Funny Happy Kids

Jimmy hated school. He would do anything to get out of it. This morning was different than usual. He felt even more irritated to go to school. It’s not because he is bored of school, well, kind of. He hates virtual learning. Going to school and seeing everyone is flesh and blood is much better than staring at a pixelated screen, getting headaches every day.

  Meanwhile, his siblings love virtual school. They were all younger than him, so their school ended early. After their class, they would stare at his computer, watching his teacher’s every move. Jimmy was creeped out every time. As payback, whenever his school ended a bit early, he stared at their computer. His siblings always screamed at him, making his mother angry.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t just irritating, it was nerve-racking. His state exams were today! English, math, science, all of it. He studied hard for the past month but was still very scared. His heart thumped and goosebumps rose from his skin as he was eating breakfast. In his first period, English, the teacher told everyone to pull out a piece of paper and login into a site. Our teacher, Mr. Swanson, read out the rules and directions.

“Any form of cheating will result in a punishment. You may begin. Good Luck,” were his last words before kids started clicking the start button. Before Jimmy clicked the button, his 5-year-old sister, Evangeline, saw how nervous he was.

“Abracadabra, you won’t have to take the test in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… NOW,” she exclaimed.

Jimmy smirked at her with a confused look.

“NOW,” she said again. Nothing happened. She stared at her hands. “Don’t Make Me Do This,” she ferociously said.

“NOW,” she said. The lights turned off. His computer shut down. Jimmy stared at the screen in awe. He looked out the window and saw everyone’s lights turned off. His mother walked in from the kitchen.

“Guys, there is a power outage,” she yelled at everyone. Dad was at work, which was around 30 miles away, so he didn’t know we had a power outage.

Jimmy was still staring at Evangeline, who in turn had her eyes widened in surprise. The first thought in Jimmy’s head was witchcraft. Or, My-sister’s-mind-is-able-to-control-electricity craft. 

“What do we do now?” Evangeline asked.

“I don’t know honey bunche-,” she said but was interrupted with the silent flow of electricity lighting the home up. “Looks like you two have to go back to class.”

Jimmy and Evangeline moaned as they booted up their computers.

A few moments later, the home phone rang from the kitchen. His mother walked up to the phone and put it on speaker mode.

“This is the mInEcRaFt Board Of Education. We are calling to inform you that all schools will be canceled for the day because of the short power outage. The school will resume as usual tomorrow. Thank you and have a great day.”.

“YAY,” the kids shouted. They bounced up and down until the mother told them to hold their horses.

“YOU GOT US HORSES?!?!,” Evangeline said in shock.

“Not this again,” Jimmy said before going down to the basement.

His mother let him play video games when there was no school. Just an hour and a half per day. He had many consoles; Wii, Xbox, Wii U, Switch, PS4, and a Nintendo64. His favorite game on the N64 was Super Mario 64, or as he likes to call it, Soup 64.

Out of the 120 stars, he had 61 stars. To enter the last Bowser level, Bowser In The Sky, you have to climb an ‘endless staircase’. If you have less than 70 stars, the stairs will be infinite. Basically, you will be running in a loop. If you have 70 or more stars, there will be no loop and the staircase will not be infinite. There is an MLG glitch, where you have to do a series of difficult moves. Doing the moves correctly means getting to the top instantly, even if you have less than 70 stars. *A link with a video about this glitch will be at the end of the story*

Anyway, he was aiming for one star. Tick Tock Clock: Stomp On The Thwomp. Basically, you have to get to the top of an IMPOSSIBLE clock. There is a star and you get it. For some reason, he was never been able to get it. He gets up halfway but always falls down. *Another link of the level will be shown at the end of the story. A note about this level will be at the end of the story*

Today, however, he finally beat that level. As a victory move, he wanted to do a backward flip onto the star but missed it by half an inch. As a result, he fell all the way down and died from fall damage (Yes, fall damage was a thing in Mario). He rage quit and turned the TV off.

Achievement Unlocked: Die ∞ times!

He left the basement to see what his sister was doing.

Watching dumb YouTube videos, as usual. The clock said it was time for lunch. His mother was making a salad, Jimmy’s favorite. It was Olive Garden styled, even better.

After the delicious lunch, they all went to the park. His sister played on the slides and swings, while Jimmy walked around the park. He was way past the age of playing in the park. They went to the movies after that. The latest movie, Avengers: Endgame, was a big hit, so they went out to AMC to watch the movie, and of course, masks. 

During the 3 hour movie, Evangeline kept asking to use the bathroom, so his mom took her to the bathroom while Jimmy continued watching the movie. He too had to use the restroom, but the movie was so interesting to him that he didn’t get out of his seat. He immediately went after the movie ended and the credits started to roll out.

It was dinner time when they came home, so they had Dominos pizza. They had many toppings, and it tasted delicious. They watched some TV and headed off to bed to get ready for Jimmy’s test.

The End.

*Jimmy got the highest score possible on the state exams and everybody was happy*


Endless Staircase MLG glitch: https://youtu.be/TnOlOsPxyOw

Tick Tock Clock - All-Stars: https://youtu.be/h233t6cJBJc

Free Super Mario 64 Emulator Online: https://arcadespot.com/game/super-mario-64/


When Jimmy got stuck in Tick Tock Clock, couldn’t do the glitch, and had 61 stars, that was me in real life. That level is impossible I tell you.

May 07, 2021 22:50

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