Funny Kids

I've Got a Plan. My plan is simple. Wait for a few days and gain her trust then... BOOM. I'Il hit her with my new invention, The sting ray, no not the fish. The gun, also no not the rifle. My new invention which comes with automatic reloads and flour bombs mixed with fart spray.


 I know what you're thinking right now. I'm a mega huge big brain who needs to be recognised. Well sadly I'm only ten but soon I will invent something that can change the age so that I, Cody Mills can grow up and be a recognised genius scientist. Wait no, cross out genius and put a huge big mega brain. 


 I know what you're thinking right now. I'm a mega huge big brain who needs to be recognised. Well sadly I'm only ten but soon I will invent something that can change the age so that I, Cody Mills can grow up and be a recognised huge big mega brain scientist. Perfect… Now let's go back to the story.


 I have to gain her trust and to do that I need to be .. Nnn. Nh n...nice. I can't do that because she is my… SISTER, but I will try. I’m doing all of this in hope that i will start a prank war with her because this holidays I have no one except her to play with and as my sister her job is to ignore me and spend the rest of her day in her room except for food, and sometimes she doesn’t even come out for that!!


Well as her brother it is my duty to make sure that I annoy her and rat on her when she does nothing wrong. I try to do my job as well as I can. Turning back to where we were, I really need to start this prank war but that's going to be difficult if I don't gain her trust. As I said before, to do that I need to be … nice and to be nice I need to give her gifts and be polite. 


I'd better start training because school holidays are only two days away and my plan strikes on the first day of the holidays.


I need focus to learn to be extra polite and I need to earn money to buy her the latest book she wants. 


In my piggy bank at the moment I have fifteen dollars and I only need two more dollars so I opened a lemonade stall. I sold a cup for 50 cents and in only one day I got two dollars. My profits were five dollars so I actually have twenty dollars now. 


I'm happy because phase two can initiate, Learning to be extra polite and an expert on what teenagers like. I'm already the second thing but the first not so much. 


The list of polite things to say.

  • Please.
  • Thank You.
  • You're Welcome.
  • Pardon Me.
  • Excuse Me.
  • I'm Sorry.
  • May I Help You?
  • I Would Like... / May I Please Have...?


This was intensive training alright. I practiced for three hours for two days straight and tomorrow was the big day. I need to get to know her better, so I need to interrogate her mother ( my mum ) and her father ( my dad ).


So far we know that she likes dogs, sped up music, sleeping, watching TV and last of all food. Her favorite food is noodles. 


Today was the day that I needed to start a prank war. I lured her out with noodles and played sped up music while putting on her favorite TV show. She loved it and trusted me because I was nice to her. 


Initiate phase three, phase three was to get the stingray and put in the bombs. I did that when she wasn’t looking ( her eyes were glued to the screen so the entire time she wasn't looking ). 


This was it, the final seconds of my plan, then it hit me. I can't do it inside because it will go everywhere and I will be in massive trouble. My plan crumbles to the ground and I feel defeated by my parents. 


I needed her to go outside but that would never happen when the TV was inside so I took my phone and tried to lure her outside with a projector. I didn't know if this would work but I tried anyway. 


I thought it would because a projector screen is four times bigger but it was no use. Once her eyes are glued to one screen they never come off… unless you turn it off!! 

That's it I just have to turn it off, I Run towards the cable and plug it out. Uh oh, she glares at me with her beady eyes. I should have thought this through, I should have thought of all this through.


She screamed at the top of her lungs and ran after me, after giving my 3 wet willies she let me go. I snitched on her and she got in massive trouble and got grounded. So im happy but also sad, next plan i have im gonna think it through before putting it in action.


Though since my plan crumbled i have no one to play with in the holidays so i have more time in my lab making the age changer. All I need is red, blue and green wires oh and an old atomic bomb that doesn’t work anymore. I'm not gonna rebuild it so don't worry. I just need a few of the parts. To build the tally clicker to put in the age you wanna be.


Well anyway we don't know whether my plan went bad for good or for bad. What we do know though is that my plans need to be extra thought through before putting them in action. If i dont we dont know what my parents would have done as a punishment. Believe me you don't want to know.

October 30, 2022 03:10

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