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Coming of Age Fantasy

-Shara POV- 

I walk through the field with the grass brushing against my knees. I'm going to the tree. To others, this tree might not mean anything but to me it's everything. Deer prance through the grass near my feet. Cece is atop one.

-Cece POV-

I fly through the grass on the deer. I see Shara as I dart by. Her short white hair flowing in the wind with her knee-high brown dress. She pushes her circle glasses up on her nose. She is holding bundles of ferns. They must be the result of her magic. We get our magic from the tree we are heading to. I tell the deer to go faster. I wave to Shara. She waves back dropping one of her ferns. A giant piece of grass returns it to her.

Almost there. I can see the tree. Ava is already sitting there with Coal.

-Ava POV-

Cece is approaching the tree. I see Shara a little bit behind her. Cece's long dirty-blond hair whips to the wind under her baby blue beanie. She raises her arms in the air and her long white sweatshirt falls to her elbows. She rubs her hands on her jeans as if she is cleaning them. She does this a lot. 

The deer she is riding stops and does a small bow. She thanks him and sits next to Coal. Coal looks over to her and grins. A lock of his curly, black hair falls next to his nose. His hair glimmers green and blue. He brushes his arm against his cheek covered in freckles. They look like constellations. His giant jacket falls off his shoulder as he does this.

He smiles at Cece again, "How was your ride?" She giggles, "Wonderful. How did you arrive?" "Riding on the clouds of course."

Coal has weather powers and can move clouds. He does it a bit more than he probably should if he doesn't want to get noticed.

-Shara POV-

I arrive at the tree later than everyone else but they all have good ways to get here. What am I supposed to do? Ride a giant flower. Ava can fly, Cece can call animals, Coal can ride the clouds. (The clouds!) 

They all wave to me when I come near. Ava launches up. She flips her dark hair over her shoulder with her white speckled hand. It's caused by the vitiligo on her arms. It looks cool against her dark skin.

"Okay. I called this emergency meeting because someone new is going to be called to the tree."

We all gasp. The last person to be called to the tree was Cece. That was 5 years ago. 

When you are called to the tree you begin to get your powers. You are drawn to the tree and can't stop coming to it until you find it. It is where all people with these powers come to. We all get natural powers from the tree. 

It is quite rare that someone will get powers. Since Ava was the first of us to be called to the tree she has a strong connection to it. It tells her when new people are coming and warns her of dangers.

I wonder what powers they will have. Coal and Cece start to argue about it. Coal says it's probably wind but Cece thinks it is water-related.

-Dakota POV-

I woke up this morning and tried to roll off my bed like usual but I never hit the floor. I open my eyes slowly.

I scream, I'm floating 5 feet over my bed. I think about dropping onto my bed and I fall out of the air.

What the heck was that! I slowly get up. I pinch my arm, nope, not dreaming. I put on my favorite white dress. It has sleeves that fall of my shoulder. It goes down to my knees. 

I pull my hair out of its messy bun and start to get ready. My mom left early this morning so she shouldn't be home. I go to do some of my chores.

When I'm watering my plants I pour a bit of water onto my fiddle leaf and it starts to curl towards me. It wraps one of its leaves around my wrist.

I jump back and decide that I should go outside. Maybe I'm hallucinating and I just need some air.

I walk outside and the wind wraps around me in a blanket. I start to run. I'm not sure where I'm going but my feet seem to lead me ahead. I run into the woods. A deer emerges and bows to my feet.

I don't know what leads me to do it but I get onto it. It starts to lead me into a giant grassy field. I see a giant tree in the middle. There seem to be people gathered around it. I lean close to the deer. 

-Coal POV-

A little while after Ava told us the news I see something approaching the tree.

I'm a sucker for dramatics so I shine a hole in the clouds to make a spotlight over her. She seems to be riding a giant doe. She is leaning into it. Her hair is long and a strawberry blond color.

Everyone stands to welcome her. Cece squeals, "Animal powers!"

The deer stops and bows at the tree. The girl sits up. She seems to float off the doe. Wait, she's flying. She doesn't seem to see anything around her.

She is zoned in on the tree. She floats over to it and closes her eyes. She rests her hand on the tree. Her eyes close and a blinding light comes down in a halo around her. (promise that this time it wasn't me.)

A crown of white roses grows around her head. She glides to the ground and opens her eyes, "Where am I?"

Ava stares at her. The look on her face is wonder and longing. She doesn't look like she's gonna say anything so I step towards her, "You are at the tree. Today you should have been noticing weird things in your life. That is your power. If you put your hand on the tree again it shall reveal your power to all of us."

She takes a step towards the tree. She places a hand onto the bark of the tree. This shall be the first time it has spoken in 5 years. 

It stirs, "Dakota. You have been called to me in search of your powers. You will join the members of the tree with your powers. You must protect them and treat them like family. Are you ready for this duty?"

She nods and the tree continues, "Dakota, your powers consist of all natural powers. You are the designated queen of the forest." 

April 20, 2021 01:22

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Luna Wood
01:22 Apr 20, 2021

Running out of name ideas... any suggestions? Also, tell me if you want a part 2. I was wondering if I should keep the story going.


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