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Christian Adventure Drama

Monday, 03/20/2023 as if coming out of a trance, eager to reconnect with sources and facts, diligently managed the cluttered Gmail inbox. Then one of those e-mails woke me up so rousingly that it lit the fuse for the powder barrel of the third and final act of my life.

He invited me to an international competition of authors and offered me some prompts, among which the one that saddened me proposed that I retell an old story, from my point of view.

It was presumably the coincidence of divine providence with my attention and I felt, then, the action of my heart's starter to the central engine of the imaginary, which restructured the RISE Project, then the electrifying DOSE was injected into the lymphatic system ( dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin) and the ebullition comes.

It was impossible to restrain that pleasure of imagining carrying out a social action that would save many humans from death, and from the second death.

Who? Said you don´t live twice; it is legislated that there is a second chance, for Life, with eternal Life, or death, with the Second Death!

The first prize wasn't even that exciting, but providence showed to me the full potential of the opportunity.

If it miraculously triumphed against all the barriers that stand in the way of any author, and more strikingly Christians, the climb would reach the pincers of the heights and would require increasingly tenacious hands in the recesses of the wall and a mind sharpened to the extremes, to distinguish the path to the summit, never attempted before in the way I imagined.

Gather an efficient team and create the most convincing Christian script, based on this new version that I will give to the facts.

Opportunately new thousands of readers would pay attention to what I had been recounting for decades, with irrepressible veracity and strength, in addition to the disconcerting, overwhelming scientific flavor; Soon a new group of prudent humans would take it as a benchmark; then the desired exponentiation would generate the main intended profit, a staggering group of enlightened-rescued. Time to ROI would be shortened.

What? The blessed story would be badly told which persists until now, deceiving, doping, and killing humanity; What? History was being withheld from recognition, at all evil costs.

What? Supernatural force induced the clergy, the patrons and their astonishing fortunes, and their industries, to support and foment the Operation of Error, sown by this historical malpractice, which drowned thousands of millions;

What? Supernatural force prevented authors from revealing the Mystery, already discovered beyond the veil torn from top to bottom.

What? Notable, very important, and famous character is the most ancestral in the Universe? whose story could be retold

I will retell this story in a fulminant way, shaking the whitewashed blocks on the outside, sepulchers on the inside, attacking with my sling the castle's nest of death.

After managing the e-mail inbox, I amused myself by vigorously scrubbing the large aluminum tray, to rid it of the encrusted fat left over from the last lamb roast, and the expectation of the return of the four children wandered in this Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro, no longer so wonderful ´and plus the fleeting synapses that populate the brain of a newly widowed man.

Entertained I was swimming in that choppy sea when a flash brought me the inspiration to develop the short story prompt, with which I could win the international competition.

It was supernatural providence that shed such a strong light on the way to realizing all my imagination regarding the RISE project, the ultimate best seller on the subject, hence the screenplay for the ultimate and most compelling Christian classic, with Walden Media's Philip Frederick Anschutz.

I was almost fainting from exhaustion, after all, count 66 years old, even without looking like it.

The inspiring synapses were really like the intermittent and spaced flashing of a single firefly, which I followed attentively through the nocturnal tundra of my brain, walking without caring about the terrain as if playing football.

Desires also concurred to form the waves that foamed over me, making me question whether to continue under the 'GABA-effect' of the pregabalin taken five days ago, three days before the burial, or, then, a well-served drink of "MÉHlifua" the Brazilian cachaça, invented last month, at Sitio Boa Sorte.

Giving a strong drink to what perishes was a lesson learned in the American westerns, and from my earthly father, I learned that a cup of great Brazilian coffee and sugar would definitely scare my sleep away. He had also taught me how to make it liquefied with lemon juice, ice, and sugar, sparkling and refreshing in summer.

After all, the night called me to snuggle and sleep in her lap, but it wasn't sleep that I needed, but that night's lap was like the womb of my sleeping beauty, Sandra "MrsMUffin" the owner of my being and owner of "MrCOOKIE & MrsMUFFIN JUSTdoEAT ALIMENTOS" whose remarkable story would also be writing one day.

Option was for a short sleep since I had my bare feet on the ground for fifteen hours. I decided on 5-hour shifts for one rest.

Woke up relieved, take a cold shower and resume the paragraph in which I would introduce the character, his wits, exploits, and then retell that unequaled and most perversely subverted story, in my own way, my seasoning.

Sated, but hungry for action, I left the bathroom and ran boiling water over the coffee powder that had been left in the strainer since the previous morning.

After all, which one? A connoisseur would throw away such a precious brown thing, without extracting all of its juice, adding the very white powder of the Cayenne cane (laughing).

On youtube Nathaniel Bassey glorified Agunechemba and Procol Harum live in Denmark Turns Whiter The Shade of my Pale.

With good gulps of fresh water, I washed off the delicious sweetness of the cookies I had already eaten and resumed the hunt for the firefly.

My dear beta readers, exercise your knowledge and memory now and tell me:

what's up? Oldest at rearguard;

Possibly one or two of the little children, however old you may be, will get the point right, and rejoice that are the rare diamond-bright minority.

Most will establish the Universe as the oldest known.

Enlightening then the majority and providing satisfaction to the minority, I say to all that I will retell the story of the one who is before the Universe-Of-His-Creation, seasoned with naked science, as the embarrassing Truth emerging from the bathing well, without its garments, stolen by the lie.

Nota bene that these remarkable scientists were never ashamed to look at the naked truth, they always had fun with it: Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Ray, Linnaeus, Mendel, Pasteur, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Kelvin, Steno, Woodward, Brewster, Buckland, Cuvier, Pascal, Leibinitz, Boyle, Dalton, and Ramsey and left their testimonies. Other creationist scientists followed in their wake, however, being supplanted and silenced by a supernatural action, which placed the mark of religion on them, trying to take away their credibility. And they did for many years.

The captivating beauty of the truth made them pay attention to the impossibility of the non-existence of an Intelligent Designer, precursor of each one of the stupefying irreducible nano-complexities that mark their works and, more hauntingly, the divine-human creature; Replicated on the sixth day

As they looked deep into the piercing eyes of the exhilarating truth, sensitized by its beauty, like the beauty of Eve, the primeval, they were reminded of the words that reverberated and echoed throughout the Universe-of-His-Creation, warning all the prudent that he was the missing link of the evolution, the unreachable link for those of denial.

I am the beginning of all creation...” inspired John his beloved to write.

The precursor of the zip nd unzip of the Universe-of-His-Creation would not exist only by force and exercise of negationism, the abject mechanism.

Science now proves that everything came to light in an intentional, planned, finished, dynamic, and purposeful way; galaxies appear new and completely finished, from the most remote proximity of the initial moment, when inspected by the James Webb Super Telescope, causing unbearable discomfort to those who have the time of trillions of years as primordial for the evolution

 “We Were Planned” is the greatest scientific discovery of this century, together with the “Foresight” proven by nanotechnology, through mass spectrometers, squanders Doc. Marcos Eberlein in his two books.

There is no doubt about the antecedence of the primordial and primary manifestation of life and the concomitant explosion in photons, for the beginning of materiality.

“I am the light that came into the world” inspired his most gifted student to register.

 The spiritual life, electronic Life of atoms, biological Life of prebiotics, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, ammonia, anammox, nitrogen, up to the magnificent and exuberant complexity for the viability of human life on the Planet Earth evoked a Creator.

 So far and even with James Webb scrutinizing the most remote areas, Earth is the Only Garden and Orchard of the Universe and not a mere and simple blue dot, how unchristian Sagan wants to deceive us!

In addition to that poorly told story of the uncaused and purposeless big bang and the inconsequential and improbable evolution, which requires another eternity for it not to happen, there was another story that was insurmountably worse, which treated with placebos the lethal disease caused by the forbidden fruit, degenerative chemistry, consciously consumed and which cost a genetic degeneration to the mother of all, gradual death and its congenital transmission through the mitochondrial chromosome.

Chief among the evil tales is subtle, subliminal, and lethal, yet pleasing to the ear and eye like forbidden fruit; artificially perfumed, it hides from humans in its core the microscopic, latent odor of cadaverine and putrescine.

Retelling the story of the persona (for whom it sounds) unique, correcting the subversions, and adding to it the notorious scientific correspondence, is possible only through the inspirations of the firefly; so I paid attention to each flash as I followed it.

The grimy and tattered lie bathes and comes disguised as truth, as the ancient fable and the exciting painting by Jean Leon Gerome warned us; The truth should comes naked and raw.

Let's go Truth!

The historical records of the Hebrew people, descendants of Noah the lucky heir of everything watered and fertilized by the universal deluge, establish that before the beginning of the Universe-of-His-Creation was the Verb; then the Verb of the Eternal Spirit was before everything had been materialized by Him, and the Verb of the Eternal was with the Eternal and was the Eternal Himself (homogeneous in spirit), recorded John the beloved, humble and illiterate Hebrew fisherman, who followed the firefly, which emitted flashes greater than the St. Joseph lighthouse, at the nocturnal immensity of Lake Michigan.

Everything having been made of HIM by HIM and for HIM and if without HIM nothing that was made was made, we understand that HE can only be the FATHER of his Creation; the one who needed a mother only in the second act; And that the Verb is the Core of the Eternal;

This Spirit exercises its unfathomable power to synthesize himself into the BEING when it comes from the encompassing eternity into the womb of the Universe-Of-His-Creation.

He is the Father who did not need a mother when he replicated himself in Adam, the masterpiece of creation, on the sixth day and from whom he cloned the primeval mother-of-all from a rib trunk.

As? By whom? For what purpose? the immaterial human mind of a multitude would be obstructed and prevented from accepting that the immaterial power, exogenous to the entire Universe-of-His-Creation, had brought about the materialization of all existence and its laws, within itself.

In the blink of an eye, everything was “ziped nd unziped” an endogenous explosion, perfectly planned to contain space and count time, with everything perfect, finished and functional, purposeful, all life and controlled energy and its regulating laws.

Only then entropy evolve into deterioration!

Also, this ill-told history is not chief among the ill-versed histories.


Are there more pitfalls? Which we must disarm!

The Romans forged another story that supplanted the true story that the Lord YHVH, The Christ, told us together and through his prophets and which was ratified by the Lord YHSHUA, Lord JESUS, also the Christ!

Thus the most horrendous subversion began, in the city that is on the 10 mountains, confirming the word of the Creator when he made the Apostle Paul prophesy this

“God will send them the operation of error, so that they believe the lie, so that all those who do not believe the truth may be judged; rather, they took pleasure in iniquity.” II Ts. 2:11 e 12

This one started to propagate that in the beginning, it was the son, frontally contradicting the Verb; Which is very dangerous; It also propagated that the son was generated by the Spirit, but not by the Verb, so, amazed! Antichrist!

As? Could anyone contradict the one who is before all materiality, laws, and circumstances; He who comes out of Eternity!

He who is antecedent to the Universe-of-His-Creation itself, who has all for servants!

The Romans made all the people believe that they adopted Christianity as the central religion and that there was total freedom of belief, as long as Christianity was based on the Doctrine of the Trinity and not on the Doctrine of Christ.

Thus began the greatest feat of the antichrist, subtly lethal!

With such a doctrine, they established with ghostly subtlety the heresy that the one born of Mary was the fruit of the Holy Spirit and not the fruit of the Verb, the only begotten of the Father!

 They definitively distanced Christ from the past action of fertilization and unity with the son.

As the ArchAngel Gabriel clearly spoke to Mary, the virgin servant, the fertilization operation would take place in two distinct stages; How? Then the noble Roman sages dared to subvert the message of the Most High, passed by his faithful squire, right arm, ArchAngel of Jerusalem, who began by saying

“The Spirit of God will come upon you and…”

Then he told her that

“The Virtue of the Most High will overshadow you, (the power of the Most High will envelop you, in other versions) so also (by this fact Mary) the Holy One who will be born of you will be called Son of God”

Understand well!

Join all the verses contained there in the Gospel of Christ, according to the inspired Luke, chapter 1 verse 35

In the first stage of the filiation operation, Christ sends her Spirit upon Mary simply to put her to sleep (the sleeping beauty), not to impregnate her, thus protecting her from herself.

For if the blessed one had seen Christ himself, the Father! As Adam saw him; she would at least speak to Isabel, who would speak to Zacarias, who would speak to someone, who would speak to a Pharisee, who would speak to all of his people, enraged at the blasphemy, would kill her.

Divine foreknowledge was plotting a great move.

Then the Spirit of Christ would sanctify her, so that she would go to Christ the Father for a tabernacle, for nine months while degenerating (laughing).

In the second stage, Christ, the Father, the Creator himself, Jehovah Elohim would cover her with his shadow, as we humans do when our women allow us to copulate with them with pleasure (divine invention!);

But exercising its power to be the God-of-the-Impossible (Luke 1:37), the Original-Being, the Principle of All Creation, the Missing Link of Evolution, proceeds to reduce Himself to the condition of a gamete " Y”, divine, which is sure to find and join the “x” of the question, in the egg inside Mary's womb.

God the Father thus preserved the virginity of his blessed handmaiden unscathed, for Joseph to enjoy; scientifically he made himself bloody, therefore mortal, by bearing the Body of Sin, the crimson blood.

Only-begotten of the Father confirms the scripture which says

“And the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14)

It also says that

“This is the one who came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ [YHSHUA]; not by water only (as YHVH the Father came), but by water and blood.

And the Spirit is what bears witness because the Spirit is the Truth. (I John 5:6)”

This wonderful discovery mentally envisioned by me, WiFi and WireLess, immaterial, debunks and definitively buries the most ill-told and most lethal story in the world, resurrecting the Doctrine of Christ definitively and vigorously, enthroning it on the summit of scientism, allowing many souls to be rescued from ignorance, religious proselytism and finally atheism;

All getting ready, firmly, for the rescue that will be performed unusually in these coming years, by Lord JESUS, Christ!

God and Father, Heir of all

In that glorious moment the first resurrection will rise the saved ones, true Body of Christ, thus ending that dark and dramatic period of the Beginning of Sorrows, to then happen the great slaughter and consecutive second and last resurrection, rising those destined for the fiery lake of fire and brimstone, the Celestial Alcatraz, The Sun!

And the saved ones will be re-established on Earth restored by the Creator himself

AlleluYH!!! Lord Jesus, Christ!

My God operates, dad, so that this small prize may be the foreshadowing of a great reward when I find myself in Your Divine Presence.

Summon those desired men who will have the pleasure of using their fortunes so that all the imagination you have allowed me to abstract comes true, for the salvation of a billion, witnessing, honoring, and glorifying your name YHSHUA, Agunechemba, Lion of The Universe, Lion of Judah.


March 24, 2023 04:07

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Mais do que o desfrutar do conto intrigante, desejo que recebam sobrenaturalmente a verdade real, incoercível, sobre a Vida, a Vida finita, a Vida Eterna e a salvação da segunda Morte ... Ouso mesmo desejar que não experimentem a primeira O conto ea operação do Espírito de Cristo tem o poder de firmar a Verdade Espiritual, que permeia todo a plataforma eo aplicativo desse delicioso Jogo da Vida DEUS, O ETERNO ESPÍRITO TODO ENVOLVENTE do Universo da Sua Criação conhecido perfeitamente éo Seu Supremo Propósito Creiam! Eu descobri! Como u...


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