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High School Sad

Authors note: I'm sorry if there is any incorrect spelling and / or grammar I cut my finger with a kn*fe so I only have one hand. I hope you enjoy the story I worked very hard on (It was pretty painful when I forgot about my finger) :)

"Jake what I'm trying to say i-" The bell rang.

"I'm gonna be late for class, we'll talk later"

"Wait!" I tried to shout but he was already gone. How could I tell him I was leaving? We'd been best friends since the second grade. Every time I try to tell him something came up. I had to tell him before I leave next week.

5 weeks earlier

"I'm sorry honey but we can't afford the bills, we have to leave town," My mom said, grabbing my hand

"It's not fair! You always said we made good money and that's why you let me buy my laptop last week! How could you lie to me like that!?"

"Kelse..." My mom trailed off with tears in her eyes. "The reason we can't afford it anymore is that your dad got in an accident on his way home from work. He..." She looked down. "He didn't make it." My mom slowly made her way over to me and gave me a hug. Tears flooded over my mother's and my faces.

"I love you mom"

"I love you too honey"


Jake still didn't know I'd lost my dad, or that I would be leaving. I had to find a way to catch his attention so that I wouldn't be interrupted again. We were walking home from school so there shouldn't be any distractions. Right?

"Jake, what I was trying to tell you at school before the bell rang was that my dad... well he's gone and we can't afford the bills, so we have to move to California in two weeks..."


I looked up at him (I was 4'7 and he was 5'8) he had his headphones in. Great just what I needed. I reached up and took his airpod.

"What was that for!?" He screeched trying to get it back.

"I was talking to you, but your music was so loud you didn't hear a word I said," I said with his airpod grasped tightly in my hand.

"Well I need my airpod back then I'll listen to what you were trying to say."

"fine" I sighed, giving him his airpod back.

"What I was trying to say is; When the bell rang earlier I was trying to tell you that... Well, my d-"


Jakes phone.

"Shoot. I'm sorry Kelsey I have to go. I'm missing a practice that I didn't know about we'll talk tonight, promise."

"Great" I muttered under my breath. I gave him a half-smile and just like that he was gone.


"Is Kelsey here?" I heard Jake say from downstairs.

"I think so, but she's most likely asleep. I'll go check for you" My mom answered.

I turned, facing the wall, away from the door.

The door opened.

"Kelsey? Honey, you awake? Jake is here to see you."

I stayed silent. There was no point. Something would just come up again.

The door shut

I let out a breath

"I'm sorry, she's asleep. can I help you with anything?"

"No I'll just go back home, I'll see her tomorrow."

"Good night, Jake"

"Good night, Clara"

"Good night" I whispered in the darkness


"I just don't know if he'll ever listen to me. What if I leave before I get to tell him." I complained to my friend, Alex.

"I'm sure at some point you'll get to tell him, like maybe now?"

"Now? Are you crazy he's not even here!"

"Turn around..."

I did. Here came Jake, it was my chance to make him listen.

"Jake. You need to listen to me. I've been trying to tell you this for weeks no-"

He passed me. Of course, he had his AirPods in. I sighed.

"Will things ever change? Because I don't think they can."


3 days until moving day

I've tried to tell Jake about it all so many times it made me feel cross-eyed just thinking about it.

2 days until moving day

Is it possible that he just can't hear me?

1 day until moving day

please just listen...

Moving day

Jake lived next door so it was obvious that he saw the huge moving truck in our driveway, so it wasn't a surprise when he came running outside

"What's going on!?!?!"

"Jake... I've been trying to tell you."

"When have you tried to tell me?"

"Those times before the bell rang when we were walking home and I took your airpod, at the beach, when we were getting ice cream. Do you want me to continue?"

"I had no clue"

"I know you didn't! That's why you weren't there for me when my dad died! That's why you didn't comfort me! Because. You. Weren't. There!. I Needed you, Jake! But you were always too caught up in yourself to notice!"

He had a look of sorrow and regret on his face.

"Kelsey time to go!!!!" My mom yelled from the car.

"I'm sorry, Jake but I have to go."

"Wait..." He said pulling me behind a tree.

"You know how we've always told each other everything?"

"Yes... Jake, I really have to go."

"Wait!" His grasp on my arm tightened. "there's one thing I've never told you." He got a little red.

"Well, what is it?" I said un-patiently.

"Close your eyes and you'll see"

I closed them.

Then I felt my lips turn cold. No. I felt something on my lips. Then realized they were Jake's lips. I kissed him passionately before he pulled away.

"That is what I never told you," He said, breathing heavily.

I kissed him one more time before walking away. I winked at him as we pulled out of the driveway. I guess things can change after all.

April 13, 2021 19:46

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I could have filled it in a little more to make the pace seem slower, but this story was rushed ;) Hope you enjoyed!


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