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This morning I woke to the sound of my alarm and the sweet aroma of coffee I got out of bed and did my natural thing of having a morning shower then I would make my way into the sitting room to have my breakfast this morning it would be two medium rear fry eggs, toast and a three fry sausage`s and a cup of coco tea. All Prepared by Doreen oh did I forget to tell that Doreen is my wife and a fantastic cook as I take my place at the table, and go through the morning papers, and it was then that I came across a small column about a long time friend of mine we went to school together I could not believe what I was reading he had work his way up in his job from manager to regional manager for a huge company that maintain truck engines, this company if anything when wrong with those engines would take this trucks in and fix those engines making sure that they where road worthy well good to see that after such hard work Ashley had put into his job he was now the regional director of Ashcroft engineering but I could not hold back I had to report the matter to my wife, who told me that was good But she had ask me when are you going to see him Richard  I told her I do not know because I was a busy man I work for a company that deal in the importation of wine, fruits and dairy products  our office was base in the city and I worked a Monday to Friday from nine to sometimes six make sure that I did all my filing work before I  lift for home plus Saturday and Sunday was for my son`s and daughter thou they where all grown up they would come around on a weekend just to be with they old man so when I got to work on Monday I  reported to my boss Mr Bone he a big man built like a brick house shave head a black suit a strong scent of roses but he had a way that when I come in the first thing I should do is report to him which I did every morning for the last twenty-two years working there for him or should I say working under him tell Richard he would look at me  and then  ask how was my weekend I would say fine Great I had the kids over this weekend and we watch a bit of television and played chess and cards then came Sunday afternoon and everyone was gone cool then I would ask him in return how was his time and he tell me that he gone out to tend to his farm animals horse`s and sheep.

And that would be our confession for the morning and I would make my way to my office down the hall and I would let the day roll by but in my job I deal with many different thing I never hated my job love it but around twelve o`clock I receive a phone call from my sweet Doreen to tell me that the kids will not be coming this weekend  and I would ask why and she told me that she had plan something eventful for them and that I should by all means go and see my long time friend that I when to school with and we serve in the army together bother of us receive war medals of Great valour but he receive the purple heart also for being wounded and we both gotten the chance to meet the queen which I could remember very clearly but it was never in me to argue with Doreen I did what she always wanted because I had love her passionately and tenderly

That Evelyn I came home, and just in time for dinner and dinner was just being dish out for the two of us and she would look into my eyes and ask me how was my day and I would tell her it was fine, Great and that she was on my mind like all other days, then I would go to the fridge and collect two cans of rose Cider we both love Rose cider and we would sit and watch the television Just a little of al Jazeera news and talk about everything you can think and she had aske me to go and see my friend over the weekend and I SAID YES I would and then we would make our way into bed where she would come to lay next to me in a see through nightie and the sweet scent of santal royal perfume which I always love, as we lay in bed I place my hand around her and she would turn to face me we would kiss tenderly as she unbutton my top you can hear our heart beating very fast, and I would pull down her panties as she would open up her legs and I would get in there, stiff hard and work up a sweat and then there would be and explosion like and atom and proton coming together for that one purpose, then we would fall asleep.

Saturday came did I tell and I drove out there to London to see my long time friend it three hours’ drive from wales, to London should have taken the train but choose to drive I got to London with all its hustle and bustle, and got to my friend house in Peckham pull up in his drive way only to fined that there where few people at his house, thought maybe it might have being a party  but when I got out of the car and walk up to his door to ask a tall slim man with long  black hair came out only to tell he had die of a heart attack I  could not believe it this Came as a shock to me, knowing full well that I should have come earlier but I guess that fate anyway I enquirer when would the funeral be and I was told in nine days’ time all I can say right now was that day came and it rain like hell lighten and thunder and later that day strong winds blew down electrical polls and water bust they banks but we were safe Doreen had told that I should have gone to see him earlier which I agree to we made our back home and that to me was ok .       

October 26, 2019 21:33

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1 comment

Laura Moverin
23:52 Nov 07, 2019

Hi Huxley, you have a good sense of character and a colourful way of telling a story. There are some technical problems with your writing, I would look at your tenses. Depending on whether you are describing something in the past present or future will change the verbs. The other thing I would do is shorten your sentences so that they contain one clear idea. Keep writing all the best, Laura


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