The Man With The Big Black Hat

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 The Man With The Big Black Hat

Clementine had got a phone call early afternoon at home. “Hello can I help you?” said Clementine.  “Hey Clementine. I need a favour from you.” said Tony. “Oh and what would that be.” asked Clementine. “Well I have an appointment with a very important client tomorrow, and I need someone to look after the shop for a couple of hours or so. What do you say?”said Tony. Clementine smiled at the thought of looking after the shop for Tony. The store was in the main city with a lot of traffic that went through. “Okay Tony, what time do you want me to be there?” said Clementine. 

“Opening time is 9am sharp, see you tomorrow.” said Tony.

Next Morning Clementine woke up at 5am. She got ready for the day ahead and had breakfast. She decided to walk to the train station, taking the quickest route there. She noticed there was no sign of people on the platform. “Oh no, not buses again” she herself. She looked for the bus to go into town, it would be there in 10 minutes. The people and children started to pack and wait for the bus. 

There was a man with a big black hat, who had his face hidden, somebody said “Hello”, the man with the big black Hat that covered his face said “Hello” back with a great big smile, showing his white pearly teeth. Clementine  thought what a beautiful smile. The man with the big black hat, which covered his face looked at Clementine and all of a sudden instead of a  smile, his whole face changed into a look of disappointment. He realised the person who had said Hello was talking to somebody else on their phone. The man with the big black hat, smiled again and said out loud, “I’m Super Mighty.” 

Everyone looked at him and started to move away from him, they started to get a bit nervous because of his words. Clementine spoke to him, “Well of course you’re Super Mighty, with a lovely smile like that who wouldn’t be.”  “Oh so you understand then,” said The man with the big black hat. “I’ve met Superman and Robin”. Said the man in the big black hat. “Wow that must have been so cool for you”. Said Clementine. The man with the big black hat nodded his head. "Yes and I am also collect SuperHero Comics, I have collected Comics since I was 8 years old." said The man in the big black hat.

"Do you like SuperHero comics?" said the man in the big black hat, to Clementine. "Yes I do like SuperHero comics." said Clementine.

The bus came and all the passengers got onto the bus, Clementine decided to sit in the front where she liked to be near the door by the bus driver, there was a back door, but Clementine always looked at going out the door nearest to the bus driver. She took out her book and started to read it, while riding on the bus to the city. She was enjoying what she was reading, all of a sudden the bus was at the station. That was quick she thought and put the book in her bag, and started to go towards the door of the bus. “Thank you” said Clementine, and got off the bus. 

Clementine had to catch another bus to get to her destination. She noticed in the corner of her eye the man with the big black hat, she was starting to feel uncomfortable. She darted into the ladies toilets and used the loo and then after a few deep breaths in and out, washed her hands, and went to catch her bus. Clementine saw the man with the big bladk hat again. Clementine thought nothing of it until he started to follow her in the same direction she was going. 

She turned around to confront him. “Are you following me” she said. “Well yes I sort of am” said the man in the big black hat. “And why is that'' said Clementine. “I just wanted to say Thank you, you are the only one who understood me.” said the man with the big black hat. “Where are you going.” said Clementine. “I’m not going anywhere really, just came into the city for a new part of scenery” said the man in the big black hat.

 “My name is Clementine, what’s yours,” My names Clive.” said the man in the big black hat. 

“I like your black hat Clive, it makes you look mysterious,” said Clementine. “Do you think so, I never thought of that before” said the man in the big black hat.  “Would you like to come with me and have a cup of coffee Clive”? said Clementine. “Okay said Clive.” And they both got on the bus going to the destination where the shop was.

 Tony was waiting at the shop for Clementine to get there. “Hi Tony this is Clive he will be keeping me company, until you get back.” said Clementine. “Okay Clems got to go see you when I get back, tartar.” said Tony. 

“Tar tar” said Clementine. Clementine and Clive went to the back of the shop and Clementine made Clive a cup of coffee and one for herself. They both went to the counter, where they both chatted for a while. Clive decided to go and roam around the city. “ Okay said Clementine, it was nice to meet you and for you to share your story with me Clive, I hope we meet again sometime.” 

“Yes it was nice to meet you too, Clementine, I know we will meet again,” Clive waved and left the shop.

 The shop wasn’t packed. It was a quiet time of the day. Clementine stayed at the counter. A lady came into the shop, went up to the counter. “Hello said Clementine can I help you with a smile” “Yes I am looking for a particular material to make a pot mitt, and also need the following items.” said the lady. “We have a make a pot mitt kit, on special at the moment would you like to have a look?” “Yes thank you” said the lady. Clementine showed the lady the pot mitt kit. The lady showed a look of approval on her face. “That looks fine, I will take that one there.” said the lady with a smile.

 “Sure” said Clementine. When the lady had made her purchase Clementine put the product into a bag and passed it to the lady with a smile and said “Have a good day”. The lady left the store and Tony was coming in the store as the lady was going out. “Hi Clem, I see you have been busy” said Tony. “Where’s your friend?” “He decided to roam around the city” said Clementine. “Are you seeing him again?” said Tony. “No Tony I am not, it was just a one in a lifetime meet up” said Clementine.

 “Okay then Clementine, thank you for looking after the shop for me, I brought you a little something for taking the time to come in and look after the shop for me. “Oh Tony how sweet of you, thank you” said Clementine. “How did it go with the client Tony” said Clementine. “It went really well Clems, the client has put in a big order, thank to you.” Clementine smiled she was happy for her friend Tony. Tony and Clementine chatted for a bit and then Clementine left the shop to go home. She was glad to get home and open her prezzie it was a box of chocolates. She put on her computer and went to Youtube and listened to some music while having a herbal tea and her chocolates. 



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