Coming of Age

They had been friends since they were both attending the same college. They both got married around the same time, one was a housewife the other pursued the life of the mothers in the workplace. They gave birth to kids around the same time. It was always nice to be around them because they liked each other. When their kids started dating all the sense of goodwill fell by the way side.

"I meant to mention to you that your daughter is always happy. She always has a happy face." a mother said to her friend who also is a mother

(meaning, I hate your daughter dating my son. She is a lose harlot and I hate seeing her in my son's room!"

"I know, they are great at this age." the mother responded

(meaning, I can't wait for her to move out)

"You know. I meant to ask you if you did check on that doctor that we talked about the other day." the other mother said

(meaning, your daughter should have been arrested by now if not put in a mental institution for dating my son!)

"Actually no, I didn't call. I have been so busy lately."

(meaning, I am afraid of you and your army guy husband of yours. I am sure that is not a doctor but a psychotic killer that you are referring me to. I think you no longer like me, what's with the small talk.)

"I think that I saw your son the other day with my husband at breakfast. I don't know what is going on with those two. How is your daughter doing?"

(I don't like your son, especially if he is in my house and more so if he talks to my husband!)

"I don't keep up with them. I know that they are together a lot. By the way, you do speak to your daughter?"

(is she on the pill, is she? mirena? anything!!!"

"I do. She is over eighteen now and I have very little impression on her nowadays."

(your son is monster and I hate him)

"We are going on a vacation in a few weeks and I think that my husband invited your daughter to join us. Did she say anything to you?"

(I hope she will decline.)

"No, that's news to me. Where may I ask are you going on vacation?"

(oh my God I was trying to get her to break them up!!!!)

"We are going to Florida for a week."

(that is going to be a week too long to be around her. what am I going to do? I have to be nice I think.. right? right!...)

"I'll ask her tonight if I see her. I didn't know that. Anyway are you okay with her joining you or that will be a problem? You seem worried."

(it really is up to my daughter at this point.)

"You know I meant to ask you the other day, what your son plans to do now that he has finished high school?"

(is he joining the army, the navy, the army anything with death and destruction in it..a gang!)

"So far he is waiting to hear from Stanford, otherwise he just wants to hang out until he figures out what he wants to do with his life.

(i pray that he does not want your daughter) "What about your daughter?"

(cross my heart hope to die, a car crash anything..."

"Well, she wants to attend the local school of fashion design."

(thank God for that! hopes he hates the artie types!)

"Oh wow you just took me by surprise. How come I didn't know about this?"

(she might succeed or suck. my son wants someone who is serious. oh well!! easy come easy go)

"Why are you smiling?"

(what the heck... what is so funny)

"No I was wondering if my son knew that she is attending a fashion design school? With him planning to be an Architect."

(equally yolked-not!)

"Interesting, I don't think that they talked about that. He is planning to be an Architect, how different!"

(maybe i need to slow down a little bit. maybe he is okay, vacay!!)

"I don't know about them. They have a life of their own. I just hope that they are not making a mistake."

(a fashion designer! help somebody help)

"The other day I was shopping and this guy stopped me and told me about his company. He owns a gym and has a number of health coaches who work for him. I thought about our kids, that they could do that. They need to take classes for two weeks and get certified and then they can have their own clients until they can figure out what to do at least they can earn some money.)

(I am just saying that to be polite, I don't think of her daughter. I worry about my son.)

"That is a great idea. What do health coaches do?"

(i am so tired of this conversation! but she is such a good friend of mine. if only our kids did not start dating i think that we would be okay)

"They have clients whom they help with weight loss issues and healthy eating habits. Your daughter is so thin though."

(she is not healthy at all at that weight)

"I know she is always on a diet. Imagine to find out that she was losing weight to be able to date your son. That is crazy right?"

(maybe it is not what she wants, maybe she feels pressured to date her son.)

"I know girls at that age have it tough because not only do they have to worry about their weight, they have to worry about their looks and still be smart. I don't know how they do it."

(i think that i am ready to go home. i am so tired of this conversation)

"Okay, I will see you next week for lunch. Are we still on?"

(we have to remain friends because if we fight our kids will rebel.)

"Yeah we can meet for lunch. Oops here is my car. See you next week."

(we are friends)

"I'll call you first. Bye"

(we are friends)

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