You are my perfect gift

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Liza was walking down the principal street, looking carefully into all the shop windows, asking herself, what would be the perfect gift? 

Since she and John met all they always wanted was to be happy, live a simple life, full of joy. John was the kind of guy who liked to be invisible. He brought happiness to Liza’s life after a really bad relationship, he just smoothly got into her heart and healed the open wound, without wanting anything else than her friendship. Well, we all know, that becomes more than just friendship. 

What would be a perfect gift to someone who wants nothing more than happy moments? 

It was hard to choose something. She walked through all the commercial streets and nothing. Everything she founds was kind of too simple, yes, John was simple, but she really wanted something with meaning.

Three days, that was her final deadline, she was really worried about it. Even if she knew that he wouldn’t care, she was determined to find something special. She visited from the extremely simple stores to the fanciest she could afford, nothing. 

The way that they first met was ... normal, at the coffee shop. Liza was hanging out with her friends after her horrible breakup, he was looking right into her, his eyes were shining, she noticed. They eventually started a conversation, Liza let clear about the fact that she didn’t want a relationship, all John asked her for was a good talk, maybe a friendship.

Liza’s was dating a guy for four years, she thought they would get married any time soon, but they didn't. She realized that he was always there, but never really there for her. He treated her so badly, she was losing herself on that relationship. They broke up when she found out he was also seeing another girl, a younger girl, 22 years old, Liza was 30. At the time she was heartbroken. 

John changed everything. He is the kind of guy who listens to every single word of how she is feeling, he supported her on everything she wanted to do. He never complained about any cloth she wore. Of course, that was 

fights and arguments, but that how a relationship works.

Liza met her friends at the same coffee house she met John. It was kind of a meeting. She was planning a surprise party for him too, but a simple one, as he, simple. While they were there John came in with a confused look on his face, they tried to fudge, he walked to the table and just said: Hey, a meeting without me?. 

  • Yes, can you believe it? We were hanging here and them James and Karol arrived and we just sat down and start talking.
  • I’m glad I came here. I was just about to order a blueberry muffin for us, Liza. Karol how is mom? Has she come home yet?
  • No, she is fine, still on the trip.
  • Blueberry muffin are my favorites!
  • I know! - John step away to the cashier and the group finished their talk.

The perfect gift was far away, Liza had no idea of what to buy for him. After that afternoon, she thought, maybe, she wouldn’t buy anything.


Liza was acting weird, not coming home right after work and going to friends date very often, John was starting to think she was hiding something, but, he trusted her. 

He bought flowers to her, maybe she was being distant because he was also working a lot, he wanted to remember her that he loves her, no matter what.

John bought daises, her favorite. He waited, and waited, and waited. She was late again, the food was getting cold and he was getting tired. He finally decided to go to sleep, but first, he put the flowers on his bedroom closet, he planned to give her the flowers the next morning. 


Liza got home after a long day of planning. She had the idea that she would be able to cook an amazing cake, naked cake with blueberries, but she was out of some ingredients and John was always home. She decided to order a cake from the coffee shop they always go to.

When she entered the bedroom she saw John, sleeping with his arms on her side of the bed. She was too worried to wake him up, so she decided that she would sleep on the couch. Liza opened her closet but the blankets weren’t there. She tried John’s bedroom closet and found the flowers, but she was so tired that she guesses that it should be for someone else. She got so upset, weeks and weeks planning the perfect surprise party and a gift, that, by the way, she hadn’t got yet.

Rather than taking the blankets she chooses to keep things as they were, took her pillow and lay down on the couch. Liza stayed up all night long trying to understand, she trusted him so much, but also, she was worried. He was the kind of guy who would never buy flowers without a reason, or to someone, he didn’t love. 


At 5 am John’s alarm clock rang. Liza still not there. He took the flowers from his closet and put them at the kitchen table. He noticed the pillow on the couch and tried to call her. She didn’t answer. 

He was too worried to do anything, he stayed at home, missed work. He was waiting for Liza to come back home. 

He started receiving birthday wishes from some work colleagues, then he realizes that, maybe, that was the reason why she was acting weird, she was trying to make it not a big deal, but if so, where was she at the day of his birthday? 


Finally, Liza got the cake and a box of muffins and drove to Karol house. 

He called, several times, but she didn’t answer. 

Liza stopped at a flower shop and bought sunflowers, that was the perfect gift. He was her’s sun, every day he was there for her, making her happy, making her flourish, she was so happy to have him. She wasn’t sad about the flowers, she wasn’t worried, because she knew, he was the most amazing person she had ever met.


He was wondering where was she, he started to get ready to go to the coffee house, then he saw, his blanket, falling from the closet. Liza had seemed the flowers, she didn’t take it, why?

He rushed to the coffee house, but no one was there. He tried the park around their apartment, no one. Where was everybody?

Karol sends him a message: Come home, mom called and she sent you a gift. 


John finally arrives and everyone was hidden by the dining room. 

Liza was shaking, the sunflowers on her hand was looking amazing! 

  • John! Happy Birthday! Mom called, she said she won’t be home for a while, but sent you a gift, it is at the dining room. Oh, you bought flowers?
  • Yes, it was for Liza, but I don’t know where she is. 
  • Oh dear, is she tired of you already? - Karol laughs and took the flowers from his hand.
  • Shut up! I had a surprise for her, but it seems that she is too busy.
  • Oh well, tell me about later. Let’s see your gift!
  • No, I … I looked for her everywhere, look, that ‘s something I wish I could give her tonight. - John put the ring box out of his jacket pocket, it was their grandmother engage ring.
  • Oh my, don’t say a word. Let’s go - Karol starts to push him into the dining room.

  • SURPRISE!!! - Everyone said it and start to clap. 
  • Surprise honey!
  • Liza! Where were you! I really need to talk to you … wait, that’s the reason why you was so distant.
  • Yeah, did you like the surprise?
  • Yes, I did. 
  • I bought you something. - Liza gave him the sunflowers. - I couldn’t find anything awesome to give you, so I choose this, to remember you that you are the sun to me. 
  • I love it!
  • It’s simple.
  • It’s amazing.

Karol steps up and light up the candles around, everyone was in silence, Karol moves her head up and down slowly, John understood.

  • I have a surprise to you too, Liza.
  • It’s your birthday, not mine.
  • Yes, I know, but that would be the perfect gift ever if … 
  • What?
  • Will you marry me? - On one knee he shows the ring.

August 09, 2019 20:44

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