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(Trigger Warning- blood and murder.)

"Everything was ready for the ritual." I thought as I set down the last candle with a sort of accomplished feeling. I had managed to set up the entire ritual in almost record time, alone. After all, I had been chosen this year to participate in the yearly ritual to renew our witchy powers. Which meant I had to set it up myself with no help.

No student witch had ever gotten to attend so no one knew how it even worked. It was considered to be too important for commoner witches to know, only Lilith's Priestess' could learn.

I looked at what I had done with pride. This was definitely my best work. I would make my fellow commoner witches proud, several of them should even be at this exact ritual! I couldn't wait to ask them questions!


"There goes that darn bell again, ruining all the fun," I said under my breath. The bell signifies when it is time to eat. There are three bells a day. One for us to wake up or get breakfast, one for lunch, and this bell is for dinner. Technically the "Gong" sound means it's the last call for supper, so anyone who wants it needs to go now.

I hurried away from the ritual site, barely remembering to lock the heavy door, before running to catch a meal in the food court.

I got there just in time. My friend Vantzle works at one of the food shops and always keeps it open for a few more minutes because he knows I'm always late.

"'Bout time you showed up!" I heard him holler from the left. I quickly turned and ran over to his station.

"Hey, Vantzle! I'll have Kelpy stew with french frogs." I quickly said barely glancing at the menu. I almost always get food from here so I already knew the menu by heart.

"That will be $12.00."

"What! Come on Vantzle, you never make me pay?! I didn't even bring any money!"

"Well maybe if you started coming on time you wouldn't have to pay now."

"Come on! In a few hours I'll become Lilith's newest priestess, doesn't that count for anything?!" My stomach growled loudly as if protesting against the price too.

I looked back at Vantzle to say, "See my stomach agrees," but instead I saw that his smile had dimmed and his eyes weren't as bright. Before I could ask he shook his head and smiled brightly again, though it looked more forced.

"Fine," he said, rolling his eyes, "I'll give you it free, but only because this will be your last meal here. Okay?" I nodded, a sad realization settling over me. I had forgotten that once I become Lilith's Priestess I can no longer interact with commoner witches. I will have to live with other Priestesses and we will have a private chef.

I wait quietly while Vantzle prepares my food. I feel a piece of my heart break when he hands it to me. I had completely lost my appetite.

We didn't exactly want to say goodbye, so we only nodded and hugged. I felt tears run down my face as I started running home. I didn't even bother to wipe them.

When I finally got inside I walked straight to my room, not even bothering to acknowledge my parents who had asked how my day had been. I shut my door with a loud thud but didn't go to my bed, instead, I leaned against my door. As I slowly slid to my floor more tears spilled out than I could stop.

I don't know for how long I stayed like that but the next thing I knew my mom was waking me and telling me it was time for the ritual. I got out of my bed, not sure how I got there, and put on the ceremonial white robe that the Priestess' had given me.

I quietly walk downstairs to meet my parents. They couldn't come with me so I just hugged them extra hard before I left.

As I walked the candlelit path, I wondered what life would be like for me once I became a priestess. Would I be bored? Would Mom and Dad miss me? Would Vantzle?

Vantzle, that was a name that made me want to cry all over again. I would miss him so much. The chats we had. The little arguments that drove us crazy. All of it.

"Psst. Hey, Psst!" I jump, who the heck would be so stupid as to interrupt a ritual?! Suddenly Vantzle's head pops out from behind a nearby bush and I can't decide whether to shoo him away or strangle hug him.

I settle for strangle hugging him, then shooing him away.

"Alright," he said giving me a thumbs up. Then before I could tell him to stay, he was gone.

It all felt too real as I turned to face the heavy doors, that I had almost forgotten to close earlier. It seemed like so long ago, that it felt like another person entirely. Not the girl that stood before them now, completely terrified of what lay inside.

The doors open before I'm ready. I step inside and they shut with a thud. This was really happening! I see six women and six men lining the walkway to the stone where I had put the rune in salt on. The stone was only two feet off the ground so it was fairly easy to put the rune on.

It was said there is a sacrifice! I can't wait to see it! If I've been chosen to become Lilith's newest priestess that would be awesome! I'd suddenly go from a regular commoner witch to the highest level witch possible. I would be directly linked to Lilith and could even use a fraction of her powers in dire situations!

"Welcome, Gratta." The twelve witches said in unison. It sent a shiver down my spine. Would I have to do that next year to the new Priestess?

Now that I'm taking a second look, I don't recognize any of these faces. None of them were once commoner witches. I try to look around discreetly to find any familiar faces, but I recognize no one.

"Thank you for your sacrifice." I almost scream, I had been so lost in thought I hadn't seen one of the twelve witches walk up to me.

As she leads me down the walkway towards the stone, I get a glimpse of all of the twelve witches' faces that were usually covered by their dark hoods. The woman leading me looked even older than all of them, she must be the oldest witch here.

"It wasn't much of a sacrifice, I've always wanted to become one of you," I said once we stopped in front of the stone.

"One of us, what are you talking about?" My racing heart freezes.

"If not to join you then why am I here?" I asked, panic slipping into my tone.

"My dear, where else do you think we get the sacrifices from?" Her voice was too light, too guiltless.

"Sacra-" I stumble back, she couldn't mean-

"Yes, We take commoner witches who are most likely to be trouble or rebel and we sacrifice them to gain another year of immortality and power from Lilith." She nodded, a hint of a smile playing on her lips.

"This year it turns out we will have two sacrifices. Lilith must be extra hungry tonight." One of the witch's stages whispers to me. I feel her wrap her boney fingers around my shoulder, but when I try to run I feel my feet are frozen. I can't move at all, they must be using magic to keep me from running.

"Your friend, Vantzle, he broke the rules, he will now join you." The crinkly old woman snapped her fingers and suddenly Vantzle was standing next to me. He looked around confused at what had just happened.

"What's going on?" He asked, turning his attention to me.

"You," The old woman said and Vantzle's neck snapped back to face her. She must've used magic again, "are going to join this lovely young woman in being a sacrifice."

Suddenly the stone burst into flames. The witches screamed and ducked as the fire grew to engulf the entire stone and grass surrounding it.

"Lilith is angry! She is hungry! We must feed the sacrifices before she feeds on us!" They cry out.

I felt my feet start to move involuntarily towards the fire. Vantzle was right beside me, struggling to break out of the magic's control.

I screamed as the heat became almost unbearable, and I felt the flames lick my arms and legs.

Suddenly Vantzle grabs my hand and turns me towards him. I was amazed that he had managed to break the magic binding him. He pulled me in close and whispered, "I'm sorry, I love you."

Those turned out to be the last words he ever said. The next thing I knew, he pushed me with what magic energy he had left, while he alone fell into the fire. As I fell back I saw his eyes only on me as he burned.

I screamed and ran towards the fire, but a witch caught my hair and yanked me back. She shouted to the others. "Lilith is satisfied, we do not need another sacrifice." I felt like I was on fire. I was so broken but also so very angry. If they had realized it would only take one person Vantzle would still be alive!

"Preform the mind wipe, then send the girl home." I heard a male witch say somewhere in the crowd of witches.

I felt a searing pain in my head like my brain had been stabbed with a knife. I heard a voice beckoning me to forget, to let all of my memories go, and just sleep.

I almost gave in. I wanted so badly to get rid of the hurt. But I knew getting rid of my pain also meant forgetting Vantzle, and I would never let any witch take my memories of him.

I passed out and woke up back at home. I got to work immediately. I went outside to the runestone we had in our backyard. It was normally only used for performing small basic spells, but after all, that's all we knew. But now I knew the spell for summoning Lilith.

It was almost complete, the final step, the sacrifice. I took a long knife and drew it over my hand. I winced at the stinging, but I didn't stop. I poured my blood across the rune and in seconds black flames burst up. I knew Lilith was angry but I didn't care.

"You puny child dare summon me!"

"I was the one who summoned you before, and you know it. So cut the dramatics and tell me how I can get your power?"

"Ha, the only way is by carving out your heart and giving it to me, but you would die." She added when I turned the knife towards my heart.

"I'm already dead," then I shoved the knife in my chest and started carving. A witch should be able to live for twenty-four hours without their heart, that would be enough time.

The pain was enough to make me want to stop, but when the blood started pouring out of me I hesitated. Was this really a good idea?

"You will die now, but you will be reborn as my child." I didn't listen or care, I had to focus all my energy on carving out my heart.

Soon it was done. I laid my heart down in the fire and looked back up at Lilith. She smiled and looked down hungrily at the heart. I felt weak but I didn't let my face show any of the agonies I felt.

"Well done my child, I will give you what you want."

I suddenly felt pure power flood my veins. I knew I had finally gotten what I had been looking for, the power to kill twelve witches.

October 25, 2021 18:32

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Amanda Lieser
22:54 Oct 26, 2021

Hi Sierra, I really snooped the twist and turns of this story. Your narrator sounds very young to me and subsequently, innocent. I love how you described the powerful imagery of this story. I also really enjoyed your description of the last meal. You did a great job of this story and I thought it was a creative response to the prompt!


Emrys Oak
00:53 Oct 27, 2021

Thank you so much! As my bio says I'm not really a pro so I'm just trying to experiment with different writing styles and prompts to see which genre I like the best. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


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