Western Fantasy Fiction

"You damn Water Bandits! You all better let go of my horsagon this instant! Or I'll shoot!" I shouted to the thieves as I drew our my gun and got out of the abandoned wagon slowly. Not only do I hate corrupted sheriffs like Dan, but I equally despise those good-for-nothing Water Bandit.

There was three of them at this time. One stopped pulling the reins of Scaleshoe as soon as he saw while the two drew out their guns. They usually come in packs like wolves. I was surprised to see just this small of amount. Normally there are at least half a dozen. Guess they must have a cave nearby so they only needed a few hands out here.

"I'll ask you all one last time: let go of my sted... now!" I shouted while still having the gun pointing at them.

"We can if you'll put your gun down," said the one by Scaleshoe's left. This Water Bandit was a tall dude and judging from his physique, he must be this group's leader of some sort.

"If I do that, will you have you and your friend right there lower your own arms as well?" I ask calmy this time.

The leader responded: "Yes, we can do that."

"Okay, then let's all do it at the same by the count of 3. Do we all agree?" I asked the two armed men.

The two of them agreed. I then start counting: 1...2...3!"

We all lowered our weapons however the third Water Bandit rose his gun and shoots towards me. Thankfully he missed his mark but hits another one of his buddies who was directly behind me without me even knowing. This was an ambush. I grab both of my pistols and started shooting regular bullets.

First thing I did was shoot the one who tried to shoot me with my right handed gun. I next shot the leader with my left and hit the the remaining one I saw in front of me. Scaleshoe was free however, the battle was far from over for I don't know how many are there.

'So far I know there's four. Could there be the usual six or more?' I asked this all to myself mentally thinking.

I quickly turned heel and found two more on top of the roof from the abandoned wagon. Without hesitation, I shot the fifth on my left and as I process to shoot the sixth, they gazed me by targeting my right arm.

Next thing I did was hostler my left gun and torn off some of my bandana. I then wrapped it around the fresh gazed wound and checked the surrounding area by going around the wagon. There was nothing but the desert and some mountains nearby.

Just as I about to turn back, I heard Abigail screaming: "Help! Jeb, help!" I went around the corner and found two more Water Bandits as they were carrying Abigail by her arms.

I pointed both of my pistols at them as I shouted: "You two better let of of her!" The two continue to ran with her very fast.

Without hesitation, I quickly withdrew my guns and whistled for Scaleshoe. He quickly came by my side and I automatically lifted myself up onto his back. We gallop up to them as fast as we could.

'This should be easy. They got no where else to go,' I said to myself. However I was mistaken for among the sandy suface in front of them were two ginormous sand chamelazards (half chameleon and half sandfish lizards) that became visible to my eyes. They must have used their invisibility and hidden themselves underneath the sand. For they weren't there the last time I checked my surroundings. Both critters stretch up to 12 feet and could carry up to four people.

The two Water Bandit each took a separate sand chamelazard as one of them held Abigail as captive.

I had Scaleshoe double our speed for these critters were fast. We picked up the pace as the two creatures took ahead start. The chase went on for a good two minutes. Eventually the one carry Abigail went on ahead as the other one falled back. The lone Water Bandit brought out their gun as their sand chamelazard slither through the sand slower than the other one. I processed to bring out my left handed gun as I steered Scalehole through the reins using my right hand.

Shot after shot, bullet after bullet, the two of us went at it for at least six rounds. I have to finish this somehow. The other bandit was far gone and who knows where this group of bandits are hiding themselves. 'I would need this one who is currently shooting at me alive,' I said to himself. 'It's the only way to find the girl.'

I could easily use my spells but I don't want to get caught nor want anyone, including this bandit, to know. Instead I focus on my aim to the bandit's hand where they have their gun. I pulled the trigger having their gun loose from their grip as they also fell and tumble unto the sand. Meanwhile the sand chamelazard retreated by turning invisible and diving into the sand, leaving this bandit behind.

I yanked the reins to have Scaleshoe stop and proceed to attend the bandit. Upon arrival, the bandit quickly draw a dagger from their boot. I aimed my gun at them and commanded: "I won't do that if I were you. The odds won't be in your favor if you use a knife in a gunfight."

Guess this one had a death wish or something because the next thing the bandit did was charge at me. I pull my gun off to the side and fired a shot as a warning. The bandit automatically stopped after I have done so. I then commanded the bandit: "Now drop your weapon."

The Water Bandit proceeded to do what I told them as they dropped their dagger unto the sand.

"Now," I started. "I'm going to ask you a few questions and you're going to answer. Do you understand?"

The Water Bandit nodded after what I just said.

"Good; glad we have a understanding. Now, I can surely understand why you all wanted to take my horsagon. It is one of a kind and the black market would buy it, having you all get a good fortune. But, why the girl? Answer me this now."

The Water Bandit removes their googles and lowers their bandana reviewing themselves as a breathtaking brown eyed dark skinned woman. The woman took a deep breath before responding: "The girl is the daughter of William Metrarchy..."

That's when I realized that these Water Bandits wanted a ransom from the most powerful overlord whom I hated with a passion more than anything.

June 23, 2023 20:07

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