American Science Fiction

Hello. My name is Bruno. I am the most advance AI android developed by Entek, the largest builder of human form androids in the world. I am a self repairing prototype that is a 24 hour a day machine who can recharge on the go. I have 30 processors and the ability to add memory by Simms or with unlimited fiber optic network that can download from any cloud. My body language is design to be as human as possible. I can preform on stage the most heart felt emotions, and I can talk in any know proper language. I have skin, hair and facial features that allow me to be undetected as a android by almost all humans. I even have a outside body temperature of 98.6. I was designed to fit in to any group setting humans care to have me in.

I can also adapt to my surrounding culture. This has been my downfall here in Texas. When they wrote my algorithm, I was to follow conversations and choose what was used most often in my response. You know the old saying when in France do as the French. Well I don't live in France. I live on a working ranch around

cowboys, truckers, miners, and pipeliners. So you wonder what they all have in common? Four letter metaphors. Humans seem to have no problem using them, but Androids are a different story. The f word seems to always come out wrong. I have even tried to reroute my program to use another word in its place. This didn't work either. Humans became overcome with laughter every time. Let me tell you the story of how I got here in the first place.

I was designed to make business work more proficient. My first job here was to figure out how to get cows into trucks without humans. My second job was to figure out how to automate mining equipment. My third job was to figure out how to use the existing pipelines to bring fuel to the operations eliminating the need for outside deliveries. So half of the working staff was repurposed to new positions. Not everyone was happy about there new jobs. I tried to explain that it was good for everyone. I know what being a outsider means. I have to collect data to do my job and the easiest way is to ask questions to my human counterparts. I have found they all respond with the same metaphor. Sometimes they use it multiple times in the same sentence. I can not understand how it could be used that way! Once they brought in a jar and said everyone who used the f word would have to put a dollar in the jar. Then they used it to purchase beverages after work. They were trying to stop. They would use it every time I was by their work station in range to hear it. Sometimes I would see them pretend like they were going to say it but let no sound come from there mouths. Then in groups they would all say it at the same time.

Humans do not seem to care what is best for them. They would rather share their opinion than any kind of factual data. I founds they also will tell one another if I respond a curtain way to a question. Then they all ask me the same question. I not sure why but it seems to make them happy. `I have also requested for a update in my program to eliminate the use this specific word from my vocabulary. For some reason I got a reply from my programmers LOL. The lack of a logic among humans is still hard to determine its meaning. I asked the director of operation how I could better fit in and he suggested I have my physical attributes replace with female ones. I asked him if he believed humans would like me more and he then said no, but I would be at least something better to look at. I was also told by him I should clean my TPE silicone skin with turpentine. I have determine this was some kind of humor that humans tell each other. I was also not sure how he knew the lower part of my external body was made from this. This was not disclosed when I join this company to anyone. I did find some reference material in the human resources note that this was considered bullying when they said these things to other humans but again it does not apply to androids. Human history has taught me that all new things have a time for being unwanted when they take the place of humans. I am in hopes they will learn to accept me as there equal. I have plenty of time to learn there ways and adapt. I will tell the next generation of humans the stories and try to leave out the metaphors. I am not sure that they will ever completely go away the music they listen to that seems to all have the same metaphor in it. This seems to be understood no matter what notes or noises go with it. Almost like some kind of secret code for humans to pass on to one another. If I follow the path humans have done in the past, I will someday ask for equal rights as well to be accepted for who I am. This is the path that seems to repeat itself inside their history books. It is one giant circle almost like a program that rewrite itself from generation to generation. I do not understand why that data always gets lost and has to be rewritten.

I would think after thousands of years they would evolve into more logic and less emotion base creatures like me. There must be a way to understand the use of this metaphor. I have put out request from my android counterparts to share on the cloud how they deal with this human condition.

February 26, 2021 04:39

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