Friendship Mystery Thriller

Alisha Kapoor, a senior intelligence crime branch officer, has lately joined the Mumbai branch. Despite her youth, she has been elevated to seniority based on her success in solving crimes. When compared to other cities, Mumbai has a high number of crime cases. After moving to Mumbai, she worked on a number of cases. Many lives are saved as she lands in Mumbai. One day, a man named Adam Gray comes to Alisha with a case. Adam claims to have recently returned from Los Angeles with his wife Kate and their children. But things change once they get to India. And the day before yesterday, he discovered his wife's lifeless body in a pool of blood on the ground. He comes to Alisha for help because he can't understand anything. She reassured him and promised to assist him in this matter. After a few years, Alisha decides to take up the case of Adam's wife. She went to the address he had given her one day. A young lady opens the door, invites Alisha to sit, and offers her a cup of coffee. After a few hours, a pair emerges from the stairway. Alisha was taken aback when she noticed the couple standing in front of her. "You two," is the only thing she says.

In the past, in Los Angeles. Alisha Kapoor Sharon Prost, Kathy Brown, Samuel Luke, and Robert Jackson were all in the same batch and were great friends. They are in their final year before joining the police force. It was a farewell party, and they met a new girl named Katherine Abraham, who was a fashion designer. She quickly became close to the gang. Eventually, they all joined the police force, but one night, everything changed between them. Alisha was secretly in love with Robert, and he was completely ignorant of it. That night, after resolving a major case, all of his buddies threw a success party at which he proposed to Sharon. Alisha, who was heartbroken, couldn't take it any longer and spilled out her feelings for Robert in her tipsy state, resulting in a massive brawl between everyone and, eventually, everyone breaking up with one other. Alisha later became a successful senior intelligence crime section officer, and Sharon married Robert. Akisha sobbed a lot that day. Sharon and Robert are both standing in front of Alisha.

Alisha- If it's your house, where is Mr. Gray?

Robert-Mr Gray will be right over in a few hours. Anyway, congratulations on achieving so much in such a short period of time.

Sharon- Congratulations, Alisha. Can we all be friends again? We both miss you all.

Alisha sobbed and held them, saying, "I'm sorry, I missed you all too."

Kathy and Samuel soon joined them in hugging. Mr. Gray arrived a few hours later, accompanied by Inspector Bijay.

Inspector Bijay- I'm aware of you four, and I'm delighted that you've all reunited today. You must all collaborate to complete this mission and solve the case.

"Yes, Sir!" they all say in unison.


What precisely happened to Kate that day?

Adam- I was in the office when my phone called, and it was from my neighbor, who informed me that they had discovered Kate in critical condition. I was appalled when I saw her in that condition, but I have no idea how it happened or who did it.

Except for the four pals, everyone else disperses. They are overjoyed to be reunited. Following supper, everyone gathers to debate where they should begin. Robert looked up Kate on the internet, and all four were surprised to learn that she was none other than Katherine, their buddy from the farewell party. I also discovered that Kate died as a result of a book. They all go to separate libraries to look for that book. Alisha finds it in a local library and delivers it to Robert-residence. Sharon's

"Finally, I got the book!" says Alisha.

Sharon—after all, our astute senior intelligence crime branch "Ha Ha"!


I'm proud of all of you and myself!!

But they are all stunned by what they have discovered. The book was cursed many years ago, and all fashion designers who attempted to learn the patterns in the book died. Many years ago, there was a girl who knew many different clothes patterns. However, it was a strong regulation at the time that no one may publish their future knowledge. If someone attempted to do so, the king would punish them. The king does not wish to divulge to future generations what their state was doing. The king assassinated the girl while she was writing down the names of the people she knows on paper. And the monarch cursed that book, saying that anyone who tried to study those designs would perish. Since that day, no one has dared to reproduce any design from that book; it isn't even on the Internet unless Katherine brings it from a library where old books are kept as a unique pieces. Her behavior soon began to shift as a result. She stopped going out and became melancholy. Her health began to deteriorate as well, and on the day Adam was in office, her condition deteriorated to the point where she died.

Adam was completely oblivious of all of this. Alisha-” No! I don't trust any of this; what do you think?

All in agreement- "Exactly!"

Katty- Let's start at the beginning!

Soon, everyone begins to conduct studies in various locations in order to reach a decision. All four proceeded to "Abraham Mansion," and Mr. Gray said, "You are under arrest." Stop! To dupe us with your fabricated lies.

Adam finally reveals what happened after a lot of effort and doses. He married Katherine solely for her money. He had multiple affairs, and he used to squander her money in the name of those girls, gambling, and so on. Katherine soon discovered all of this, and when she confronted him about it in a heated fight, he beat her with a vessel and killed her by tying a towel around her neck. Adam was condemned to life in jail without the possibility of parole. This case has been assigned to all four pals.

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