It may seem bad, but we didn't like it one bit. The king and queen needed to fix this.

You see, in this town, the people here are-shall we say- a bit odd and different.

I mean, if you came across a black cat with horns, or four tails-in this period of time- you would run away screaming about witchcraft.

But in this town, it wasn't a strange sight. A strange sight would be a 'normal' cat. You know with only two eyes, and one tail. The boring kind.

Anyways, this was one of very limited places where you could live, and magic would run wild. But in a good way. Everyone here knew one another, and all was nice and dainty, with people singing la-la-la (not really but you get the point), when suddenly BAM people say this is weird and that is evil.

That's the problem. Those people want to make problems. Can't just watch us magical people thrive. What a bunch of bogus. I'm surprised the King and Queen haven't lifted a finger. I mean, they never have, now that I think about it. And, wait, were they even magic? That makes me think. Yeah, I mean that may be why.

Anyways, so now it's a rare sight to see any Wurs (Those cats I was telling you about), they were all in hiding. People who weren't magic were getting bolder, and more self-centered. They were using CAT fur-now that bears grew extinct- to make their lovely little furs, thinking they can go around like 'Ohh, look at the pretty little unicorn...I know! let's skin it until all of them are dead!'

No. This was for us. The people that took refuge here. Now? Now, it's not an unusual sight to see us magic people-Enchanters- to be dragged out of our houses to 'Make way for the cleansed people that have souls'. Wow. Rude. I know.

I glance out the small window in Yonnah's Tavern. Yonnah is a cheery soul, a little chubby, and red-faced-and maybe a bit of a gossip- but a good soul. I was surprised to find it still intact. Most other taverns that used to line the streets were raided or went bankrupt from being beat out of money. I know your probably thinking 'Wait, why can't they use spells or whatever to take a stand?' It's because that's illegal.

If we use our powers against other people, that's technically a crime. And if the guards 'Don't see it', then they can't report it to the King and Queen. Now, unless the guards are Enchanters, they turn up their noses to any harmful activity towards the Enchanters.

I break out of my trance when a man ducks into the tavern. Yonnah's face pales, and I know that this is a 'Normal' person.

"Get outta here 'fore I make ya.", he spits at the people sitting at the tables. Most of them pick up their things, and walk out, into the sunny 'Happily Never After' place, complete with a delicate tower from the castle, and a forest next to the tavern. The ones that leave probably think it's not worth the trouble.

The that stay continue their conversation like nothing happened. They were the more hard-spirited, or just more powerful Enchanters.

The man reddened, frustrated at us making him seem a fool.

"I SAID get OUTTA HERE BEFORE I MAKE YA!", he screamed.

One young woman holding a sleeping child rolled her eyes, and silently said a spell under her breath.

The man laughed seeing this.

"I can report you you know! And you'll get exiled at least, or thrown in prison!", he shrieked with delight, he piggy face getting close to hers.

I knew this was going to happen.

You see, the guards were paying Normal people to look for people 'Breaking the righteous law of the King and Queen'. For help, some of the cowardly Enchanters with less power would set a spell so that no curses can touch them.

"Stop", I say, majestically. The man whirls around to face me. He's in shock at seeing a woman stand up to him, and-if I say from all the compliments I get-a powerful one, too, but he didn't know that.

He didn't know I was The Enchantress. The one that people of all kinds came to for help, shelter, and other things.

He also thought I was attractive. I know because I looked into thoughts, came up with an image that he would find pretty, and magicked myself into that image. It was easy really.

"W-who-", he started, but I twirled my finger, undoing the poorly done un-curse spell, and turned him into a cockroach-the most repulsive bug I could think of at the moment, for a repulsive man.

He scuttled around, trying to avoid the Enchanters trying to squash him. But an Enchanter ended up just chanting a spell, and throwing a knife with such accuracy that it was no use trying to get away. It hit him dead in the center of his shell, and a tiny screech emitted from the mess of grub.

I pay Yonnah, and make my way out, heading to the castle.


The guards eye me skeptically, but let me pass. I hear arguing coming from the throne room, and I politely knock, before letting myself in.

"We will continue living the way we have. The reports and letters from the disgusting evil-doers mean nothing-", the Queen says, before seeing me. I act as though I heard nothing, but on the inside, I was boiling with rage.

The Queen looked at me, as if expecting me to grovel at her feet, and worship her.

But I was The Enchantress. I bow for nobody.

"Yes?", The Queen asks curtly.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I would like to say that you need to fix this problem you have created-"

"WHAT?", the King Shouts at me. "THERE IS NO PROBLEM!"

"Yes, there is. Enchanters are dying because you are allowing these Normal people through the gates."

"No. Get out."

"I'm sorry? What did you dare say to me? An all powerful Enchanter? That is worth much more than you vermin that think you are royalty ever will."

My anger got the best of me, I turn to their child, point my finger, and curse her. On the spot. And sure after that, I regretted it, but at the time, I relished it.

"And now, your daughter will pay the price."


That's the TRUE story, no lie! Not like those bogus stories that say I'm evil. I never turned into a dragon in my life, either, nor did I face a prince. Or curse the child with sleep. Oh, heavens no. I just made her hate her parents, and think the world was against her, that's all....

March 18, 2021 16:44

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Arah Shumway
21:14 Mar 24, 2021

I like the idea of telling Maleficent's story from a different angle. Keep writing!!!


Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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