Adventure Friendship Romance

Britney Vance, Sharon King, and Kari Lewis were not blood sisters, but they were as close as blood as anyone could be. Ever since they were in the sixth grade they had done everything together, always had each other’s backs, and kept each other’s secrets. They had passed the title of best friends years ago and took on the title of sisters. They had been doing annual girls vacations since they had graduated high school, about four years ago. What they never expected was what would happen on this trip that would forever change their lives.

For this girls vacation they had decided to spend fourteen days in the beautiful Caribbean city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

            “I am so ready to get inside the resort. It has been a long week and I need some R&R. Can we book a spa day for tomorrow before enjoying the sights?” Sharon asked them as they were strolling through the airport headed to baggage claim.

            “Actually, I am feeling that way too. Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe we can book it as soon as we get to the resort for first thing in the morning,” Britney responded.

            “I completely agree. Work has been stressful the last couple of months. I was ready for this vacation and break from it all and a spa day would just set the next fourteen days off to a great start,” Kari responded as she picked up her bags off the conveyer belt.

            Sharon and Britney found their luggage and they all proceeded to walk out of the airport towards the shuttle area where their shuttle would take them to the resort.

            When they walked outside, Kari took a deep breath and inhaled the crisp ocean smell. “It is amazing how as soon as you step foot outside and take in the salt air, warm temperatures, and the beautiful blue skies, that the stress starts to flow out of you.”

            “It is amazing, isn’t it,”Britney said as she looked at the blue skies peaking from outside of the airport shelter where they were waiting on their shuttle.

            “It is a big change from the cold winters and polluted air of the city! I love it when we decide on a tropical environment for our trips,” Sharon added.

            “Well, you know since we all moved to different areas of the country, we have to pick some place that we can all benefit from and even though I still live near the beach and my winters and smog are not like yours, even though to me it gets cold, the Caribbean still always works for all of us!” Britney said laughing as the shuttle pulled up and they were getting inside.

            “You are not funny, Brit!” Sharon replied trying not to laugh.

            “I wasn’t trying to be funny! Just stating the facts!” Britney replied.

            Kari just sat there shaking her head laughing at the two ladies. They were always joking around about something. No one would ever think that they were not all related. They loved each other dearly, fought like siblings, cried on each other’s shoulders, and would do anything for the other one, even go to jail. Which did happen once when they got in a fight at a bar when they were younger. Luckily they never got charged.

            They pulled up at the resort, checked into their rooms and booked their spa appointments for 10 am the next morning. It was lunch time so they decided to change their clothes and meet back in the lobby to head out by the pool and have lunch. 

            The rest of the day, they lounged around the pool, took a walk on the beach and that evening had dinner inside the hotel restaurant. They decided not to go to the party out by the cabanas tonight. They were all tired and ready to go to bed. They decided to meet in the lobby at 8 am the next morning for breakfast in the restaurant and then head to the spa.

            The next couple of days they relaxed around the pool and the beach taking in the rays, drinking mixed drinks, and just enjoying the scenery. But on the fourth day they decided to venture out and book the horse back riding adventure. They were in a group of eight with two guides. It was the three of them, two single men, two couples and one of the couples teenage son. 

            Britney and Kari had gotten a little cozy with the two single guys, John and Derick. Sharon on the other hand was enjoying talking with one of the guides by the name of Llanzo. They ended up spending the entire day with the guys, even Llanzo joined them when he got off work. They hung out at the pool and took a moonlight walk on the beach. 

Llanzo was off the next day and he offered to take them all out on a boat to do some snorkeling out on the reef. They all jumped at the opportunity. They thought it was going to be a lot of fun.

They all met the next morning in the lobby restaurant and had breakfast before they headed out to the marina. Llanzo did several adventures on the islands for the tourist. The boat and snorkeling equipment all belong to the company that him and his brother owned. They took out tourists from the resorts and from the cruise ships.

Once they got in the boat it was a forty-five minute ride to the reef. There was reggae blaring from the sound system and they all had a few cups of rum punch on the way out to the reef. There plan was to stay out all day so Llanzo had even packed some sandwiches, fruit and snacks. 

Once they dropped the anchor, they all got on their gear and one by one they jumped into the water. What an amazing site it was. The ladies had bought GoPros at the resort shop and were taking photos of each other, the group, the reef, fish and the sharks. Kari was in complete awe of the sharks. She couldn’t believe they were swimming around them and the sharks weren’t even phased by them. 

Within the fourteen days, Sharon had fallen completely in love with Llanzo and Jamaica. They were inseparable. They decided to do a long distance relationship and see how it goes.

After the trip ended and they all headed back to their respective homes, Sharon had made plans to come back in five weeks to see Llanzo. Kari and Britney couldn’t believe she had found happiness on a girls trip to Jamaica.

Three months later, they were all headed back to Montego Bay for Sharon and Llanzo’s wedding. One bride and two maid of honors! They all vowed that no matter where they were in live, the girls vacations would happen every year and Kari and Britney would even come to Montego Bay a few times a year too. Maybe they could find them a Jamaican man and they would all move there and raise their families!

Sisters forever.

February 04, 2022 21:44

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