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“Hi, what a lovely morning.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“This is a beautiful place!”

“Yes, it is a stunning place.”

“Look at the superb scenery. The hills are a patchwork of colors, a tapestry of greens, yellows, and golds, interwoven with blue ribbons of rivers. Trees are tall and green. The air is fresh, saturated with the sweet fragrance of wildflowers. It’s a little slice of paradise.”

“Yes, it is a slice of paradise.”

“Nature manifests its greatness here.”

“You are not wrong.”

“I see trees of green…. Red roses too…. I see them bloom…. For you and me…. And I think to myself…. What a wonderful world….”

“I like this Louis Armstrong’s song.”

“He was great, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, he was. One of the best singers ever.”

“Without a doubt.”

“Can I sit here, next to you?”

“This land belongs to no one and everyone. So, do as you please.”

“May I ask what brings you here at this early time?”

“Like you, to watch the sunrise. To meditate and ponder.”

“The sunrise is magnificent from this high point.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Can I ask what you ponder on?”

“The biggest mystery of all, the meaning of life.”

“That is a tough shell to crack.”

“Indeed, it is hard to crack.”

“The meaning of life is a question that has been asked for centuries.”

“Yes, it has been.”

“And I believe no one had ever come close to finding a satisfactory answer.”

“It is true.”

“Some believe that the meaning of life is to find happiness and live a fulfilling life.”

“Yes, some believe in that.”

“Some others think the meaning of life is to help others.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Some hermits see the meaning of life in seclusion and praying whatever god or gods they worship.”

“Yes, I’ve seen some of them.”

“Some also seek the answer in spirituality.”

“You are correct.”

“And some selfish individuals believe the meaning of life is to do whatever makes them happy, like accumulating wealth, power, and so on.”

“Yes, you are right.”

“Some philosophers claim that the meaning of life is to exist, to experience the world as it is, and to look for what it has offered us.”

“They are not wrong.”

“Do you think there is a meaning to life?”

“That is a personal quest.”

“What do you mean?”

“I believe one must find his own answer.”


“Because life is what you make of your existence.”


“Just think about your life, your family, the environment you grew up in, and the experiences you gain through this journey. Life has presented us with a variety of experiences and opportunities. It is up to us to interpret those and make our own purpose and meaning in life.”

“I see…”

“Do you mean we cannot agree on a universal meaning for life?”

“Yes, I am.”


“As you said, life has no right or wrong meaning.”

“I said?”

“Yes, you said it with your examples. But don’t forget that we decide what gives our life purpose. Our approach to life, what we prioritize, and what we value all contribute to the meaning we give to our lives.”

“Do you mean that life is what we make of it?”

“Indeed, how we interact with the world shapes the meaning and purpose we perceive for life.”

“Are you saying that the meaning of life matches our perceptions of the world?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I see! What if I never find my purpose? What if I wander through life aimlessly?”

“Then perhaps your purpose is to wander.”

“I don’t understand!”

“There is also beauty in the journey, not just the destination.”

“The journey,….?”

“Yes, the journey. We often get so consumed with our goals and reaching our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey that takes us there.”

“You said it wisely.”

“Thank you. The journey can be just as beautiful and meaningful as the destination itself. We learn, grow, and discover new things about ourselves and our world during the journey. The journey shapes us and defines us as an individual in many ways. It is where we find our strength, resilience, and passion for life. By embracing the journey, we can find meaning and purpose for our lives, even if we do not always reach our intended destination.”

“I see…”

“I’ve never thought about the journey and its importance! But I should confess I am one of those who only see the goal.”

“Not from today.”


“Today, destiny put us on each other pass, and we conversed about the meaning of life and the significance of the journey, to which we agreed. This discussion may change your view on the journey or not, but you cannot unheard of what we talked about.”

“I don’t know. You may be right!”

“What about all the suffering in the world? All the inequalities? How do we find meaning in that?”

“Suffering is part of life. Without suffering, joy loses its meaning. It is through struggles that we find strength and grow as individuals. It is up to us to let suffering crush us to nothing or find meaning in it, to turn it into something positive.”

“So, it’s all up to us, then?”

“Yes, it is. Life is what you make of it. It is a canvas, and you are the artist.”

“I agree.”

“Who are you, man?”

“Nobody, just a wanderer.”

“But you talk like a spiritual guru or a philosophy teacher.”

“It’s kind of you. It is just the experience I gather in my long life wandering around.”

“Can I ask your age, sir? Please excuse my bluntness.”

“There is no need to apologize. I’m eighty-three years young.”

“Wow, I would say sixty or sixty-five max.”

“Ha ha, thank you.”

“I’m in my fifties, fifty-four exactly.”

“You are at the right age, with enough life experience to make sense of the life journey.”

“I hope so.”

“No, you are. You are ways in front of most people. Hope you find the meaning you are searching for in life.”

“Thank you for your wisdom, sir.”

“Not at all.”

“Thank you for your time and the great conversation.”

“Thank you for initiating the conversation.”

“Thank you for changing my perspective on life. It’s been an honor meeting you.”

“Safe travel, my friend. Remember, the meaning of life is not something to be found but something to be created.”

February 23, 2023 10:46

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Martin Ross
17:45 Mar 30, 2023

Writing completely in dialogue is such a double-edged sword. You did it brilliantly and naturalistically.


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Jack Kimball
14:21 Mar 03, 2023

Hi Sasan. I woke up depressed this morning and read 'The meaning of life'. I feel much better. If that was your intent to pass a positive inspiring message, it worked. Best to you Jack


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Wendy Kaminski
15:40 Mar 02, 2023

This was lovely, Sasan, and an excellent message!


Sasan Sedighi
15:54 Mar 02, 2023

Thank you.


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