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“Are you coming tonight?” I questioned to my friend Sean over the phone.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there with the pizza soon. I sat down on the cushy couch and turned on the TV.

I scrolled all the way down to netflix and clicked on it. I turned on my favorite show that was called icarly.

A few minutes later I got a call from Sean.

“Hey Parker! I am stranded out in the desert so can you please come help me?!

I am so sc-a-rrrrr-eee-d.” He was cutting out and I could not hear him. I got up off the couch immediately, forgetting to turn off the TV, and mom hated when I did that.

We could talk about the desert. We could talk about the rhinos. We could talk about the lions. We could talk about why two men were wandering around in the middle of a vast, empty,scorching hot desert.

We could talk about anything. But that's not why I am here with you right now.

I am here to talk about how they got lost. How, you ask? You’ll find out.

I shook the dust out of my boot and continued on the trail. Sean was following right behind me.

I stopped, and took a look around at the empty, dirty desert that we were in.

I threw my backpack onto the ground making tons of dust fly up in my face.

So much dust got up my nose and got in my eyes. I felt like I was blind so I grabbed a bottle of water from my blue and red backpack. I flushed my eyes with the cool water and realized that I was out of water.

My mouth felt as dry as when you have a whopper in your mouth.

I yelled back to Sean and told him that we needed to head west. West was the closest place near water.

It was a long two mile walk, but we finally got there. I watched and glared at the beautiful gazelles drinking the water.

I was about to fill my bottle with fresh water but I noticed some movement in the water.

It was heading towards a cErtain gazelle and the first thought that came to my mind was “gator.”

“R-r-run.” I cautioned Sean. We got out of the place quickly but luckily I filled my water up.

I tried not to look back at the sight of the scene. My body took over and I just looked.

And there it was. Predator against prey. All that I saw was blood and a splash into the water. 

Then, there was silence. Nothing but a few bubbles came up from the water. And then, a sight so terrible floated to the surface. The carcass of a dead gazelle.

We ran as fast as we could before we saw any other bad things.

I caught up to Sean and told him that we needed to find shelter because it was going to rain pretty soon.

We climbed up the nearest tree and laid in one on one of the branches. I caught my breath and took a sip of water.

“How are we ever going to make it out of here?” I stressed at Sean.

“I don’t know, Parker.” Sean stammered. 

We hopped down after the big thunderstorm passed and set up a fire.

We went out hunting and finally found some deer. Ready. Aim. Fire.

The bullet hit the deer right in the neck and knocked it down. We ran over to the deer and Sean took out his knife and cut it open.

I hated to look at blood so I averted my eyes and could only hear the tearing of the knife going through the deer.

It’s not the best sound in the whole world. Once he had cut out the chunk, we headed back to camp and put it over the fire.

ONce the big chunk of deer was cooked, we ate. I would have rather eaten an alligator because having the thought of me eating deer was very unpleasant.

The deer tasted rich and earthy like a dark chocolate lava cake with some mint resting on the top of it.

AFter we were finished eating we went to bed up in the tree. I laid on a big branch and Sean laid on a smaller one.

I fell asleep around 10:30 and was out. I was so tired from all the stuff we had been doing all day.

I was awakened by the loud sound of monkeys screaming.I looked down and of course, there was a lion.

We forgot to throw out food scraps far away from us so no animal got it.

I hopped down from the tree and slowly walked away.

“Crack crunch snap” I stepped on a stick and it made a really loud noise.

THe lion came running after us and we realized we needed to run.

I ran as fast as I could and tried to find a cave or something like that.

I looked back to see if the lion was there, and I tripped over a big rock.

I landed flat on my face and dried not to breath in the dust. I hated little bugs and sucking some into my mouth did not sound fun at all.

I got up, looking through the long thick grass, seeing the lion approached me slowly.

“Boo!” Sean blurted , hitting me hard in the back. 

“Hey! Don’t do that ever again!” I barked at him.

The lion was getting closer and closer and my only thought was that it was going to eat me and Sean.

“D-d-don’t move a muscle.” Sean whispered.

“Why would I even think about moving? If the lion hears us were dead.” I whipered back to him.

We slowly army craweld our wy out of there and checked for the lion.

I looked all around and then got dizzy so I sat down. I felt like I had to take some tylenol.

It was still only three o’clock in the morning so I decided to get some rest.

I laid down, using some leaves as a unpleasent but a good enough pillow.

I fell asleep to the sound of birds chirping and was awaken by the sound of Sean snoring on me and drolling.

His drool was warm and very sticky. I shook him of and yelled at him for drolling on

My new shirt that was actually a bit dirty, was now covered in Sean's warm sticky drool.

I took off my shirt and grabbed a new one from my backpack I got dressed behind a tree and put on my new running shorts that my mom and dad got me for christmas.

This was the year before me and Sean got stranded out in the desert.

Now when I look back it felt like so long ago. Way to long ago.

July 24, 2021 12:09

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