Romance Suspense Happy

The air around the twosome was snapping with passion and the romance seemed to be fresh, alive with feelings that want to come to the surface.  Arms were entwined around the other’s body as they held the body hard against their body. Eyes and lips only inches apart as their lips itched to be firmly planted against the other person’s lips. Feeling were hot and trying to bubbly over as the sun was setting on their romance episode. Sasha tangled her hand in Craig’s hair and felt the softness of its texture inching its way down to his shoulders. Brown eyes clashed with soft blue ones that expressed their feeling of wanting to get down to kissing until their minds shut off from the passion they felt.  Mouths kissing the other person’s mouth until their passion fly high above the clouds as if they flew like the angels.

The sun was setting in the east with a show of brilliant color that only God could paint on his canvas of painting. Gold rays shined brightly as if God had used actually gold to feel in the shape of the rays shooting across the sky in different directions. As Craig kissed her neck, she glanced at the sky to see the magnificent colors exploded across the sky to show a different show for every person that had the privilege to look up to see the Show of a Lifetime.  Her heart soared from many different reasons such as Craig heightening her pleasure by exploring her body with his hands and her heart soared from the pleasing show that was unfolding in front of her eyes.

Craig was moving faster than Sasha wanted to, but she was passing the point of no return. They were outside in her back yard making passionate love, but she didn’t want to be a free show for every neighbor in the neighborhood.  She wanted to explore their love, but in privacy of her own bedroom. She wanted to feel his rough manly skin under her fingertips and to know their feelings were the same. Craig wanted to go as far as his feeling and as far as Sasha would allow him to go which he hoped was the whole way to the end of exploding into a ball of passion. Passion that soared high above this world and would explode in the sky in brilliant show of different colors would be their own show of love.

He felt her pushing him away as he was trying to unbutton her shirt to expose her petite chest to the fresh air that was outside. Through dazed eyes, he looked at her with questions simmering just below the surface as if to ask what was going on.  She nodded to the people peeking out of their windows as they watched their show of love, softly she replied “Let’s go inside or maybe we should cool off here on the grass.”  Sasha knew the instance that his mood changed from passion to anger that they were being watched.  Hearing the squeal of tires at the curb in front of her house alerted her that someone was arriving and somehow, she knew that she wasn’t going to like who the person was and what they wanted. 

Noticing the black shoes advancing toward their twosome, she looked up to see the amused look of two police officers that had been called in to stop their little show. Smiling, Craig looked up at them and said, “Can we help you officer? We just got a little carried away this afternoon, but we will gladly take our little show inside.”  The officers motioned for them to stand up while they discussed their little show of feelings.  Sasha knew they were in for a lecture about showing how they felt in front of children. Getting a warning instead of being arrested for lewd behavior, she was relieved at not being handcuffed and arrested of a day that had started out beautiful and turned to be a totally embarrassment to her.

“Craig, I think I just want to call it a day and I am going into my home to rest from all of this.” Pausing to watch the anger go across his face, she knew that a fight would soon to explode between them. She continued by saying, “I think we both need to separate and let our budding feelings cool off. I need to think about what we were doing here on my lawn for the neighbors. I am going inside my house and you can head home to cool off.” Before she knew what was happening, Craig had grabbed hold of her arm to swing her back to face him as his angers was starting to bubble over into a total fight of yelling and screaming at each other.

“Like hell, I am not going home to cool off. I am going into your house to continue what we started and got interrupted by someone sticking their nose into what we were doing and feeling. We can go inside and talk about where we are going from here, but I am not going home to a lonely cold shower just to please you and your neighbors.”  He started to drag her toward her back door when once again the police interrupted by saying, “I think the young lady has a very smart options about splitting up for the rest of the day. “  Horrified, Sasha watched as a anger Craig took a swing at closest police officer hitting him on the shoulder and she knew without a doubt that Craig was heading to jail for assault on a police officer.

The one officer grabbed Craig’s arms to be put him into handcuffs and started to escort him to police squad car sitting at the curb. She listened as Craig was yelling about neighbors sticking their nose into situations that they don’t need to be involved in and he was yelling how he was going to sue everyone that was involved from the police officer that thought they were going to arrest him to nosy neighbors.  The other officer smiled and replied, “He will probably be in jail overnight to cool off and then he will have to go in front of a judge on the charges of assault. Have a nice night. I am not sure what kind of night he will have or we will have with him causing problems.” 

Feeling a release of the stress that had been building, she looked into the view in front of her. Seeing the mountains that were in the distances, she watched as the moon gliding across the surface of the nearest lake that was lying at the base of the mountains. She watched as the moon smiled and winked at her as the time seemed to tick off in long, relaxing seconds.

November 20, 2020 02:23

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Judith Buskohl
16:03 Nov 26, 2020

Thank you Lonnie for your advice. Have a blessed Happy Thanksgiving.


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Lonnie Larson
02:59 Nov 26, 2020

Good story. You need to proof read your stories more closely so that your grammar and wording are correct. We are all here to write stories for others to read and also learn a little. Practice makes perfect. I look forward to reading some of your other stories.


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