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Now I was staring, but even before I looked out the window I saw these eyes staring at me.

It was almost as if I heard these echoes inside my head, just that they weren't made up. I could hear the crickets outside my window, it was summer.

I lived in a very secluded area filled with trees all around. I had neighbors that were countable. It was peaceful though, I liked quiet places.

The echoes turn into a song and it was humming beautifully.

“Come, let's go out. Let's go into the unknown,”

I wanted to reply back to it but my lips would not move.

This tall creature, standing almost six feet tall had red eyes was looking at me. It's presence was eerie yet I felt peaceful. I was not scared at all and it almost fell like I knew the creature.

A flash of nostalgia rushed in, I knew I had met this creature before but I could not remember where.

I closed my eyes and listened to the wind. Maybe if someone saw me they would call me delusional or a little mad but it was madness I craved even on ordinary days. The feeling of letting myself crash all out and feel free. I wanted to symbolize the ocean. The limitless sky and the enormity of space.

And maybe all the right minds would call me insane but I have always wondered if at all any of us had the right minds deep inside?

Tonight, I felt it. I was crossing the border. I was walking on a fine line of thin ice but it did not feel treacherous. In fact, there was this feeling that even if I fell into this catastrophic mess if I fail, I would still be fulfilled.

Once again I look at the creature. It wasn't smiling but I could feel it's warmth. We were almost thirty feet away from each other. The presence and the vision though was much more closer. I could see it mouthing some words to me and although I could not hear it, I heard it.

“Come into my forest,”

A million times I would. If only I could break off the railings on mg window. I do not know why but the fact that I had a door never crossed my mind. There was this sense that made me so sure that I could only go through this window.

Suddenly there was a bird chirping on a nearby tree. The leaves of all the plants and trees around began to move. Life had taken full control on everything that I saw.

“Was the creature irritated at this point?” I thought.

Every time I looked at it, it had the same expression almost as if it was what it wore all the time. But I saw it's eyes turning into a deeper red.

It did not tell me anything anymore but I knew what it wanted to say.

“Why won't you move? You say you aren't afraid yet you are stagnant at once place all the time. You think you can only get out of that window so you don't see the door at all,”

Strange. It felt strange yet so normal. How could I know what it possibly wanted to say. Was I psychic or was I making that all up? Before I could look up and take a glance at it again, there was something shining in front of me. I slowly lifted my face up and there it was!

The creature right in front of me.

“Why were it's eyes yellow?” I questioned.

“Shall I hum a lullaby while you go to sleep?” It whispered to me.

“Huh?” I was confused.

“You see, when the eyes sees something comfortable and less suspicious, people tend to relax and be laid back,” It gave me a smile yet it was one that wasn't warm or welcoming rather one that of spite.

“What do you mean?” I said in my normal tone.

“See, now you aren't scared anymore. You did not dare say a word when I was farther away from you. Is it because of how I looked then? Or was it how you saw me?”

I wanted to say that I could not move my lips back then even when I wanted to. But I knew for once that it was right. The image the creature portrayed while it stood there far away from me was all dark. I could only see it's red eyes. Right now, it had yellow eyes like the sun. Too bright to even look straight into it. What was in front of me was not the creature I saw nor the ones that slept below the decks like people imagined or talked of. It took a rather angelic form. Dressed in clothes that shone like gold and even pretty silky hair as white as pearls. Everything about it was comfortable yet it gave me a sense of eeriness.

“What is it?” I began questioning it louder inside my head.

“Move and then you will see,” And then it snapped it's fingers so loud it felt like I heard thunder.

I woke up.

I was in bed. I looked outside the window and the curtains were closed. There was a storm outside. The thunder woke me up or if I should say, the creature woke me up to reality.

“A special type of sleep paralysis?” I asked myself.

I thought and I thought about the dream I just had. I Kept running away from what I wanted to do because to get where I want to be wasn't easy and I was terrified to fall down on the way. The road I saw ahead was always pictured as something awfully scary even though it called out to me so many times. And the things that were so near to reach were so easy I almost took it for granted and never looked into it. To get to my forest I had to stop circling around the fears of all the what ifs. I wasn't scared to be honest, I was not just brave enough. I thought my lips were sealed but I just never voiced out. I wanted to go so much knowing I wanted it but I only saw what was in front I forgot there was a door to walk through to get to where I wanted.

It was one past five in the morning, I took my phone and opened my documents. I had to grab onto the opportunities behind that door. I had to stop thinking and start acting. The creature I saw was none other than my dreams calling for me.

I clicked on “A creature came to me” and pressed on submit. 

June 04, 2021 18:33

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