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This is a story about MY(a 10-year-old girl) feelings of the pandemic in a Journal-type style. Of course, I added the only one room thing.

March  (12th to be exact)

So, this is scary, I spent almost a month joking about the pandemic, thinking, "It's on the other side of the world, people wouldn't be stupid enough to go over there and come back..." , carelessly. And now, BOOM, someone went to Italy, came back and people are dropping like flies. I'm stuck, at home, in this one room, this prison cell, with my sister and parents and the days are dragging by but still blurring together.


You would think, " Oh, no school, staying at home, in one room, a pandemic, an adventure, fun!" but trust me, I'd give anything to be sitting in a hot classroom, listening to my teacher drone on for eight hours. At least  that's for only eight hours, this is 24/7, with not even a droning teacher to keep me entertained(yes, I just said that a boring teacher is fun). I think my family will resort to eating each other if I have to live another day in this wrecked room. But I mean, it's my birthday month, so I guess that is the kinda good thing that happened to me this month...

Update: I GOT A KITTY I GOT A KITTY I GOT A ok Paloma, calm down, calm down, but this I guess is the little bit of hope shining through the canopy trees.


Holy cow, racism is real, and I'm not joking. This is REALLY scary,

I mean, I know that it was still a thing and stuff, but wow, just wow

the nerve and the just general meanness of this world is so bad I just, just, just, I can't. I just want to throw something or just scream.

Now, on the room subject, you probably want to know why I'm here, in this room, which, by the way, is actually pretty big, with my family. Well, to tell you the short story, when the pandemic started my parents kinda freaked out and gathered all of the important stuff and locked us in this room. They have the key but only go out every 2 weeks to get food.


Another month in the life of a lock down kid. I'm starting to go crazy, if it wasn't for this journal, I think that I'd be eating my computer. I mean, at least we have food every 2 weeks, but with a 5 year old in the house(or room in this case) that will only last you so long. AND, we don't have a stove or sink or refrigerator, so we're basically surviving on chips and cheesy puffs.


We're looking for a cat, and now I'm kinda regretting asking for one, another creature in this room which by the way, It's walls are closing in on me. All the things to be done have already been done, the food for these two weeks have been eating. I would literally do ANYTHING to get out of this stupid room. And I can't do anything stupid like crying because the whole family would hear me. 


We got a cat, and my parents let us out for 10 minutes and they said that it was safe for all except me to roam around the house all the time now. Like WHAT??? They get to go wander around the house while I'm confined to this one room??? They said that it was because I could catch it easily and pass it to everyone else. Ugh. I mean at least I'm alone now and don't have a 5 year old asking me to play every second of every day and when she does something wrong when my parents are not looking and blaming it on me. Sigh.


This has to win a record of the worst month in history. Fires all over the state. Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies. Over 1 million people were killed by the virus. Presidential Election. Cyber attack on the hospitals. Sometimes I lay in bed crying, thinking how messed up this world is. A pandemic killing more and more people every day, racism and violence like we don't know how to be civilized people. Climate change, destroying the world more and more every day. A president that is tearing families apart. And everyone is depending on my generation to fix it, but they don't see it, that we can't just magically fix the world, we need a little boost.


Wow, I just realized that the last part was deep but very true. My cat is officially the craziest thing in the world. In the night and in the morning, she goes bonkernuts, thinking my legs under the sheets are squirrels or something. This room is my hell and my heaven, the walls closing in but being too lost in a book to realize, pouring my heart and soul into a silly journal, but feeling so free after every entry. Sigh. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. But, I just realized that usually I would be trick or treating but, I mean, at least I don't have to dress up in an uncomfortable costume, am I right?


My parents got me my own computer!!! They said they were sorry for locking me in my room( ya right... ) and they said the computer was for me to connect with my friends so I started playing Minecraft with my friends, learning that there are people just like me, whose families freaked out too! I get to play with my best friend all the time! Maybe the me-going-crazy-during-the-pandemic part but that does NOT mean that the world is fixed, but I really think that the world by my generation, a generation of new fresh ideas that may save the world one day!


Hey, maybe my parents aren't that evil after all, mom cooked up a yummy lunch and my dad set up the christmas tree down here and we just spent christmas together, opening presents and laughing and just having a good time together, I even though my little sis how to play Minecraft. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. Because, for once I didn't care about the presents, I just cared about being with my family, even if they locked me inside a room, I still love and miss them.


A new year is a new beginning, well not really but I mean, welcome to 2021 people! The vaccines are out and hopefully everyone (except kids) will be vaccinated! My parents are scheduled to get there in March so hopefully I'll be out of this room by then. I have my schedule down; Listen to the radio until 10:00, play some morning Minecraft until 11:30, then read until 12:00, when my parents bring me my lunch, eat/read/play with my cat till 1:00, then read till 3:00, play more Minecraft till 5:00 then read until 6:30, when I eat dinner, then read 7:30 to 9:00, have a cup of tea then go to bed.

Of course, having a schedule means being so bored during the day that I don't know what to do with myself. Sigh.


I don’t have anything to say about this month, but you're probably wondering why I’m not going to distance learning. My parents, being my parents, decided that I could somehow be persuaded to get the virus. Ugh.

March(12th to be exact)

The same day, the same day that my parents shoved me in this room, I am out, I am free.

Thank you for reading. I really poured my heart and soul into this and am not here to win, just to get that big weight off my shoulders.

March 08, 2021 21:17

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Calum Browne
23:31 Mar 19, 2021

really good


18:10 Mar 20, 2021

Thank you!


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