The Fall of the Empire

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“I can see it now.” 

The Fire Empire had finally defeated the ruthless Ice Empire. The two empires had been fighting for countless brutal days. The Ice Empire fought so hard to try to defeat the Fire Empire. But the Ice Empire failed. They came so terribly close that it hurt even more than what the soldiers in both empires felt while fiercely battling to the death. But why did this horrible war start? 

Well, hundreds of years ago fairies were claiming their territories on one small continent. There frankly was not enough room for everyone. The fairies ended up quickly breaking into four separate groups. They were interested in different things. So, each group set out for a different place to live. They all looked the same at the time. But once they all eventually settled in their four parts of the continent, things started to change. 

The four parts of the continent were pronounced the Ice Empire, Fire Empire, Air Empire, and the Earth Empire. All four of them had different sections of land on the continent.  

The Ice Empire was on the northern half of the continent. It was always freezing cold, always at least –25 C (-13 F). The whole land was covered in ice and snow, all year round. The only food sources for the Ice Fairies were either underneath the snow or in the ocean; or in the occasional small lake. The food was always extremely cold or completely frozen. The fairies eventually got used to it though. They became accustomed to it. They came to absolutely love it. Well, for a while. 

 The Fire Empire was down below, underneath the ground! It was always burning hot, always at least 70 C (158 F). The whole underground bunker was full of lava, coal, and all sorts of other rocks and resources. They sometimes had to gather a small amount of food up on land to survive, but it was quite uncomfortable for them. They did that in addition to drinking lava and boiling hot water from underground pools. The food that they brought down to their empire from up on land immediately became warm and then hot. But just like the Ice Fairies, they got used to it, accustomed to it, and came to love it; for a while. 

The Air Empire was up above the small continent. They lived around clouds and lived on crazy floating islands! The temperatures were cooler, but not freezing cold as to the Ice Empire’s temperatures. They were always around 0-10 C (32-50 F). The empire was full of clouds, intense winds, and sometimes birds, if they dared fly that high up. This empire’s food sources were merely the few birds that flew up that high and sometimes insects. They had to fly down to the ground to get a small amount of food to sustain them when needed as well, plus they needed to get water. They loved where they lived, even if it came with many challenges. 

The Earth Empire was of course on the southern half of the continent. You would think it would be hot, but it is just warm. They were always around 15-20 C (59-68 F). The land had many resources and was most definitely the best empire to live on. They had a variety of food sources. All types of animals, and plants; as well as water, of course. The Earth Fairies were in the best shape and were thriving. They would be ready if any mischief decided to show. 

 Each empire of fairies had distinct characteristics, skills, and weapons.  

The Ice Empire’s fairies had white to blue to dark gray wings, white, blue, or blonde hair, and different shades of blue eyes. They wore warm outfits made of fur, as well as useful accessories such as leather boots, toques, and earmuffs. They were extremely quick at making snowballs; it took them under five seconds to make one! They were also quite skilled at making igloos, ice sculptures, and fishing. Their army used snowballs, arrows, spears, canons, and catapults. 

The Fire Empire’s fairies had white to blue to orange wings, blue, red, blonde, or orange hair, and different shades of blue or hazelnut eyes. They wore thin outfits made of silk, as well as shoes. They could hold fire, breathe in any amount of smoke, and were great at building fires. Their army used catapults, canons, arrows, spears, and fire. 

The Air Empire’s fairies had white to blue to dark gray wings, blue, and blond hair, and different shades of blue eyes. They wore outfits made of all types and colors of feathers and thin silk, as well as shoes. They were quick at flying, quicker than all the other fairies. They were also exceptionally good at hunting and flying through intense winds and storms. Their army used arrows and spears. Not a strong army. 

The Earth Empire’s fairies had green to blue to yellow wings, brown or blonde hair, and different shades of blue, brown, or green eyes. They wore protective fur, armor, and shoes. They were great at riding horses, farming, and swimming. They had the best army, with lots of armor; plus, they rode horses in their army; and they also had weapons such as arrows and catapults. 

 So why did this brutal war between the Ice and Fire empires start? Well, they were both complete opposites, and they have both been struggling in recent months. With climate change and with both places rapidly warming up, they were both struggling. Both empires were very bitter; and they dealt with tiny amounts of food. It was harder for them to become as smart and strong as the others, so they were having the most trouble with climate change. They were angry and frustrated, and they felt they needed to stir up trouble. So, they both went into a gruesome war. They wanted to gain more territory, for they thought the others would have better resources, food, weather, and weapons. That is why that terrible war started. 

But now it was over! The Ice Empire and their fairies had been slaughtered, but at least it was over! All the leaders were greatly relieved; even the leaders of the Air and Earth Empires, who weren’t in the war. They could all see the hopefully bright future ahead, and they were ready. 

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