"Wait a second, it was just here"!!

Hey everyone, I'm Marcia

or (Ms. Scatterbrain)... And as you can guess by the nickname that my sweet

mother gave me, you’re probably thinking that I lose any and everything… Well

you’re absolutely right, it’s very true! Not purposely, it just happens... I

put something down end up doing something else... And then bomb!! It's nowhere

to be found!

Okay, now let's get

back to the story at hand, I'm looking for my locket, a very special... Yea, I

can see you now rolling your eyes like "really, she's upset about some

little locket?"

Yes! There’s a

story behind it.

When I was a

"wee little lad" as my friend would say, (softy chuckles to herself),

I received this locket from my grandmother, she gave it to me when I was in

middle school.

It says "

My dearest darling

Marcia, you have a beautiful spirit about you, that you got from your mother

and you both got from me. I pray that the fire inside of you to help others

never dies out. Even when I'm no longer here with you, may you keep me close to

your heart like this locket.

I love you

your grandmother.

Grandma Mable Gene

My grandmother was

getting very sick at the time when I received the locket. They kept that away

from me just how bad she was. She was dealing with a bad heart, which got worse

over the past few years. She used to be a heavy drinker, smoker and just very

heavily into drugs when she was in her early 20s, just before she went into the

army she decided to give the drugs a break, I remember her saying to me and

mama just how much the Army changed her life… For the better (I was such a

youngin, but I loved hearing her war stories, and the things she overcame as a

young lady) She did a year and a half in the army, where she also met my

grandpa Richard. When she came out of the Army it was like she was a new

person, she would tell us that it was almost a shift change in her, she wanted

to do better, to be better, for herself and her family. When she found out that

she was pregnant, she definitely wanted to set a good example; she wanted to

get to know God, and not just go to church. My grandparents were so amazing in

the community, spreading the word of God and just showing their love for each

other. Unfortunately my grandpa started to get Alzheimer's, so his memory was

slowly fading, yet the love that he continued to displayed for my grandma… Even

in his sickest times, he showed me that true love never dies.

Grandpa could

remember faces, however some names he had a hard time recalling. But what

really puts a smile upon his face is when he starts talking about how he knew

nearly instantly that grandma was the one for him. A story I never get tired of

hearing. My grandmother would always still be right by his side, until his

dying day. And although we all knew it was coming it was definitely still a

bitter pill to swallow, especially for grandma... They were like two peas in a

pod. Married for nearly 50 years. Stood by each other, through all the ups and downs. Grandma would say that “God trying to tell us something” when troubling things happens. Her faith was soo strong, which of course caused an domino effect; because mama  passed down her faith; and once mama and daddy gotten married, they wanted to make sure that not only we are in church and have a good church home because  those things are good, but most importantly that your soul is feed. Your soul is what’s going to get you into heaven, my mom would say and still does to this day.

Well anyway,As I

gotten older, I realized that the "bad heart" grandma was dealing

with was from grandpa's passing. Yea, she did her share of drugs and whatnot

but ultimately she was heartbroken that her very best friend was no longer here

on Earth. Grandma passed a year and a half later.

When she gave me

the locket, of course I didn't know at the time, but it was like she had

planned it out... She gave one similar to mama, and one to my uncle Ben. Each

locket say something different pertaining to that person, very personal.

Now, do you see why

I'm in a panic in finding this amazing locket??!

I had it in my

pocket, because I was going to put it on, but put it down (looks around) I had

a phone call, from my bestie, Charlena, we call her Charlie; we can talk for

hours at a time especially when we're playing catch up. It’s like we never missed a beat. We’ve been the best of friends since like kindergarten. Through everything that life tries to throw at you, including things to break the friendship… It definitely made our friendship/sisterhood stronger.

"Ohhh wait,

what's that”?

"I found


Somehow, it fell in

between the cracks of the sofa, I saw the chain peeking through.

My dad always tells me,

 If you have something good, no matter what it is, hold on to it.

So this locket that I received from my dearest grandma, I’m definitely holding onto it with all my heart and soul.

And although I’m older now, married with children of my own there’s nothing like sharing the memories with my children. Each Sunday Mama would cook a big spread for us all.

Uncle Ben would bring his three sons,

I would have my two girls

My parent’s small dogs; Lola and Lu Lu. They’re sisters and just the cutest as they can be.

And we would just laugh and simple enjoy each other’s company.

Its times like this that reminds me just how precious the moments with your loved ones are.

The treasured treasures of memories!

December 05, 2019 19:05

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