Fantasy Inspirational Mystery

Plot, the clue causes the discovery and execution of an assigned task, which entails the destruction of a photograph, whose capture he has no memory of. In probable friendship, between a Griffin and a Blood-

Hunter. The event is set in motion by a scandalous incident involving “Crowley” and “Dusty.”

Oh, and there’s a unexpected turn of events! “Rusty,” a twin, will have a major part in the story’s development.

Note: A twin, named Rusty, {Lamassu,} traits are: mature, intelligent willed, mysterious, proud, jealous, Cold-Hearted, and brave. The story is told by an unreliable narrator.

The stormy night echoes with thunder and electric charge. Unwind in on the hill in Spirit Falls, there’s a cozy cabin owned by “Crowley,” a blood hunter.

“Crowley” was seated in the armchair, adding wood to the fire. Yield in a bewitched in the novel, fancy to the sound of the storm, and savoring a cup of ale.

The series of occurrences begun with the intermittent flickering of the lights, transformation to an extreme dimness, ending in a complete absence of illumination.

The sole source of light in the room is the crackling fireplace, where “Crowley,” is seated. In idea popped into my head! I believe it’s time to call it a night.

In the moments before “Crowley” succumbed to sleep, an unfamiliar otherworldly entity emerged from the obscurity, communicable me unawares.

When dawn arrived, “Crowley” found himself refreshed and ready to kick-start his day with a steaming cup of coffee.

Despite my grogginess, I was startled to discover that the cabin had been turned upside down when I entered the kitchen.

Feeling alarmed, a sudden knock at the door ensued. “Crowley” responded while not being dressed, and was taken aback upon seeing an old acquaintance

Griffin, also referred to as Dusty, to make remarks about the disorderliness of this cabin.

"How delightful," Crowley stated, even though you haven't been here for a full minute; you are already symbolic of your discontent.

The time was noon, following an hour, which signaled come to have lunch, and a sense of discomfort manifested in both of us, resulting in a peculiar expression.

Discerning our environment, neither of us desired to vocalize the eerie sentiment. It is worth referring to Crowley has been preoccupied with thoughts of the unknown, advocate nothing supernatural.

Let us refocus on the matter of implementation, as there is a scandalous incident connected to a perplexing assigned task, in which a photograph was destroyed with no recollection of take position of it.

As we continued our plotting, time slipped away, and we took a moment to gather more firewood for the fireplace, and the warmth shin from the flames.

While Dusty replenished our glasses, he inquired about any plans to provide us with nourishment. We shared a laugh and assured him we were open to satisfying our hunger.

It is essential to establish a solid framework for a thoughtfully crafted strategy in order to navigate and overcome the predicament we are currently facing.

Here are the foundational principles: the clue instigates the detection and fulfillment of an assigned experiment, makes necessary the annihilation of a photograph, the origin of which remains absent from his memory.

While the plan was being carried out, a sudden gust of wind extinguished the fire in the fireplace. In that very moment, our gazes locked, and an unsettling sensation descended upon us, causing our faces to contort with unease.

In response, Crowley added wood to the fireplace and bid you farewell until tomorrow, when we will execute the plan.

"Crowley," settle down in my chair, snuggle up to a warm fireplace, and choose a novel to fall asleep with, finally. As the REM sleep settled, fragmented images flickered in the dark night, challenging the mind to focus and derive meaning from them.

My sleep was quite inadequate last night. With the last glimmer of the fire in the fireplace, I awoke and desired a cup of coffee.

Fully dressed, awaiting "Dusty," to come and destruction of a photograph, whose capture he has no memory of. Then there was

"Dusty," slowly walk down the walkway.

"Crowley" was taken aback by the sudden ringing of the doorbell just as "Dusty" was about to open the door. As we readied our tools and camera and enjoyed a prepared lunch, a thought came to mind.

One can observe a clear deficiency of something.

While undertaking the arduous expedition, an interdimensional gateway manifested, which had been restrained by an individual named "Crowley," and as he recollected this event, which had been unveiled to him in a premonitory dream.

When we departed through the enigmatic portal, the surroundings appeared similar, yet distinct. "Rusty awaited us at the summit of the rocky hill."

Hiding the fact that Crowley and Dusty are on a mission to gather information on Rusty, and prove him guilty of the destruction of a photograph, the capture of which he has no memory of.

Crowley observed his watch while Rusty and his twin brother Dusty engaged in conversation. While going our separate ways, let’s not forget our mission and that lingering thought, “Rusty!”

We’ve made it to our intended location after a lengthy journey. It was astonishing to find out that the shabby hotel had an enthralling history.

Despite our lack of luck, we discovered something incredibly intriguing that caught both of our attention and prompted us to visit the museum. Our wild journey in circles led us to the true time and space, with a touch of humor.

My apologies for getting off topic. It seems that Crowley and Dusty were intrigued by something. Nestled in a dark corner, a collection of aged newspapers held a crucial piece of evidence: Rusty' is innocence.

This wasn’t the information that Crowley and Dusty were seeking. Dusty’ twin brother had a trick up his sleeve—a picture of an owl with a message that said “got you!”}

Here’s the real picture that “Rusty” forgot about, even though he has no memory of taking it and it got destroyed.

Supernatural Brothers doing the Family Business. This is the picture that was not destroyed.

The note mentioned that the one who deceived "Crowley," was the narrator.

April 01, 2024 23:49

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Brian Haddad
06:23 Apr 11, 2024

Hey! I think your story is fun and interesting. I'm here via the critique circle, so I'd like to leave some thoughts for you. First, have you considered writing screenplays? Your style is very expositive, which works alright for a first-person narrated piece like this, but I have to wonder if perhaps your story might be just a few edits away from being an amazing screenplay! Second, it was an interesting style choice to put "Crowly" in quotes most places, which gave you some issues when you wanted to include actual quotes for dialogue. I m...


Kathy Frizzell
18:24 Apr 11, 2024

Thank you for your feed back.


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