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Can you keep a secret ¿ - she asked me, waiting for me to answer with the logical and ordinary “ yes ¡” 

But the thing us that I can not keep any sort of secret not even a simple talk, because I can not shut my mouth. I have to say to the whole world, make them know everything that I know, as if the world were just going to be extinct in a second due to an atomic bomb.

- No – I answeed, straight and clean, as it should be.

The reaction of my dear friend was astounding: she started to laugh out loud, as it should be. 

And could not stop.

For more than two hours ¡ 

Can you believe that ¿ 

As a matter of fact, I have never thought that she could have such a reaction, but I told her that I was being serious. 

And she laughed even more.

For more than half an hour, shedding tears and urinating in her underwear, not as an accident, but as a natural corporal reaction to her hormones, that opened the doors for the flow .

As we were sitting on a bench in the park, thankfully nobody noticed about it just a dog that was passing by and started to sniff near our seat.

And started to bark, and smell and the people that were just passing noticed that there was something strange or at least obnoxious about that park bench, and they started to nibble the words in their mouth, as if there were really something strange in the air , or , maybe, some drug desks going on.

I felt really ashamed about the situation, so, I started to look for something that I did not know exactly what it was inside my shabby purse, In an attempt to hide my face totally ashamed.

But the thing is that the dog had another friend, and both were probably thinking that I was a female dog, and started to bark to me, while I was throwing stones to make him.ho away.

But unfortunately, it was useless. 

I was wasting my time and energy, until the moment I received a phone call , and the ringtone started to ring repeatedly, in a salsa beat that just scared the dogs strangely wearing some purses in their necks and they started to howl.

It called the attention of all the people that were walking on the park.

And an old lady wearing a funny flowered hat and an umbrella, started to complain to us :

- It is not possible that you treat an innocent animal in that way ¡ what had it done to you? Is he to be blamed ¿ you are young girls that need to strength your personality by being good to pets! 

I just looked at my friend,- still trying to wipe her face out – and she got scared, as I did.

So, we both stood up and ran away from that lady apologizing with things like : 

- Sorry, we have to go.

But the old lady took her um tells and beat our heads with it.

- Are you both girls going to run away ¿ no! You are not going to run away because u will mit allow it! – she scream calling the attention of more people that just stopped to see what was going on.

Even some cars stopped ( can you believe that?) and the drivers looked at us as if we were the granddaughters of the old lady – probably misbehaving. 

Some of them, were nodding their heads, in disapproval. 

We were judged as completely guilty for something that we didn’t do .

And , what was worst is that , the old lady called the attention of a policeman that was on duty, near that park.

And he came, and obviously asked : 

- What is going on ¿ - with a scary club in his hand

Intimidated  we both started to tremble because we were afraid of being jailed. 

- Well, officer, a dog came and started to bark, and I think it was just because we were eating and laughing with my friend, and this old lady misunderstood the situation.

- Do you have your identity card z?

( oh ¡ no ¡ I remembered then that I had left in in the library seat, and it was closed by that time. Shit ¡).

- Well I have mine – said my dearest friend, showing him her identification. 

He took a look, and noticed ed that it was just ok.

In the meantime, the old lady had disappeared, in the middle of the afternoon. 

So, we started to look for her, would the Officer was going away.

And my dearest friend could find her, sitting k another bench, giving food for the same dog that were barking t us.

That, was completely weird.

Hidden behind a tree we could see that she was even caressing the dogs, and,( wholly shit) she was taking some dollar bills from their purses of their neck.

What is that ¿ ¿ - I asked my dearest friend , dazzled and confused – just like me.

We kept hidden behind the tree  and we finally could get the answer for the mystery, as she washing the dogs some food, and they ( imagine!) started to chase the people ( I simply can’t believe in it ) to take their bags and wallets. 

A robbery ¡!

It was unbelievabl, cos the old lady was stealing the people using the dogs.

So, we started to look for our cellphones, but, we could not find it.

as we watched carefully to the dogs, they had our cellphones in the purse around the neck.

So, we called the Officer, immediately.

He came right away, and we talked to him what happened.

- I do not think it is true. You certainly want to steal that phones for you ,! – he said to us, showing the club again.

We looked at each other saying “ this is a nightmare! It can be true!, with our eyes.

No way ¡ That is an insult to my intelligence@ - my dearest mad friend exclaimed.

- No worries. I will solve it right away – I said to her, going near the seat with some snacks in my hand.

She was taking a nap sitting on the same bench.

I gave food to the dogs, and started to caress them .

The purses were almost opened, so if would be very easy to take the cellphone from it.

So we did it.

If I tell anybody about this story , will not believe in it, so, can you keep this story as a secret ¿ 


August 18, 2020 01:11

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Christy Hoss
23:11 Aug 27, 2020

You have some great descriptions. I'm not sure what the secret connection is, but your writing is highly creative. I felt like I was dreaming a dream that mixes scenes together in my brain at night.


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