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In the shadow of towering bookshelves and the silent watch of ancient texts, Rowan discovered the impossible—a room untouched by time in the heart of the university library. Hidden behind a row of forgotten dissertations on metaphysical anomalies, a thin crack revealed a sliver of darkness that beckoned with the allure of forbidden knowledge.

Each day, Rowan traversed the library’s labyrinthine halls, the scent of aged paper and the soft shuffle of diligent research his only companions. The Sterling University Library was a fortress of learning, with its stone facade and arched windows that scattered the light in patterns of golden dust. Within its walls, knowledge from every corner of the earth congregated, whispering secrets to those who dared to listen.

A diligent student of history, Rowan’s pursuit for original sources for his thesis had led him to the library's most secluded section: the Special Collections floor, where texts too rare and fragile for sunlight were kept under lock and key. It was during one such foray into this silent domain that Rowan’s fingers brushed against a peculiar spine, embossed with symbols unrecognizable to even his learned eyes.

The book was an anomaly, its presence on the shelf unrecorded by the meticulous catalog that governed the collection's order. As Rowan pulled at the tome, the shelf groaned and retracted, revealing a hidden room.

The room was a capsule of another age, walls lined with books bound in leather and vellum, instruments of brass and wood scattered on tables, and a grand globe that charted stars long extinct. The air was cool and carried the scent of ink and parchment. At the center, a desk stood laden with an open book, its pages vibrant as though inked only yesterday, despite the thick layer of dust that veiled everything else.

Transfixed by the discovery, Rowan approached the desk, his heart hammering in his chest. The book was a journal, its entries penned in an elegant script that detailed experiments and theories on the nature of time, a fitting topic for such a place. The final entry, dated over a century prior, spoke of a discovery that would "alter the fabric of understanding" and "bridge the gap between the seen and unseen."

Rowan’s days and nights bled together, his world narrowing to the confines of this timeless chamber. He pored over Caldwell’s writings, attempting to decode the cryptic illustrations and formulae that promised a revelation so profound it could unravel the tapestry of history.

As autumn's golden hue gave way to the starkness of winter, Rowan remained ensconced in his secret study, the outside world a distant memory. He became a solitary figure, a whisper amongst his classmates, more myth than man, as he delved deeper into Caldwell’s legacy.

Caldwell had been a visionary, a man whose ideas had bordered on heresy. His work, never accepted by his contemporaries, spoke of dimensions beyond comprehension, of time like a river that could be navigated. The hidden room was his laboratory, his haven from the scorn of those who could not fathom his genius.

The more Rowan uncovered, the more he felt Caldwell’s presence, a guiding hand leading him toward a truth too extraordinary for the uninitiated. Caldwell had left something behind, a final experiment that promised a revelation unlike any other. It was an invitation across time, a chance for Rowan to finish what Caldwell had begun.

Armed with Caldwell’s notes, Rowan worked tirelessly, replicating the experiments with a reverence that bordered on obsession. He became a phantom to his peers, absent from classes, his existence consumed by the enigma of the hidden room.

On the night of the winter solstice, as the university lay quiet beneath a blanket of snow, Rowan initiated the experiment. The room swirled with the energy of unbound electrons, of atoms dancing to the rhythm of time’s hidden currents. The shadows cast by the flickering candlelight grew long and deep, stretching into infinity.

The walls of the room began to shimmer, reality bending at the edges as time folded upon itself. Rowan, at the epicenter, felt a surge of euphoria mixed with terror. Before his eyes, the fabric of the library peeled away, revealing the Sterling of centuries past, its halls echoing with the footsteps of scholars long dead.

The experiment reached its crescendo, and for a fleeting instant, Rowan stood at the precipice of the ages, his vision spanning the breadth of history. He saw the library as it had been: a refuge for alchemists, a council chamber for secret societies, a sanctuary for forbidden research.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the vision collapsed. The room returned to its former state, the echoes of the past receding into the walls once more. Rowan, breathless and alone, realized that he had done more than glimpse through the veil of time; he had conversed with it.

In the aftermath, Rowan knew that the hidden room’s secrets were too vast for one person to bear. He transcribed his experiences into a new journal, adding it to the collection of Caldwell’s works, a testament to their shared journey across the boundaries of understanding.

When spring touched the university with verdant grace, Rowan emerged from his seclusion, his thesis complete. It was a masterpiece of research and speculation, a weaving of history and fantasy that earned him the accolades of the academic community. Yet, he kept the truth of the hidden room and its wonders to himself, a sacred trust between him and the enigmatic Caldwell.

In time, Rowan would graduate with honors, his thesis on "The Temporal Theories of Elias Caldwell" hailed as a groundbreaking work of historical reclamation. Yet, he never spoke of the room or its wonders. He left Sterling with more than a degree; he carried with him the wisdom of the ages, a glimpse into the eternal dance of time and the knowledge that some doors, once opened, change us forever.

For years to come, the tale of the student who discovered Sterling’s hidden room would be told in hushed tones, a legend in the making. And the Sterling University Library, with its grand architecture and its endless rows of knowledge, stood as it always had: a beacon of learning, a holder of secrets, its deepest mystery bearing the name of Elias Caldwell, a scholar whose legacy was as timeless as the books that held his story

The hidden room remained concealed, waiting for the next seeker whose heart resonated with the call of discovery.

November 10, 2023 11:31

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AnneMarie Miles
20:56 Nov 16, 2023

Hello from your critique circle! And welcome to Reedsy! I loved the bedtime story feel to this. It reads like legend, a tale of magic being passed down the to younger generations. There were beautifully crafted sentences and imagery throughout. It's also a wonderful analogy for the way we can go back in time through books. Thanks so much for sharing!


20:23 Nov 22, 2023

Thank you!


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