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"Fly above the skies and lower your gaze... then tell me what you can see."

"I see their human hands cultivating what's in their minds, no matter how dangerous it is for the Earth, they wouldn't care if their creations will wipe out nature's vitality.

But when time kept ticking around the clock and their minds are fueled with scary logic and knowledge, the shapes and the sizes and the height of the human's innovation from stones and metals can now surpass the height of a bird's flight and kill it with one bullet.

Humans are the wildest animals of the Earth."

That was my honest answer to its question. 

Yawning my thoughts out, I opened my eyes and saw how bright the forest today. I quickly bent my upper body upwards and jumped out of Mister C. Gigantifolia's huge leaf.

I am not a human but I have a God-given body like a human. I don't have a name when I was brought to the Earth but my fellow earthlings call me by Spring.

And when I said 'my fellow earthlings', I mean the endangered creatures inhabiting the small area of the Earth, where the green dancers are tall, colorful flowers are blooming, and the heat of the sun is alive as the winter season passed by.

"Good morning, everyone!" I greeted and lifted my head when a peeking ray of the sun hit my face and made me look at the swaying trees above me, "Sway it, green dancers!"

I am the guardian of nature's life and I am gifted and these gifts mustn't be abused.

"Good morning, Spring!" they greeted back harmoniously at me that made my cheeks bulged out from happiness.

I was given a gift of communication, I can talk with the woodland creatures and understand them. My other gift is my wings, I can fly above the skies and look at the entire form of Earth. The last and greatest gift, I am invisible to humans' senses so that they can't harm me.

I looked around the forest and saw the blossomed flowers, healthy animals, strong trees, and aliveness of the other creatures living with me in the forest.

They are alive! They are still alive... 

I whispered inside my mind. Their life is my happiness. And whenever I am happy because of these creatures, I remember the only creature who makes my face frown. They said it is silent but still alive as it brings light to the world.

"Good morning, Sun! Did Moon angered you?" I joked and let out a faint giggle.

The usual answer – silence.

It was only silence, a long and agonizing silence, while the wind kept blowing across my ears and touching my naked skin. 

"Just let her shine, Spring," Floreta advised in her tiny voice.

"I know Floreta but..." I crouched and crossed my arms on top of my knees then buried my chin on top of my left wrist, I sighed before continuing, "It's been a hundred silent years, no words... how can I protect all of you if Sun won't talk to me anymore?"

"Protect us from what, missy?" Passiflora whispered.

My heavy eyelids dropped and my smile vanished as I mention their name, "Humans."

"Oh, dewdrop, you are always protecting us," Passiflora reminded.

"But it is not enough. When I flew above the sky, all I see is them! Shaving half of the forest, burning innocent creatures, and ruling the world as if they own it!"

"Calm down, Spring..." Floreta told me.

"Humans are bound to be our greatest enemies, we can't alter that..." Kapok tree expressed in a thick and low voice. 

"But not all of them, Mister Kapok..." Yellow Orchid, with her gentle attitude, opposed Kapok's bitter statement.

"Hmmm... Just like how the summer season is destined to come after this spring season and then winter will be back again..." Miss Brocket joined in the conversation. 

"Until we will blossom on spring season... again and again..." Passiflora added.

"It's stinging my heart, seeing the Earth that was once green and full of nature's life will soon disperse from my sight."

"We won't disperse, Spring, humans still need us..." Floreta countered.

"And we need humans!" Yellow Orchid exclaimed which made me smile for a while.

"See, we are not scared if our life will soon be taken because if it's fated to be then ready we must be."

Every creature agreed to Passiflora's statement and whispered their brave spirits.

"When you took your first steps on Earth, you are fated to be our guardian but you are not a wizard, Spring. You can't magic our fates and your fate."

I laid my back upon the dirt and placed my right hand beneath my head. If only I can find a way to connect to the Sun again. I raised my left hand and tried to reach for the sun while staring straight at it. 

If only I could reach you again and you can tell me what I must do... 

"I know what to do! I will fly and talk to the Sun again."

"You can't fly that high, Spring."

"It's too dangerous."

They contradicted and voice out their opposition. 

"Please, I must try..."

All of them left me with silence as their answer. I flapped my wings and it slowly lifted my feet away from the ground.

"This is our last hope..." I whispered and flew away from the forest. Dashing through the sky, breaking the wind's current as I tried to get out of the Earth's atmosphere.

I haven't tried this but don't know what could go wrong. I slowed down to avoid burning my wings and tried to adjust my movements.

"Sun..." I whispered when I saw the burning sphere. I went near Venus and tried to talk to the Sun.

"Sun? Are you there?" I asked and waited for an answer. But all I heard is an indistinct and faint voice, it was almost as faint as the wind on Earth.

I went near Mercury and felt the warmth of the Sun. "Do you still remember me? I am the guardian of nature's life on Earth and I need to know what I must do to protect them."

Fly... from the..., level your gaze... and tell me... you can see...

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you, Sun..." 

Fly down from the skies, level your gaze with them... and tell me what you can see in their eyes.

When I finally heard it, it made me ask, "Why?"

You tell me why. You will know once you do what I said. Now, fly down from the skies, level your gaze with them... and tell me what you can see in their eyes.

"They did this to Earth, why would I look at them?" I exclaimed with pure hatred. No answer. The Sun is silent again. 

I took the Sun's advice and went back to the Earth. I flew down to the skies and I leveled my gaze to a newborn human.

Tell me what you can see in their eyes...

The Sun's words repeated inside my head.

"A seed and a flower," I whispered.

I stood in front of a man talking to a black rectangular shape creature, they call it a cellphone. I leveled my gaze to his and saw a huge tree with growing fruits.

An elderly woman walked past me and I followed her, trying to level my gaze upon her weak eyes. I saw a leafless tree.

"What does this mean, Sun?"

It means that they are the tall green dancers too, they are flowers too, and they are the creatures of nature too. They will protect Earth.

"I don't believe they will, Sun... I have observed them... Cruel --"

I am the Sun. The light and the truth. Whisper these words to them as I whispered them to you.

I waited for the Sun to continue and watched as these humans walk around the solid surface.

Fly down from the skies, level your gaze with them... and tell me what you can see in their eyes.

I closed my eyes and whispered to the wind, "Humans, you must fly down from the skies, level your gazes with them... and tell me what you can see in their eyes."

Your heart is now empty from worry. Those creatures, your friends, were right about fate but they are wrong about how all of you can change it.

It's up to these creatures to protect the Earth. They need one another and once they see each others' eyes, they'll understand. 

Now, come back to the dirt and turn into a seed. You will be the seed of hope and they will nurture you.

I saw a flying leaf and petals that whirled above my head. I followed where it came from and saw the half of my body turning into petals and leaves.

"I am scared. What if..."

I am the truth and the light. Do you believe me?

"I do," the wind carried my dispersing body and whispered my last words, "Fly down from your sky, level your gaze with each other..."

I looked up and all that is left to me is my left eye letting out one tear.

"...And tell me what you can see in their eyes..."

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