My best friend

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It all started when my parents were all the time unto each others neck, fighting and querelling. I would admit that by that time I was a little girl, but, seeing the fight between them always got into my head. Their fights led them to live separate lives, my eyes wrinkled in sadness because my family had broken into two.

love I had for them brought me into confusion, "they should just cut me into two. Being the only girl said Miss Randy, I was always pampered that there was this thing of let the best man win. No matter my parents being divorced, they will always want all their lives to make me happy.

Life was not usual but living with a single mother, she was a strong woman till today. Their fights generated into the children. This might be an horrifying experience when my brother would always tease me by pulling my hair around and around like a dummy.

"was it because I was a girl and the last born in the family? My quietness told it all that my brother kept on bullying me around.

"porridge is ready, "mum called us from the living room. We could always struggle to see who will reach first, but my tiny feet could not run as fast I could imagine.

My brother had to choose the best place to disturb me on the dining table, hitting my head like a hammer. I pulled my face so hard and stared at him like that moment I would jump on him and bite him so hard. Anger filled my small heart as I lifted the cup of my porridge and poured onto him.

There was screams as my brother ran to mother in the kitchen

"Mummy! it hurts*

Mum washed him with cold water, luckily he didn't get burnt but what met me were beatings from mum as I fell down screaming so hard*

"Don't beat me mummy, I won't repeat it!

I could see that big smile from my brother as he removed the tongue teasing me and making fun of me. I sat outside crying my tears out that I couldn't control myself.

"Randy baby! mummy called me and tried to comfort me but the pain on my buttocks was so unbearable, "where are you daddy? I could always cry out to the name of daddy as i was daddy's girl.

Life was so unfair that even the thought I was in class two at that time, I was not damn but I knew where daddy used to work and had planned to take a trip out like that movie of"baby day out".

It was on Monday, I totally remember that after school I boycotted to go home as I walked for hours looking for daddy's working place. Funny faces were always on me that moment I thought that they will kidnap me, I could walk in fear in the land that i had no idea was with strange faces staring at me.

"Randy! What are you doing here all alone? a voice called me from behind and when I looked behind, daddy was there standing there as I ran towards him jumping and hugging him.

I felt the warmth love from daddy as he hugged me so tightly and I couldn't stop crying on his shoulder.


People were out there looking for me not knowing my whereabouts. Report of my disappearance had been published on each newspapers around the country. Mummy was not herself, each day as it passes her health continued deteriorating that it was nearly two weeks and mummy refused to let her mouth taste the food.

From a distance, mummy spotted me with a company of a man, "who might that man be? She wondered till when we arrived at the gate and realized I was with my daddy. Walking towards us with lots of anger shown on her face. "This time my buttocks will definitely turn red", pulling me into the house and was not ready for any excuses as she confronted my dad*

you! Stay away from my daughter Randy

I peeped through the window as tears rolled over my face making a line of water on the windows. Watching my dad walk away not able to come back, but at least I knew his home.

On Saturday morning, I felt something moving through my nose as I slept. woken up by the barking sound*

"Puppy! In excitement that I jumped off from my bed, mum surprised me with a puppy and a cat. Everywhere I walked I termed them as my best friends that I got attached to the puppy and the cat.

But all suddenly changed one fateful night as my cat went out to take a walk then I heard dogs barking and the cat crying out so loudly. I knew it was in danger when I opened the door and went out on the dark without the knowledge of anyone.

All they heard was my screaming as I walked into the living room, blood dropping from my hands and the pain that I felt it through my nerves. Mum was in panic, rushing me to the hospital confirming I had been bitten by the dog and the cat both at the same time.

My eyes were starting to be blank as they pulled my mummy outside the doctor's room as they had to immediately inject me to stop the disease from penetrating into my body blood system. The seven shots of injections that I was given made me to scream all manner of names*

"Daddy! Mummy!

My hand was all wrapped up with the bandage as we headed back home. I was sad that my cat died that I took a box and laid it inside as I called children from neighborhood for burial of my cat. All wrapped up in headscarf, neighbor boy carrying bible as we prayed and buried it.

How big was the puppy that will always be by my side, licking my face as it comforted me when sadness overwhelmed me.

Copyright by Joan Opoyi

November 06, 2019 11:10

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