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Prakash studied at The School of Arts located in the town.

Whatever he painted using a brush, was appreciated by everyone. Prakash used to receive accolades every time he held exhibitions in the city hall. Prakash had developed an ego. He started considering himself the finest painter, the greatest artist in the known world.

One day, Nitin an artist from another area came to this town and had an exhibition of his paintings in the town hall.

All the art lovers from the town attended it and they all were impressed by his creations. Portraits or Landscapes, real life or still life. Anything he portrayed was heavenly. They were exposed to pieces of art, never been seen before. Just awesome, beautiful, Excellent. A portrait soaking with emotions. Landscape giving gentle movement to leaves due to the very light breeze. Absolutely splendid. The twilight spread on the hilltop. Wonderful. Every soul in the town was short of words for appreciating their experience. There was a commotion. Nitin’s art was the topic of discussion, everywhere.

Prakash was upset with this wave of admiration for Nitin. How could anyone else be recognized as an artist better than him? How the people of this town can consider some outsider better than a local person such as him? He was resentful of every news about Nitin.

Prakash visited the exhibition and criticized every exhibit on some pretext or other as improper. Sometimes he ridiculed the color combination or he was critical about even shape or at times he found space improper. Nitin was disturbed. Receiving such maligning remarks for each of his creations was never experienced by him before. He tried to explain his point of view to this undeserving authority, Prakash. But Prakash was extremely critical and he was making derogatory remarks.

After a few days, Nitin announced adding a few more pieces of his art that he considered his best creations so far, In this, Nitin made sure to include a painting by another artist giving clear credit to the artist.

All the art lovers including Prakash were present at the time of presenting seven of his best creations. 

As Nitin went on uncovering each frame, all the present had a breathtaking, jaw-dropping experience. They all were thrilled. But Prakash was getting uneasy when he realized the stunning reaction from the viewers. He took up the leading position.

“Yes. They are better than the pieces we have seen from Nitin. Nevertheless, they are not as great as Nitin had projected. The color combination in every picture is very bad. The contrast given by him is hurting eyes instead of giving a pleasing effect. To be frank, I would not rank them worthy of getting a place in this hall where extremely wonderful exhibits were displayed earlier. Overall, not a single piece here is worthy of taking note of except the exhibit of an unknown artist. That appears to be much better than the rest of the displays by Nitin. I would like to meet that great creator who has produced such a phenomenal art.”

Nitin got up and said, " As honorable Prakash has expressed his desire to meet the creator of the phenomenal art, I would like to introduce him to you all.”

Nitin called out, “Tarzan, please come to the front.”

And they all saw a chimpanzee, with a brush in his hand, coming to the front. He went straight to the display of his painting. He put one hand on the display and posed for a photograph. Many pictures were clicked. 

There was a burst of unstoppable laughter. It exposed Prakash for his eminence in art. Prakash realized the drubbing he was given by the same very public who once had held him in high esteem. Prakash was humiliated very badly. He wanted to hide his face and run away.

He got up and made his exit.

All the present were doubting Prakash’s ability to understand and appreciate the art as such. They realized that his criticism of Nitin’s exhibits was based on sheer jealousy.

Prakash, very upset, was waiting outside the exhibition hall. He was pondering over various options he had to avenge this insult by Nitin.

“Shall I take control of news channels and start an anti-propaganda? Should I keep a bomb in the exhibition hall and blow up all his creations? Or shall I set fire to the building itself? That would be a big setback for Nitin. It will take many years for him to come back into the reckoning. But the problem with all these ideas is that leave a chance for Nitin to a comeback. But If I finish his existence itself? If I remove him from the landscape only? If I kill him? “

The last thought gave him a shiver. 

After the exhibition time was over, all the spectators had left with an incredible experience of heavenly art. The chimpanzee had already left for his home. Nitin came out of the hall. Then he came to the parking place and was getting into his car. Prakash took out of his car, reversed it, and quickly ran over Nitin who was getting into his car.

Nitin died instantly.

Prakash stopped his car and came back to ensure that Nitin was dead.

Meanwhile, Nitin’s hand with a brush held in his palm which had life got separated from his body. Only the part of the hand beyond the wrist started crawling. It came close to Prakash's car.

Prakash returned to his car after confirming Nitin was dead, opened the car door, Nitin's hand waiting near the door to be opened, and just jumped into the car. Prakash was unaware that Nitin's hand beyond the wrist which was used for painting, was also traveling along with him.

Slowly crawling, the hand jumped onto the seat and came near his throat, and strangled him. Prakash tried to take away Nitin's hand from his throat. But he could not. While struggling to throw away the hand, Prakash lost his control over the car.

It swerved and hit a big tree. The accident made its tank of petrol, burst. And the car quickly caught fire. In no time it had charred. Prakash’s body turned into ashes.

August 06, 2022 03:04

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