His powerful scents dragged every girl to look at his way, such a handsome man he was. He seriously made his way to the bar settling on the high chair there. The bartender looked at him as he got hold of his phone slowly looking up.

"What can I get you sir?"The bartender softly asked the powerful Greek God, many have already given him the name. 

Snorts"No, nothing"His thick voice maintained so much authority. This was a new year party yet it felt like 'just any ordinary party'-where you have to order a drink,but what can you expect from a pub?

Nods"Ohk Sir,call me if you will need anything"The bartender breath that out getting back to what he was doing.

The God Greek findled through his phone as the temperature became too high for him. He looked up and his eyes landed on this beautiful lady he had never came across with. He stood up walking over to her.

"Hi, you're so beautiful"He didn't want to hold an unnecessary conversation.

Better go straight to the point!

Smiles"Thank you, you're not so bad yourself"Her soft voice echoed through the noise of the party.

"Can I.."He says pointing at the chair right besides her. She smiled nodding her head as she glared at him,he maintained the glare.

"You came for a New Year's Eve Party?that doesn't suit you at all"She tell him, the truth.

Shrugged his shoulders"I must look like some thug so you can notice that I'm going to a party?"Chuckles"That's bad"

"You're twisting my words,so tell me your name"She softly says to him. He looks at her for a while and smiled.


He haven't smile in a long time and here he is, smiling with a total stranger "I'm Chase, what about you lovely lady?"He asked meeting her gaze.

"Kayla, nice to meet you sweet stranger"She sips her drink without breaking the gaze.

Shakes his head"I'm not always sweet beautiful Kayla, maybe I am to you"He turns to look at the bartender who was a little bit far from him "I need a drink, it's a party Afterall" He looks back at her.

"You can go and get one"Chase narrowed his sharp eyes at her. This beautiful stranger was different-so different. He stood beside her.

Shakes his head"I will, not now though"He looked at her before he leaned in to kiss her.

They lip locked for a while as Chase started moving his cold lips on her soft one's. They passionately kissed as his hard hand travelled to hold on her back. People were partying not minding these two. Chase slowly pulled out looking at her eyes.

"I've been craving for your lips, from the moment I saw you"He bit his lower lip as Kayla looked straight up to him

Smiles"You're not a bad kisser"She giggles looking down as she tucked her hand over her ear "Not bad at all"Her eyes travelled to him once again.

"You didn't have to say it! I'm a great kisser miss Kayla"He shoots at her and she laughed throwing her head back.

"Oh yeah,I expected that from you"He thwist his eyes confused"Ego and pride,I expected it"He moved his eyes from her

"I'm n...I don't have much pride and well"Shrugged his shoulders"Ego"He says.

Who told him that?

Looking around the party"People are having fun,we should go and join"Chase looked at her after that statement. What did she just say?

"No, I'm not Dancing"He shook his head thinking about it-she's crazy!

"Come on,it will be fun"Kayla says pulling him to the dance floor. They moved their waist and feet Dancing to the song.

"Not bad afterall"She mocks him. He shakes his head as Bea Miller-like that played on background

"Is this a New Year's Eve Party or what?The song, like I'm in a wedding or some"Chase said so irritated as Kayla pulled him for a dance-slow dance.

"They are making it more fun, we're going to 2020 soon so just losen up"She tells him and he sighed.

"Fine, it's a boring party"He shoots at her and she shakes her head.

"You're not an honest man Mr, you're alone and bored so it will be a boring party to you of course"She rolls her eyes

Sighed"Hypocritical, I'm with you ain't I?"She giggles looking at his eyes "You're so beautiful, I've never met such a beautiful, simple girl in my life"He tells Kayla.

Smiles"Exaggerating or lying, between the two of those"He shakes his head

"I'm not doing any, you're really beautiful" Bea Miller's song ended as it went back to Dancing-Party song!

"You're sure a charmer, haven't seen any in years"Her sweet voice was placing a beautiful song in his clean ears.

Smiles"Yeah right,Miss Kayla"He has a very thick yet intimidating voice. 

What a man!

"True though, haven't heard of such in a long time. You're a charmer"Yes he was. The almighty Chase was indeed a charmer who would easily pick any lady in a Club!

Shrugged his shoulders"I try then"Kayla chuckled playfully slapping him on the arm. He smiled looking back at her "No, you didn't have to abuse me"Oh yeah?

Chuckles"Oh Yeah Mr, you're another person ey"She shook her head narrowing her sharp cute eyes at him.

"Mmmh, unique"He was really unique and there was no denying that. You could easily see by his physical appearance.

Sighed"Looks like it's time for the counting"Kayla suddenly say shifting her attention from Chase. He also looked the other way so annoyed,he really didn't want to do this but he wanted to because of the beautiful Layla

"Let's go"She pulled him out.

"10...9...8...7...6....5...4...3...2...1.... Happy New Year"Fire Crackers made their way all over the air as Chase pulled Kayla for an unfortunate kiss as it depend

They pulled out"Oww if I didn't know better I can say you're kinda obsessed on my lips"He flashes a smile

"Well they are tasty,Nice!"He exclaimed looking at everyone.

"Mmmh I will take that as a Compliment Mr Chase, you've been kissing me and I'm a total stranger"She walks back to where they were settled with Chase following her.

"A beautiful stranger with this sweet lips"He complimented her once again.

Oh Mr, should have played Please Mr by Shekinah ey!

"Thank you,I should get home"She looked at her wristwatch

"So soon?"He asked as she nods.

"Yes,My husband is waiting for me"She was already on her feet.

"Husband? You're married?"His hands travelled to her left hand. There was no wedding band!

"Complicated,it was really nice spending this evening with you Mr Chase goodbye"She quickly made her way out.

Such a night!

January 01, 2020 07:53

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