I have to go on a ski trip now, it's just lovely. I hate the snow just everything about it bothered me. It was cold and messy and I didn’t like it. My parents knew about my pure hatred for the snow and still I have to go. I tried to complain but I was silenced by my brother, Ryan. He was the one that came up with the idea so I’ll go thank him for that later.

My mother said that it would be a great opportunity and I should be grateful. She never specified how this was an opportunity I should take and I didn’t question it. It was no use my father had made the decision for me to go and once he made his mind it was set and nothing could change that.

I had to walk across the long hallway to my brother’s room. I was looking for my phone and I assumed he took it because it loved being a nuisance.

β€œGive me my phone.” I spoke as soon as I entered the room. Thankfully he was in there or else that would have been awkward.Β 

β€œI don’t have it.” He looked annoyed which was weird because he had been the annoying one.

β€œWhat do you mean you don’t have it?”

β€œI don’t have it, Claire, go check the kitchen.”

β€œWhy would my phone be in the kitchen?” He looked confused.

β€œI don’t know man, it's not my phone.”

β€œThank you so much for your help. It is truly appreciated.”

β€œYou’re welcome.” I made sure to slam his door on the way out. He yelled at me for doing it but I laughed it out and headed to the kitchen. I hated but also loved my brother which is what siblings are for. He always got on my nerves but he was right most of the time. Was I going to give him credit for that? No, I couldn’t let him have that.Β 

β€œWow, he was right.” My phone was in the kitchen and so was my mother.

β€œRyan was right about what?”

β€œOh, nothing just that my phone was in the kitchen.”

β€œDid you finish packing?”

β€œPlease don’t make me go.” I was basically on my knees begging.

β€œClaritha we already talked about this now go upstairs and start packing.” She never called me by my full name unless she was mad so I didn’t bother arguing.Β 

I was about to leave when she spoke again, β€œJust so you know your brother left your phone in here.”

β€œI knew it.” I was headed towards my Ryan’s room to yell at him.

β€œRyan Miller, why is it that you must bother me?”

β€œWhat do you mean sis.” He was trying to be funny.

β€œWhy must you exist solely to constantly get on my nerves?”

β€œThat’s what older brother’s are for.” I stormed out the room with my arms crossed. No words could describe how much that little boy annoyed me. I know he’s older than me but he acts like an infant.


β€œWell here we are.” My dad said finally stopping the car after what felt like 10 years of driving. Ryan was the first out of the car he seemed too excited. He had talked about taking me sledding the entire drive over. He knew I hated snow but still he wanted me to go. I also hated going down on rollercoasters and sledding was basically the same thing.

β€œHurry Claire.” He was rushing me out of the car. I guess he really wanted me to go sledding. I never knew he liked it this much but apparently he had.

β€œI’m going, stop touching me.”

β€œMy bad. I just need you to see this.”

β€œSee what Ryan?”

β€œThe place where you sled.”

β€œI’m not sledding. I’m staying in our room the entire trip.”

β€œSo two weeks.”

β€œIf that’s how long we stay that’s how long I’m gonna be in the room.”

β€œWhatever, now hurry.” I was out of the car by now but he still wanted me to see the snow. He acted like a 5 year old whenever he got excited about something.

β€œWow it’s so pretty.” I was sort of being sincere, I liked looking at snow but not being near it.

He responded by throwing a snowball at me. I knew he would do that so I braced myself for the cold when I dug my hand into a pile of snow to throw one back. This continued until our mother told us to stop.

He had gone sledding before but that was a long time ago so I hoped it didn’t kill us in the process. I did it too once when I was young before I realized I despised the snow.


β€œI’m going to die and it’s going to be your fault.” I yelled at Ryan.

β€œYou’re gonna be fine.” We were at the top of the hill. Our father said if I did this with Ryan I wouldn’t have to do anything else in the snow so that’s why I’m here.Β 

β€œHow do you know that?”

β€œBecause I’m a genius.”

β€œWho is lying to you?”


β€œThat makes sense.” We laughed and that distracted me until I felt a snowflake hit my face.

β€œPlease don’t make me.”

β€œToo late.” And just like that we were sliding down a snow covered hill. I didn’t have time to prepare or scream. As we went down all I could feel was icy wind piercing my skin and Ryan grabbing me to scare me.Β 

β€œWhat the- Ryan.”


β€œWhy must you scare me whilst I’m in the midst of dying?”

β€œYou aren’t gonna die just enjoy this.”

β€œAnd exactly what do you want me to enjoy?”

β€œThe snow. The wind. The fact that you might die.”

β€œRyan Oliver Miller I truly do hate you.”

β€œThanks.” My knuckles were turning white from how hard I was holding the sides of the sled and still I wanted to punch him. I swear his life purpose was to aggravate me.Β 

I forgot about my urge to yell at Ryan any further after our sled jumped after hitting a small rock. After that I started to enjoy being on the sled. I like feeling the wind hitting my face even if it irritated my skin. I was even slightly disappointed when we finally came to the bottom of the hill. I still hated the snow and I don’t think anything could change that.

January 16, 2021 04:28

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This is gonna be a three part series because when I saw the prompts I came up with one story that matched 3 prompts so here we are The next story won't be this boring :)


Frances Reine
13:01 Jan 16, 2021

Haha, I enjoyed this story because it reminded me of the relationship between me and my sibling. It's very relatable. Although both of us don't enjoy sledding very much :>


While I was writing it all I could think about was my sister and how much she gets on my nerves Thanks :)


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TJ Squared
15:42 Feb 03, 2021

Good story! It really shows how younger siblings (and maybe older ones too) get on our nerves sometimes. But we still love them. We love them because we protect them, they push us to do hard things, we still have fun sometimes. I have been sledding many times, and if you haven't, I would encourage you to do so. Go pick up a sled and have the time of your life! God Bless, Lone Wolf (Tiffany)


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16:14 Jan 16, 2021

I enjoyed reading this story, Blue! I agree with Amber Evans that it was very relatable. It's been a couple of years since the last time I went sledding... I want to now after reading this! :D Keep writing and stay healthy! -Kiwi Kelsey (Brooke D.)


Thank you :) I've never been sledding but now I want to


17:05 Jan 16, 2021

You're welcome! You should! It's a lot of fun! :D Especially when you go with friends and push them down the hills really fast! XD


They would probably kill me if I did that but I would still do it


17:17 Jan 16, 2021

XD Same here.


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14:12 Jan 16, 2021

This is awesome and very relatable though I also, have never gone sledding :) I do have a younger sister though.


I have a younger sister too and she is very annoying but I still love her. Thanks :)


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