Diamondsl are a ....

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Anne Reynolds

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Story is themed on a birthday party with a major plot twist.

Diamonds are a …..

Sinking slowly into the dark, rich, thick, chocolate-mousse bath, the echoes of conversations immersed themselves: 


“Randolph, she has already brought so much joy into our lives, it needs to be impressive. You don’t have to worry I will do everything myself.  With the animal shelter charity in receivership my volunteering work has come to an end, so I have time to devote to this.  It will be fine, and before you bring it up again, yes, yes, yes, I will be a bit more realistic.  The Rolex last year, was a little excessive I admit, a bit too heavy, and really, if you cannot tell the time, then perhaps a watch in not an appropriate gift.  Anyway, now is not a good time to talk about it, our dinner guests will be arriving, and then you have to pack.  You have an early start in the morning, correct?”

“Darling, darling, how are you, was the flight okay? Oh, sorry I forgot about the time difference.  What time is it?  Oh, that late.  I will text rather than phone, that should make it easier.  ‘Nite”

“Hello, hello, is that GlamourCastles.  I need a special castle for a very special birthday party.  Not too large.  Absolutely new, nothing pre-used.  Oh, and no plastic – too many fumes given off from plastic, and it is so unhygienic. Something more luxurious and pleasurable to the touch which is very soft and allows for a lot of fun.  Perhaps velvet.  Two weeks is my deadline.  Yes, that is fine, I will inspect it next week.  My housekeeper will email you the details.”

“Now David, a diamond bracelet, like the one you showed me last year, when I actually bought the Rolex, would be great. Yes, I admit you were right, the Rolex was not the best gift for one so small, but, well it does look so enchanting next to her bed.  And she looks at it often.  I think she truly loves the moving hands.  So, let me have a look at the diamond bracelets you brought.  OOOh, I like that one.  A mix of coloured diamonds.  That will look beautiful on her.  It will really shine and catch the light.”  

“Now doctor, I want to talk to you about ear piercing.  I know Ceylon is only young, but do you think that we can do it.  I know it will hurt, but perhaps the pain now is better than later. I have already selected the diamond stud that I want her to have - a half-carat pink diamond.  Too large for her ear?  I don’t think so.  Yes, then perhaps we should do both, I know I can find two matching diamonds and they will match her diamond bracelet.  You can do it here next week.  Wonderful, so much better if she is in her own home.  Muriam will discuss the details with you.”

“Miss, Filler?  Well Miss Filler, if the manager is absent then I must deal with you.  You no doubt have checked my account and know the kind of things I order.  This year, I want a bed in the shape of a crown.  No jagged edges of course, and a beautiful lilac colour to match my Ceylon’s eyes, and light pink crystal ball tops.  I think she is getting a Swarovski chandelier for her bedroom so they must be multifaceted ball tops to catch the light and give her something to watch as she falls asleep.  They must of course be round so that when she jumps around on the bed, she does not harm herself.  Muriam, my housekeeper, will pass you the dimensions before you leave.  You must deliver it next week.”

“Randolph, hello, how are your meetings.  Oh, good, good, good.  Yes, I am SO busy here, making sure that everything is ready for the party.  There is so much to arrange, but it will all be ready on time.  Will your timetable allow for you to be here?  You know it would be best for Ceylon if you were.  It would be good if we could do this as a family. Oh, yes, all right, I’ll wait for your call.”

“Travis, I need bed linen patterned with bells and baubles which glint and catch the eye, and which will fit the new bed I have ordered. Muriam will give you the contact for Miss Filler who I am dealing with re the new bed, and you can both discuss what is necessary.  I want the colours to mix well and match.  A lovely Egyptian cotton please, with a thread count of a minimum of 800. You know how sensitive Ceylon is to rough cotton.” 

“Eleanor, please sit, thank you for coming.  Yes, yes, another small lounge.  I like this design.  The chiffon was not so successful last year.  Yes, yes, I remember you saying it was not hardy, but really, I cannot have synthetic materials in her room.  So rough, so unnecessary.  I would like a deep purple silk.  Are the cushions on this design really soft, so you sink into them?  Good, Good.  Phone Muriam with the details when it is ready.  I am so busy, that I can hardly step outside the house.  Ceylon knows that something is happening and wants to be near me every minute of the day.  It is tiring but of course so exciting.  This will be her best birthday party so far.”

“Stephanie, you will need to cater for forty.  20 adults and, of course, 20 plus-ones.  Yes, quite a bit bigger than last year.  The party last year was so successful, and through my charity work I have met so many other people that we simply have to invite them to Ceylon’s party.  Champagne of course for the adults, and special treats for the real guests.  Surprisingly those small delights you supplied last year, in various shapes like fish, animals, stars, oh what else was there, were such a big hit.  So more of them, please.  Small chicken nuggets in the shape of chicks.  Ceylon adores them.  One large lightly-sauced bolognese that they can all share?  What a strange idea, but I suppose they would all love that.  I suppose it’s like ordering a super-sized pizza. So unusual.  What a grand idea though and something no-one else will have done.  That will really be something different.  You can discuss the details for delivery with Muriam, who will send you some of my other ideas.  

Now for the adults – definitely a black caviar cake.  Oh for the rest, just delicate and delicious hors d'oeuvres.  And just in case mother comes, your famous Belgian triple chocolate mousse.”

“Randolph, Randolph, yes everything is on track. Oh, are you sure you can’t make it? You know how there is always so much to do.  It is pure chaos on the day.  It won’t matter if Ceylon and her friends have a rest before the party, they always find the energy to bound around unceremoniously.  I’m putting them in the large play room.  It has plenty of space and the caterers can easily take the food up in the lift. Yes, yes Pietter has already delivered the invitations.  Everyone is coming.  The day is coming around so quickly.  I have ordered something small and special from David to match the pink diamond studs. Yes, its been done.  She was so good.  No reaction to the piercing, and she looks absolutely magnificent.  I think she will be the envy of everyone. I am looking at some pink diamond studs, 2 carat each, so that we will match.  After all, I can’t be outdone by Ceylon, can I?  After all she is still so small and has time to acquire bigger, brighter and better.  Oh yes, okay, talk to you after the party.  Lots of love.”

“Pietter, you must go at once to Gerremiah Games and discuss with him this list of games and entertainment centres I want set up for Ceylon’s party.  They cannot just be left to their own devices.  You know how bored Ceylon gets if she doesn’t have something to occupy her. I know I can trust your judgement, but if you are unsure, simply phone, and we can discuss things.  I am too busy today to leave the house.  I am beside herself with last minute arrangements.” 

“Muriam, the party is tomorrow, and there is still so much to do.  I think it best if we ask Stephanie to arrange the gift baskets for each guest. Here is the list of contents for each basket. Yes, it is quite a lot, but she won’t turn three again.  Yes, yes what a good idea, I think I will lie down for a while.  I do have a bit of a headache.  Just a light dinner for me.  Smoked salmon blini and champagne is fine.  Thank you Muriam, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Mother, mother, how are you?  Yes, the party is on track.  Yes, I am having a rest.  Yes, it has been hectic.  Randolph won’t be able to make it back in time, and I have 40 guests coming.  How delightful, I am glad that Eryednee is well enough to come.  Oh mother, how amazing you are.  Are you sure that Eryednee can do without her blue diamond teardrop pendant?  I am not sure what Ceylon will do with it, as it is so delicate, but how wonderful of you to let Ceylon have it now.  You know, you really are a great mum.  Oh, your masseuse has arrived, all right, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Muriam, Muriam, call my hairdresser and manicurist. They will have to come here in the morning.  I look an absolute wreck with all this running around.”

“Muriam, Pietter, the room looks amazing.  You are treasures.  The castle is wonderful - such a vibrant hot pink velvet and the entertainment centres will certainly keep everyone occupied.  Ceylon will be in her element.  Yes, I can see that the diamond bracelet has been delivered.  David is a true gem when it comes to these small trinkets. And Stephanie did such a wonderful job with the food and the gift parcels.  You will have to move Ceylon out of her room, and put the new bed in, with the new bed linen, and of course replace the old lounge with the new.  No doubt you can both do that before everyone arrives.”

“Oh my, everyone has arrived together.  How marvellous.  Of course, you all know one another. Here she is.  The birthday beauty.  Ceylon look at the wonderful gifts, a Swarovski

life-sized cat, a Louis Vuitton carry bag, oh how handy, a Cartier diamond encrusted head band, a personalised umbrella with your image for your stroller, look a tiara – you will look even more beautiful wearing that, a deluxe spa treatment, a personalised Instagram account – oh why hadn’t I thought of that, a necklace of gold cats with ruby eyes, a diamond choker. Ceylon aren’t you lucky to have such wonderful friends.  Muriam can you display all the gifts.  I know everyone will want to see them. 

Mother, oh mother there you are and here is Eryednee. How sweet she looks in her diamond studded cashmere cape.  Yes, leave it on, she will probably just sit and watch the others play.  We need to keep her warm.  Look at the most marvellous gifts that everyone has bought for Ceylon.  Oh ladies, you are all so amazing, I am quite overcome.    

I think we should let the party begin.  We can retire to the formal lounge and let the gamers and caterers fulfil their wildest desires for our littlies.  So, lets adjourn downstairs and celebrate the birthday with some champagne and of course the caviar and other surprises.  Oh Pietter, the triple chocolate mousse cake has been delivered, yes, yes bring it in.    

Muriam and Pietter, over to you. Yes, yes I am a bit flustered, and yes I will go down to my guests.  But please, even though I know I don’t have to say it, please keep the doors and windows closed.  You know how difficult it was last year to round up all the cats after they escaped. It took us half a day to find them all even with the assistance of three fire brigades.  And then we had to take them all to the spa to deal with their trauma and attend to their bedraggled coats. And poor Ceylon - it took 3 hours for the firefighters to bring her down from the tree.  She was in such a state.  And today covered with just a few of her wonderful diamond gifts, which she can’t possibly be seen without, she is even more precious.  Oh, diamonds really are a cat’s best friend.  Happy birthday my precious.  Enjoy your special day.”

Shortly after, things went askew.  Muriam, Pietter, gamers and caterers walked amongst us for a short while, then retired to a corner to sip the champagne which Pietter had brought in.  My guests entertained themselves in the numerous entertainment centres which peppered the room: modular climbing walls encouraging leaping, lying, stretching; leather cat trees for resting; a velvet cat tree that covered an entire wall; various teasing mobiles of silk, ribbons, crystals; suspended hammocks in every shade of lilac imaginable and in varying degrees of plushness and softness; large circles which were better suited to the activities of a mouse than a cat; multi-storied cat houses, and arm chairs which would swallow a small child.  I looked towards the treats provided and slowly made my way towards the fine-china plates.  I took a bite of the bolognese, then a chicken nugget, but my eyes strayed towards the chocolate mousse.  I elegantly sat and began to devour it.  Leaving the castle, which now lay as a pile of shredded velvet after their boisterous and successful siege, a number of cats made their way towards the food. One large, dappled grey, sat on the plate from which I was eating, eyed me malevolently and began to indulge.  I wanted to inform her that I was the host but could not move.  Instead, I keeled sideways into the mousse, luxuriating in a soft chocolate-mousse bath. The one-sided conversations I had heard in the house, echoed through my mind as I watched the ensuring chaotic scene: glasses dropping, champagne spilling, shouting, Simone rushing in, cradling me in her arms, hysterically shouting, “chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, are you crazy, that was for us, not for the cats.  She’s convulsing.  Call an ambulance.  Ceylon, don’t die, don’t die.  What will I tell Randloph?  What about all the wonderful diamonds and gifts you received. You have so much to live for.” 

Unfortunately, for Simone’s guests and the fire brigades, during this mayhem all my birthday guests escaped through the open door, out of the confines of glass, plush material, softness and cushioning, into the arms of hard surfaces, dirt, trees, birds, butterflies and freedom.  The day was an outstanding success – especially for my guests.

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