Adventure Christmas Fiction

Here were all there. 

Every single one of us. 

Me, Mother, Father and our Grandfather. 

Grandmother had died a few weeks ago, we were still extremely sad about it. 

Mother couldn't stop crying and Father wouldn't let us speak about it. 

She had left us very little money when she died, but just enough to do something with it. 

Yesterday, the whole family argued what we should do with it, but we just couldn't come to a agreement. 

"What will we do about the money?" I whispered quietly. 

"We should sell her house for it," Said Mother. 

"I think we should build a waterslide in the back garden!" I shouted out excitedly. 

"goo-goo-ga," said our little baby, mess. 

Sorry that I forgot about mess at the beginning- well at least you know her now. 

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Barked our brown dog, mucky- yup, mucky by name and mucky by nature too. 

The dog barked until we were all quiet, so it could go back to sleep peacefully and quietly 

We all looked at Father now. 

"I think we should do what was grandmother's dream- we should visit and explore the world!" he shouted proudly, pointing at the ceiling for extra effect. 

"yay!" We all cheered. 

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Barked mucky, even louder than before- although, she didn't leave the room as she was so cosy round the fireplace. 

"But she didn't leave much money," said Mother- she had a point. 

"well, we could escape into a warmer country," said Father "I'm sick and tired of being locked inside our house for days and days just because there's some little snow on our driveway," 

"To tell you the truth-there's over 8 feet of snow outside," I reminded him. 

"pfft! Are you scared of some frozen water?!" He yelled "well, I'm not!" 

So that's how we all agreed to go on a family vacation together. 

In the middle of winter. 

We looked and looked online, until we found a cheap hotel that the money grandmother left us could afford, and that were in the tropical islands of somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean sea... 


The day of the holiday is today! 

We packed our bags (all of us except mess, the baby of course(we left our dog with auntie small)) and headed on the road! 

What I mean with that was that we couldn't open the door as we were locked inside by snow, and we decided to jump out of the window (all except grandfather of course, we decided it was best to leave him with auntie small too). 

If you think we are super crazy to jump out of the window, you are right. 

But, because the snow was so high up, it was more like jumping 2 meters down, and landing in the soft snow. 


Snowflakes shot into the air like feathers from a cut-open pillow when you jump on them too. 

Then we had our next problem as well. 

We couldn't find the car. 

We searched and searched for it- it was no use. 

It was buried deep into the snow below. 

All of a sudden our holiday getaway vacation was fading. 

And fast... 

We tried to get a shovel and dig it all up, but it was no use, it wouldn't ever work. 

It would take us days on end to get all of that snow off, and besides, who knows where the car was? No one had used it recently as it was so cold. 

Mother got the idea to get the mini transportable heaters out, to help us melt the snow, but those things didn't even barely work, they would melt all of that snow it over two years! or maybe even more. 

Mess helped out by drooling into the snow, which to be honest with you- wasn't helping that much. 

This time, it was mucky who saved the day! 

It pointed with it's nose to something weird sticking out of the snow... something that looked like a long metal stick. 

"The antenna!" I cried out. 

Everybody looked at me like I was crazy. 

"That's an antenna pointing out of the snow! The antenna from the car! It's here! Quick! Let's dig it up!" 

So, all of us (Me, mother and father) started digging around the car- Mucky even helped out by digging it's paws all the way into the snow. 

So- in no time we had received the car from the snow, and opened it up. 

The doors magically opened and we all climbed inside. 

Father started the engine. 

It was a miracle! 

It worked! 

Nothing was frozen! 

Everybody was shocked (happy shocked, not the bad type of shocked). 

I looked up into the sky. 

"Thank you Santa" I whispered. 

I don't know if it was me going crazy or what- but I think I heard Santa reply: "HO! HO! HO!" 

We rode in the car for some time-and then Father turned onto the highway. 

I was asleep. 

I must have been. 

Mother woke me up and said that we were already at the airport. 

"That fast?" I asked as I opened my eyes. 

"Well- you WERE asleep for 2 hours," chirped in Father. 

Mucky started licking my face. 

"YUCK!" I laughed as we all got out of the car, our holiday was finally going to begin... 

There weren't many people here, as there was so much snow and no one really had the time to go on a holiday... except us, I smiled. 

There was a short line, and then we put our bags onto the large and long conveyor belt. 

It was after we walked some time that we forgot all about Mess, who thought the conveyor belt was some kind of ride, and then we got the baby back. 

Then we went through something that Mother and Father calls 'security' and there we had to put off our boots and coats and things like that into a plastic tray. 

There was a lady operating it all, and then I said if she wanted to taker some of our clothes away, she would at least have to PAY, but all she did was laugh. 

I learned WHY, because after we went through this part of a big-box thingy or another, we got our stuff back. 

Although, I was pretty sure they had done nothing with them, but just to be on the safe side, I opened father's wallet to see if it wasn't empty inside. 

If I said I didn't take a few pounds or pence from the wallet, then I'd be LYING. 

After about 1-2 hours later Mother said our gate was now open, we went forwards a while, and I was trying to spot a big metal gate like a fence in front of me, only to find no such thing. 

We went through A very long passage way, until we were all outside, I asked Mother and Father if we were lost, but they just pointed to a plane near by, and I nearly automatically knew that we weren’t. 

We climbed up the steps of the plane, until we found our seats and all sat down together. 

I looked out of the window as we got higher and higher. 

It got even more and more exciting. 

So, exciting- that in fact I dozed off after a couple of minutes. 

Father woke me up, we had to wait a bit and then we went down the steps again. 

I imminently felt at home. 

The sand was soft between my fingers as I moved my feet about. 

The bright, warm sun was shining all upon me, much better than cold damp snow. 

This was the life! 

Is this a dream? I asked myself, but when Mess threw up all over me, I knew it was a firm ‘NO!’. 

February 28, 2021 08:57

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Izzie Q.
12:26 Mar 12, 2021

Stunning story Damian (love the contact pic btw)!! I love the balance between diolouge and the description! Really great concept and I can't wait to see more :) how've you been lately?


Damian Nowacki
09:07 Mar 13, 2021

Hi Lizzie! I've been fabulous lately! Thank you for your kind comment, if you want to see more you could read my other stories :-D. I'll be writing more soon. How are you?


Izzie Q.
16:02 Mar 14, 2021

Hey!! I am TOTALLY gonna read more of your stories :) I'm good!! It's really nice out today :)


Damian Nowacki
13:07 Mar 21, 2021

Have you written a new story for this week's prompt? I have!


Izzie Q.
02:03 Mar 22, 2021

Hey Damian!! Yeah I just did actually! Oooh i'll go check yours out, i'm so excited :)


Damian Nowacki
17:58 Mar 23, 2021

Thanks ヅ


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