Adventure Fantasy Holiday

1° POV

It was the New Years Eve and there I was again, apologizing for bumping into someone in the middle of São Paulo:

-I'm so sorry, really... - I said as I picked up my books - I should've looked where I was going. - I smiled embarassed

-It's okay. - A boys voice replied, I raised my face just to see a boy around my age, with a dark tone hair and amber eyes, it was strange that I knew him from somewhere?

We got up from the ground and he started walking towards the street, something inside me screamed that I knew him from somewhere, but it would be impossible, how could I remember someone that I didn't even meet before? I closed my eyes, I breathed in and out, trying to get these crazy thoughts out of my head, I had too much to think, I started walking towards the library I worked.

Two years passed, I was in my final year at high school and the New Years Eve was coming, I was so happy that I finally completed all my "To-Do things list" before the end of the year. As I walk in the hallways of the library I worked, I bumped into someone in the section of Drama, I put one hand in my head because of the fall and looked up at the person I bumped, our eyes met and I saw the same gold tone in the eyes of the stranger:

-Its... You. - He said in a deep and surprised voice

-Me? W-What do you mean? - I said in shock, the dark tone hair and the amber eyes reminder me of something or... Someone, my eyes widened - You! You are the boy I bumped two years ago! - I said with a smile in my face, what was the chance of bump into the same person in the New Years Eve?

After staring at each other for some seconds, we got apart each other to help one another to get up from that wooden old floor, the boy laughed a little, I stared him with a raised eyebrow:

-What? - I asked, seeing if my clothes were clean and if my hair was not messy like always used to be

-I just didn't think that after all these years... I would've see you again. - He smiled, and the girl stared him in confusion

-Okay. - She gave a nervous laugh - This is starting to get a little creppy, you... You already knew me? - She asked, afraid of the answer

-You forgot. - His smile dissapeared slowly - Of course... We never get our way to be happy... Do we? - He screamed with his eyes looking at the roof of the library

3° POV

-Boss. - A strange voice asked - He and her... - The voice was interrupted by another voice

-I know. - Another voice replied in a dark and furious tone - I will remend this error. - The voice said

And then, the library started vanishing away, the shelfs and the books were turning in a color of black, the girl looked around, everything was disappearing in front of her eyes, suddendly, the library turned into a empty and dark place:

-Where... - She asked scared, in a click of a hand the body of the girl fell and her mind was in a state of sleeping

-No! You can't tear us apart! - The boy screamed, trying to reach the sleeping body of his loved one, a laugh echoed through the place

-Dear... I can do everything I want. - The strange voice said - I thought that letting you two saw each other every New Years Eve was a good idea, I thought that doing that your hate would grow, but it didn't, now... I need to rewrite everything again. - The voice said - You need to understand, she is the hero. You are the villain. - The voice said one more time

-I am just the villain because you wrote me this way! - He screamed - I will find her, no matter what, no matter if I'm a villain, a hero, a antagonist or just the second character of your stupid story. - he gave an amused smile on his face, the voice snorted

-Don't worry. - The voice replied - I know now that let you live in her world is just... - The voice waited a little before finishing the sentence - Dangerous. - The voice clapped the hands and a hole swallowed the boy.

He could remember her laugh, personality and dresses, but never her voice or face, and when he finaly reached out to see her, they are torn apart again, the writer was insensible or what? He punched the black floor, this was the way that everything ended? He trapped and her getting to live her perfect life like it was a lie after lie? He tried to calm himself down and looked around, as his eyes adjusted with the dark he could see castles, floating islands and infinite oceans surronding him like a hurricane:

-It... It can't be. - He whispered surprise - The writer didn't really deleted us? He just... - He looked around one more time, a smile crossing his face - If the other stories are here... Then, I can find a way to get to her again. - He looked up, just to see a bright red dragon flying arond the floating island - Well, I will love to be the slayer dragon again. - He got up and maked his way to the island.

Every step he take was a reason he would be back to her, things like "I love her" or "I need her" wasn't enough, he would be back, not to save her, but to be on her side, when she needs, when she was sad or happy in the bad and good days, doesn't matter if was wrong, right she was all thar matter, her smile was the reason he lived and he would fight for it. He would be with the girl he loved, no matter how long it would take or how many times the Writer would rewrite the story, it was their fate being together, even if it was not supposed to be this way. Sometimes, the hero and the villain fall in love so hard that nothing can keep than away from each other, and together they can save the world or...

Write your own fate.

December 31, 2021 20:24

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