Shelly was waiting for an important delivery. She was in a dark alley, where most people do not even know is  there. While she is waiting, she sees a man walking down the alley as well. She thinks it is kind of strange, because like I said, most people do not know about this spot. She decided to investigate. She pretended to be a friendly stranger, and started asking him questions.

From the questions she asked him, she learned that his name was Tom, was 25 years old, and was also waiting for an important delivery. The more she talked to Tom, the more she trusted him, and started giving away her own information. She let her guard down, and Tom started to learn more and more about her. Tom was really a general to the dreaded Gresenviere. He was a malicious person. He killed just for the fun of it, and tortured the people in his prison. He has a huge arsenal of guards and generals, as well as some pets. I am not talking about normal pets, I am talking about scorpions, cobras, deadly spiders, and some exotic animals like lions and tigers. 

Tom happened to be the best in Gresenviere’s arsenal of generals. Gresenviere has always trusted Tom the most with his secrets. Tom is also very, very good at martial arts, and is insanely strong. He was waiting for the same package as Shelly. When the package arrived, he planned to take Shelly down, as well as the delivery man. Then, he would take the package to Gresenviere. From the way Gresenvire described the package, it had to be valuable. He thought he would be able to easily take him down, but he had no idea. 

While they were chatting, Gresenviere’s crew were blocking off all of the exits. That way, Shelly can’t run away. Gresenviere despises Shelly, because he had asked her out and she rejected him. Now, he would do anything to harm her in any way. He has tried numerous times. He had tried to put her into a chamber full of lions, but she took down every single one. He tried to poison her with a drink, but she sniffed it out and fled. He had tried throwing her down a hole, but she had a parachute. He tried to gas poison her, but she had a gas mask. He tried getting the police to arrest her, but they did not find anything wrong. Every single time he tries to kill her, it doesn’t work. Now, he is certain it will work. Tom is clearly more skilled in martial arts, is stronger, and is quicker. There is no way she will be able to take him down right? 

Back in the alley, Shelly was getting more and more suspicious, because Tom keeps asking her personal questions, like, “Where do you live?” “ When did you start learning martial arts?” “Who is your father?” and stuff like that. Tom was always looking at his watch, and looking really nervous. Just as she was certain he was a bad guy, he convinced her that he was a good guy. Shelly was about to make a break for it, but she remembered that she had to get the package, because it is really important. She had to get the package, and she was suspicious Tom was trying to get it, too. She had to get the package, but she was suspicious Tom was trying to get it too. 

The more they talked, the more certain she was that Tom was also trying to get the package. He used words like secret package, very important, my boss told me to, and stuff like that. Shelly tried numerous times to get Tom to tell her about his boss, but he said it is highly confidential. Shelly looked at her watch. 10 more minutes before the package arrives. She loaded all of her guns behind her back. She can’t take any chances. When the delivery man arrived, sure enough, Tom tried to attack her. She pulled all of her loaded guns out of her back, and started shooting it, but Tom easily dodged the bullets and tore the guns out of her hands. Then, they started to fight hand-in-hand. No one can land a solid blow, and they were both getting tired. Shelly thought they were evenly matched, but she did not know about the gang of people blocking the exits. They all came rushing at her. Normally, she could have easily defeated them, but she is really tired, so they overwhelmed them.

“By the way,” Tom said as he was making his escape, “ My boss is Lord Gresenviere!” Of course it was his doing, she thought. With much effort, she managed to knock out all but one of the troops, and he knocked her on the head. She was in a very bad state, even though she did not become unconscious. She took him down, and fainted herself. 

Whenever she woke up, she was at Gresenviere’s feet. She quickly got up, and faced him. “Well well well,” he said. “Look what we have here,” “What happened, skinny?” “ Stuff a sock in it, fatty!” she replied. “Oh, I have never been more insulted in my life!” he mocked. “ You will now pay for your crimes,” Gresenviere said. “I did nothing wrong!” she cried whenever she was getting dragged to the prison. She spent the day figuring out ways to sneak out. This was the plan she thought of: First, she seduces one of the guards. Then, she sweet-talks him to let her go while he grabs the package and gives it to her. Then, Shelly will lie to the guard and tell him they would meet again. Then, she runs away and never comes back. At night, she fled the prison with the package, and ran back to her base. When she double checked and saw she was finally safe, she opened the package. Inside the package was a…………………………… cupcake.

July 09, 2020 15:23

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