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“Don’t you remember?” “I remember.” “I remember it as if it happened today.” She leaned into the conversation, careful not to allow her body to come too close. Her skin felt its hair follicles starting to vibrate.

The woman continued telling her story to the child.

“He was sobbing. He strolled across the landscape with her body hanging limp over his shoulder. With every step he took - the ground trembled, and a member of her body dropped onto the earth behind him. Every time a limb, or body part hit the ground - a sacred site emerged in its spot. A translucent, vibrating energy field emanated from that location.”

Brushing hair from her leaning-forward face, she went on; “In India they call him Lord Shiva. His Shakti, or female energy, his wife, his “Gaurie” represents the mother of our universe.”

“The PEOPLE could sense it. They yearned for her energy. They followed his trail of tears. They began what became the ‘Great Pilgrimage.’ Following in his footsteps, wailing at the excruciating pain of loss. Traveling from site to site, they “re-membered” her. They reconstructed the divine body of his/their goddess. Taking on her attributes with every stop on the way, they created a sacred worship ceremony. The sites remain potent with that radiant beautiful energy to this day, for who can diminish the raw power of “she who danced the world into existence?”  

Moist as if with a coat of morning dew, the woman’s skin seemed to generate energy. Her voice wavering as if with a joy-laden grief … like watching the death of your dearest, released from searing, exhausting pain in the body to another life where joy can be reclaimed. She continued her recollection.

“Yearning to once again see her dancing and whirling as life-in-motion, The Lord of Time strode across the world she had created.” 

“Wait.” Replied the wide-eyed listener, “I thought a temple sprung up at each site. Like a miracle for the worshippers.” "I thought I remembered temples at each site" the youth proclaimed.

“What is a temple if not a spot where you can enter and feel and sense pure energy?” The woman responded. Raw emotion welled up in her eyes. “What is sacred energy if not so pure it reorganizes every aspect of your being? It should be so complete and yet so tangible that you can collect it like water in a clay vessel, to be used as a thirst quenching balm for the tribulations life throws our way.” 

The child shifted on her seat. She searched the eyes of the storyteller before her, overwhelmed by the radiance of energy and emotion waving through them.

“You are that clay vessel,” the woman stated quietly. “As you collect an aspect of energy, when you remember why and how to collect it, and keep it within your heart - you become more powerful, and more like her, each time.”

A flash of understanding lit in the child’s eyes. “You mean I can become as powerful as she is?”

“You already know this, my love. I am simply reminding you.”

A bell tolled in the tower above them. 

Women entered into the round room, each one radiating a translucent glow that coalesced as they began to form a circle. The child and her mentor stood up from the stone steps leading into the chamber, and joined them.  

Slowly the circle started to move to the right. Each woman tuned expertly to the movements of those next to her in an exact motion. Their fluid bodies flowing as translucent garments fluttered. The women as a circle moved to the right, yet each one bent in unison from the waist, first to the right, then back, then to the center, back, then to the left. 

Feet moving smoothly, they circled as they worshiped, circled as they chanted and sang the names of every goddess ever worshiped on the planet. Circled as they moved. Right, center, left, center - in unison they danced the circle within the circle of the temple.

A rhythm began to emerge as their words started vibrating into a “calling song” into the space. “Isis, Ishtar, Tatiana, Hecketar, Demetrie, Kali, Inana!” They sang.  

As the ceremony continued, the energy within the room of the temple began to build. As the energy built itself upon the energy generated from each sincere heart as she sang, the love became palpable, and a light and vibration began to emerge in the center of the women’s moving circle.

The room began to vibrate and shudder. In the distance it seemed as if they could hear the sobbing of the Lord of Time as he strode across the lands she had created. It was as though his grief and joy were merging into the background sounds. She lives, the goddess. HE always knew she was eternal. Why, then, did he grieve?

“Remember” came the echo from the center of the circle. “Forget, and then remember as if for the first time. Become reborn within the radiance of the first discovery of love…” came the echo from within the light and vibration in the center of the moving circle of women. 

A whirling glow began to coalesce as they danced. Effervescence and vibration moved to form a woman's body. Her face was the face of the woman who dared look up, to see her.

Her melodic voice began to rise from within the temple… “remember yourselves as light at the center of rhythm” she sang. “You are eternal. Remember, then do not forget again.” “Remember yourselves as love eternal.” Her voice continued to rise as a resonant echo within the chamber of worshiping women. 

The sound became a tapestry weaving itself into the air, the rhythm of the women chanting the many names of the goddess. The rhythm of their feet circled in unison as they moved. The words emanated from the forming and reforming light that glowed in the center of the circle. A wave of complex melody and meaning was building into the intense expansion of pure energy.

“Forget, and then remember as if for the first time. Become reborn within the radiant dance. The manifesting swirl that created the first discovery of life…”    Faster and faster she whirled.

The women utilized the energy within the opposing meanings and danced with even more fervor.

The wave was building. Building with the rhythmic chanting, friction of movement and vibration of searing, whirling light. Her spinning form in the center - radiating her resurrection into form.

Suddenly there was an explosion: 

Like a star going supernova, or the burst that waves out from a nuclear bomb. All around the planet in a flash, nothing, no one escaped its touch. 

On every human face, a slow smile emerged. Every creature slowly lay down where it was. Every plant trembled with recognition of what had just occurred. 

The whole of the world, remembering itself as love.      

July 27, 2022 20:50

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