Lonely Summer Paradox

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High School Holiday Inspirational

I get up, and nothing gets me down. You gotta tough, I seen the thoughest around. And I know, baby just what you feelin. You gotta roll roll roll with the punches, I give you best swinging. Can you see here I am get back my back against this record machine. I ain’t the worst that you seen. Can you see what I mean? Might as well jump, go ahead jump. Might as well jump, go ahead jump. “

On a plain white mattress in a cheap rented flat, a second year West Valley High School student who had just finished the 1976-1977 Final Tests. It would be summer vacation. He lives alone, beside his parents who take care of his 5-year-old sister in Ohio. Towards the study table with a tape recorder on the table, still in the clothes to go out of the house that he wore until he fell asleep then woke up in the morning with a glass of coors 2 months expired. He played a song using the tape recorder because he didn't have enough money to buy a radio. The song from Bananarama entitled Cruel Summer was set.

“The city is crowded, my friends are away and I’m on my own. It’s too hot to handle so I got to get up and go.

It’s a cruel (cruel), cruel summer. Leaving me here on my own it’s a cruel (It’s a cruel), cruel summer. Now you’re gone. You’re not the only one.”

While singing, take a cold bath at 04:00 AM. Don’t know why it feels good for Tony Lawrence, every health secrets unintentionally he did without anyone know about it. Really fresh. Brush the teeth, washing blonde long and shaggy hair, 80s style. He’s tall, atletic looking teenager, every teenage boy dream. Not very wide, not very thin, just average but looking good, fashion designer’s favorite. Right after that, as usual, wearing a long plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up with buttons, tucked into baggy jeans in a tight top down, brown fantofel. The inside is a black T-shirt with the UFO logo, purple on top, red below, in which there is a city with tall buildings. From a distance, the light looks like a yellow-orange rainbow. Underneath it is a giant yellow “BOSTON” inscription in a writing style that is dominated by sharp turns. At the bottom end there is a silver iron grip that strikes a kind of lightning or water shaped like the letter "R". Out of the Reseda, California flat on a desert bike used in the city with the lights off. With a helmet of course. He didn't wear a red leather jacket that looked very cool because it was very hot outside. Still with the tape recorder hanging in his left pocket, he played a song:

“Memory cool, back in the days of high school, we were a real pair. Barely of age, I was the star on your stage, so devil may care. I used to say, “Hey hey wanna ride wanna ride, hey hey what do you say? Hey hey won't you go, don't you know, I'n love with you, hey hey". Ride by matches, obviously. The theme is night, while what happens is during the day. I don't know what he was thinking. Does he have many friends? Not at all. Likewise in middle school. It doesn't seem to stand out in any way. However, there are differences between the two. While in middle school, all of that was due to his low self-esteem, very low self-esteem, insecurity. While in high school, especially summer vacation after the final tests, he himself wanted it. Think first before forming a relationship with anyone. Along with a song that is not connected to the chronological time he is experiencing, he stops at a quiet mini mall in the middle. Lined up with 4 other mini malls. No name, definitely not famous, maybe just to survive. Indeed, in the neighborhood where he lived, he found many Mexican immigrants who tried their luck in the neighborhood because Echino Hills was too expensive. Exactly at 6:00 a.m., a display case was dewy in the morning with some kind of expired bread inside. As usual, he bought a slice of unbranded Pizza bread, for $2. You can imagine the quality alone, in addition to the taste which is quite good but boring. With a few pieces of sausage and spicy seasoning. Eaten on the edge of a bench with weeds in the middle in it. With the Law of Attraction imagine the sumptuous dishes he eats. One of the homeless girls with long messy hair, tattered sweaters piled on top to cover the cold. His very thin body is very easy to feel the cold next to the summer that is happening. Plus last night must have slept on pieces of cardboard arranged around the edges. Or hang out with other homeless people, most of whom are ex-hippies who are half-failed because they are still trying to make a living with any effort. With barrels formed a fireplace above the weeds that are actually still very comfortable to sit on or even sleep in.

A suitable place for relaxation for teenagers who are experiencing "Raging hormone". The woman seemed to be the same age as Tony. It's very convincing that if her life was more groomed she would look much more beautiful. "This is my my mart, you aint' hustler point on my mart." “I'm not a hustler, I'm not homeless. That's my bike” (while looking at the motorbike, pretending to be middle class). The word "homeless" was pronounced with a definite emphasis. As one piece entered his mouth, his appetite was disturbed. Eating while talking is done accidentally, so that the pizza that enters is connected to the trachea, not the esophagus. Of course, as a normal human being choking, coughing, throwing phlegm in any way. One of the interesting facts about Tony: He is not a smoker, but often phlegm. He didn't really think of this as a mystery that had to be solved, because the surroundings where he lived two years ago were full of wild life, smokers, drinkers, thugs acting threateningly because they were huddled in colorful bandanas, mullet hair trimmed to the side. back. The tank top used because of limited capital actually makes it look cooler. Never looked cold at all. Of course, due to natural selection early on. As usual went to the nameless beach near Reefy apartment. Reflect on what has happened. Last year in March until this year in February, he experienced a lot of positive changes, especially physically. Without realizing it, his desire is only limited to changes in body shape leading to more than that. He did not realize that physical fitness determines mental health as well. Which is also one of the biggest mistakes in his transformation. Starting from his habit of oversleeping, overeating that doesn't make him fat because his body type is Ectomorph, which is tall with long thin bones. However, sugar is still sugar. Meeting the brain makes the mood to be lazy, it feels like sleeping all day. Watch tube television. The mind is actually already gifted to do positive things. His favorite films are generally directed by John G Avildsen, with a typical training montage for each of his films with the theme of martial arts accompanied by drama, social conflicts that are often experienced in everyone's life, from teenagers, adults, to middle aged man. , or maybe someday old age. With typical music by Bill Conti. His favorite is "Gonna Fly now" in the Rocky saga. Don't like soap operas, maybe occasionally just for fun and a lullaby. It is not uncommon to fall asleep on the gray sofa which is very comfortable for him although sometimes itchy. The rest are Bloodsport, Iron Eagle, Iron Eagle 2. He did the Diamond Push Up 50 times just for fun. Who knows it will calm his mind and be productive again. “Bam”, his brain is flooded with dopamine. A trivial activity for him was just realized by him. So far, what makes being alone feels good is exercise. Apparently the sun had set. You can imagine how much time he spent contemplating the refreshing beach waves. He left the bottle of coors on the beach, washed away by the beach waves. It turned out that the coors he drank was only his favorite squeezed orange drink since 12 years. Lucky you. Otherwise, I don't know what will happen to innocent seawater contaminated by medicinal and destroying alcohol. Summertime Discovery that looks physically ordinary, but extraordinary to him. While getting on the motorbike, he played the Boston song entitled “Don’t Look Back”:

It’s a bright horizon and I’m awake now. Oh, I see myself in a brand new way. The sun is shinin’ The clouds are breakin’ ;Cause I can’t lose now, there’s no game to play. I can tell, there’s no more time left to criticize. I’ve seen what I could not recognize. Everything in my life was leading me on. But I can be strong (Oh, yes I can). I finally see the dawn arrivin’ I see beyond the road I’m drivin’ Far away and left behind (left behind). Oh the sun is shinin’ And I’m on that road.

Somehow this is the turning point when he was 12. Ride a bycicle as a little skinny young boy, the same song, different feeling. It’s been a long road.

June 25, 2021 12:01

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