there, and the furniture was all facing in the wrong directions, like not set up properly and haphazardly placed. So we rearranged the furniture, and set it up so it could be like a lounge.

But the next day, we went up there, and the furniture was set up in the exact same way as before we moved it. We asked everyone else in the house if they had gone up there, if they had moved the furniture, and no one had done it. So, I mean, in conclusion, the only thing you can really say is that that house had some jinns living in there."

"Wow grandma that is hilariously spooky" said Amaara.

Amaara's mother finally said,"ill tell you a spooky story now.There was a man who went to his village masjid to pray Fajr every morning. The masjid is on a dirt road, and the front door leads directly into the prayer area.

One morning when he went to pray he find no one else there, so prayed by himself at the front of the room. While he was praying he undoubtedly felt a “presence” behind him…as if there were people standing behing him. Furthermore, he felt as if there were bright a light shining behind him.

After his prayer he quickly turned around to find that the room was empty, just as he entered it. That same day he ran into a friend of his who was like “Hey, I saw that there was a huge turnout at Fajr today! I walked by the masjid and through the front door I could see rows and rows of men all dressed in white! "

Amaara said,"really ,that is crazy mom im going to tell these stories to all my friends"

"But there are some conflicts about it too some people still dont believe in jinns and think its a myth or so".

"Thanks everyone i really enjoyed being with my family today .I am really overwhelmed."

Said Amaara .

Dadi jan said,"Family, a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood, or adoption, constituting a single household and interacting with each other in their respective social positions, usually those of spouses, parents, children, and siblings i believe that family is connected with love and emotions .may Allah swt always bless us and may we always stay happy

Everybody said Ameen

June 13, 2021 12:03

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Abbey Long
10:21 Jun 24, 2021

I like your story! Make sure to add in more commas, as it will make the story flow better. I like hearing about the traditions, it makes for a very interesting read :)


Emaan Arif Khan
06:36 Jul 10, 2021

You are absolutely correct about the commas,in fact I felt the same when I submitted it.Thank you


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03:37 Jun 24, 2021

The prompt requires narration of tradition and conflicting origin stories. One example I can give: A man at wedding festivities finds cat in kitchen and covers it with basket. Years later a successor got a cat and covered it with a basket at wedding. A later successor includes cat and basket in wedding's shopping list This shows rituals are empty of significance and can be misinterpreted. In this blog, tradition and conflicting origin have not been brought out. Blog not adequately edited bafore submission.


Emaan Arif Khan
06:35 Jul 10, 2021

I totally understand your point and would consider when I write .


07:32 Jul 10, 2021

Thanks. Regards.


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