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My friends call me Beast. They found out my secret a couple of days ago.

"Hey Beast boy." Said Charles.

"Stop calling me that! You are going to reveal my secret." I grumbled.

"That's still going to be your nickname! These days during football practice you are killing the team!" Said Charles.

I pulled my hoodie up and hid my face. It's only a few days ago when the whole school made me a popular boy. Here I go again with a bunch of popular girls crowding me and asking me to go out on dates with them.

"Hey Leo." Said The leader of the popular girl's group.

"No," I said knowing she'll ask me on a date.

"I'm not asking you out on a date!"She said furiously.

"Then what? I'm not in the mood of listening to how handsome I am and why I should really date you." I said in a deep grumble.

"Huh, how would you know I would say that?" She asked swinging hair long blonde hair to the other side of her shoulder.

"I just know," I said glaring at her with a hard stare.

"Uh, we'll talk later girls I'll calm him down," Charles added in quickly.

"What are you doing! Talking to a girl like that and rejecting a date what's wrong with you beast boy?" Charles said frantically waving around his hand.

"I'm not in the mood," I Growled loudly. I was about to turn into my secret form but I held it in.

"Alright, alright I'll leave you alone," Charles said wide-eyed and shaking.

I nodded thankfully. I sat in class with my hood on my head. I looked down instead of looking at my teacher.

"Leo Lawrence, look at me!" Said Mrs. Crank.

I looked at her with a hard stare.

"I know you are having a hard day but please at least take your hood off your head." She said calmly.

I nodded. I took off my hood and still continue looking down at the floor as if the floor was a TV. I had early dismissal my sister picked me up.

"Don't tell me you revealed our family's secret." She said calmly.

"We are the last of our kind," I mumbled saying the next line of her speech.

She nodded.

"Here we are at our forest home." She said taking a deep breath.

I turned into my werewolf form and started feasting on the dead deer my mother hunted.

"Mother this is a female," I said glaring at her.

"What's wrong with the female." She asked confused.

"In the human's so-called school they say it's illegal to kill female deers," I growled.

"You just don't like female deer's tender meat." She said staring at me.

"I'm not lying!" I said in an even deeper growl.

"Well, either way, we will eat all the evidence." She said looking at me like she's the smartest person in the world.

"Honestly mom, you haven't given us a werewolf name yet, and no way my brother and I are going to eat the bones." My sister pointed out.

"I'll eat the bones, and your names will be Fire and Alpha." My mother replied slowly.

I am Alpha, I thought. I finished the leftover meat my sister didn't want. Then that's when my dad came home.

"Oh hello Skull dear." My mother said in a romantic way and gave him a kiss.

My father grumbled.

"I was forced to choose a mate now I'm stuck with you." He mumbled and glared at her.

Skull was my father's werewolf's name.

"Yes, you're stuck with me because you love me." She replied looking at his abs and his muscle.

He growled then said "wheres my share of food?"

"There's still plenty of fish left," I mumbled while glaring at him.

"I'll take the fish." My father said calmly looking at me with a friendly look.

Huh that's weird one second he was growling at mom then the next second he is looking at me like I'm his precious son.

"I need to talk to you Alpha." Said, my father kindly.

"You are my son but you are not the son of your mother. He said quickly.

I looked at him confused. Do those words even make sense? I thought.

"It means I'm your real birth father but your mother isn't your birth mother." He said in a hushed voice.

"Wait so you had another mate that was my real mother?!" I said shocked.

"Yes, your sister too."He said sadly.

"My mother was forced to be your mate why?" I asked confused.

"I don't know kid." He said with a big sigh.

"Can you tell me bout my real mother?" I asked my father.

He nodded. "She was a real beauty. When you were born and your sister was 3. She died because of a werewolf disease." He said sadly.

"That's why I love you and your sister more than my forced mate." He added.

"And that's why you never had werewolf pups with her," I mumbled.

He nodded. "I finally can have someone to understand me." He said.

"Well two people that understand me." He added in.

"Wait my sister knows?" I asked.

He nodded. " She knows it earlier than you because she's older than you." He mumbled.

"But it's your bedtime!" He said cheerfully!

"Why are you happy bout that?" I growled.

"Because I'm happier when you guys are asleep so I can go to the so-called human party's!" He said quickly so my mother won't hear.

"Fine I have football practice after school tomorrow so don't pick me up until it's 5 o clock," I said to my sister in a hushed voice.

"Ok." She said

"But stop talking I'm trying to sleep egg-head." She added then giggled.

"Girls these days." I sighed and went back to sleep.

The next day my sister drove me to school and the school day repeats again. "How I love it." I groaned.

"Hey, Beast boy ready to crush the other team next week at the championships?" Said, Charles.

I nodded. "Yeah I guess," I grumbled.

"Oh hey, Leo it's time for our first kiss today." Said the leader of the popular girls.

"Why? I don't even like you Sarah." I glared at her.

"Why? Don't you be asking why we are popular leaders of the boy and girls should date! I know we will like each other and maybe get married one day! Hmm I like the sound of that! She said excitedly.

I transformed into my werewolf shape and said "don't you ever try to convince me into liking you! You are a big fat ugly girl. I said angrily.

"Fine!" She stomped her feet and ran away crying.

I was satisfied.

May 26, 2020 14:08

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21:14 May 26, 2020

I love your stories, especially the last sentence! Keep writing:)


Emily Li
11:49 May 27, 2020

Dear, Leg octopus Thanks! I will keep writing and try to make my writings creative!


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