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Sages was trying to get ready for the arrival of his daughter, whom he never met. She was coming back home today, at least he felt here with him was her true home. He had known her mother had used her for her power, from the others who had been watching the family said. That made him so angry. And the one she knew as father was trying to keep him and the ones he sent to watch them away from her, so he didn't know as much as he wanted to know. He had to get stuff for a person he only knew bits of pieces about.

His goal was to make her feel welcome here, and like this was the home she always wished for. That meant a lot of shopping, getting outfits and furniture for her room. He didn't think of having her pick things by herself, a bit he thought of her as too young to be able to. He frowned, remembering Renee said she was a teenager. Oye, he been going about things wrong! She would think the things he picked out as too childish. Well, she been raised as a human, she probably thought a bit different than most of his kind. Maybe she might still like it? Oh no, better get rid of all this stuff!

He got help to get rid of all the furniture, then thought to himself an empty room is not going to be very welcoming. The others were getting annoyed with him changing his mind about that so much, he kept buying and setting things up and then taking the stuff out.

“You know a bit about her, I am sure what you pick she will like. Stop doubting yourself so much Sages.” his wife Vopala said, sighing.

“I just want things to be perfect when she comes, you know. I fear she will be angry I let her be used like that.” he flops his bright green spotted head down,. His lips turning to a frown.

“Try not to worry, she may not blame you for that. I think Renee told her that her father kept you away from her.” she hugs him.

“What if she does? I have a lot of mending to do.” he frowns looking at the empty room.

“It is best not to worry, come on let's buy her basic stuff at least?” Vopala head off to the store with him, and they picked out things. Sages trying to get stuff he thought Ashley would like.

They set up the room, and Vopala stared at him. “Now no more changing the room, leave it be!”

“There's still so much more I want to do, I am not ready yet.”

“What possibly more could you do? I swear you want to spoil her already!” she chuckled a bit fondly.

“I just...don't know how it will be. A new year, and finally being able to be with her. I am so glad Renee found her.” he smiled.

“It was her skill of tracking people that did the trick. I am so glad she is out of that place. Humans treat their own so bad just for thinking differently.” she shakes her head. “It won't be that way here, she will be treated like a queen by you I am sure.”

His spots started to change colors. “Humph. Well you know she is going to be special to me, being my first daughter. You know Renee is too.”

“You tend to always give her what she wants, I am sure it won't be different with Ashley.” she giggles.

“Sorry do I do too much?” he sighed at the teasing from his wife.

“Sometimes, but I know you mean well. I am just making a rib at you is all.” she chuckled.

“Oh, hum OK I guess I will tone down the gift giving then.” he laughs and kisses her

“Oh, Renee is coming with her now!” She goes to the door and looks out seeing the two walking towards the house.

“Ashley, you are finally here!” Sages ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“Father! It's so great to meet you and um..your wife?” she looks to Vopala.

“I am Vopala, I married him shortly after your mother ran off with the man who raised you. It was a good match because we were both hurting from the past.” she offered her hand.

“Uh, do you guys usually just spout off stuff like that?” Ashley blinked a bit surprised, she shook the offered hand though.

“Yes, we do not hide emotions as much as humans tend to.” Sages nodded a bit. “I suppose it will be hard to get used to.”

“That's great, I hate having to act like I am in a good mood when I am really not.” Ashley whews

“I hope you are happy and...do not think bad of me for not taking you away from your horrible mother.” Sages looked down

“She wasn't that bad, I can't judge about it. You probably had your reasons not to take me away, I am glad to be here. Here where I...well hopefully belong.”

“We will do our best to help you feel that way, and you will also have Renee helping you. She is my daughter and your sister.” Vopala said, and hugged Renee.

“Oh! Really? Now that'[s a surprise. Why didn't you tell me Renee?” Ashley looked over at her.

“I didn't want you to think you HAD to be friends with me.” Renee shrugged.

“Uh, you sorta made me feel that even without the sister thing, remember?” she said with a look.

“Uh, oh yeah I did. Sorry about that. I guess I am too forceful at times. That is why a lot of people don't like me.” she frowns.

“Well we love you dear, you just need to take it easy with other people humm?” said Sages patting her.

“Hey, let's make a deal. I help you with making friends and you show me to all the fun places around here.” Ashley smiled and held out her hand.

“Sounds like a good deal, but...I thought you said you had trouble talking to people? How good at making friends are you?”

Ashley turned pale. “I am good to talking to some people, and I hope it will be different here.” she withered a bit, maybe things weren't so different here.

“Sorry, that was a mean question. I am so bad with people, no wonder my parents are the only people who like me.” Renee sighed a bit.

“No, it was a valid question. I am just as bad with people, really, I never know what to say I am much better at writing.”

“Oh? I would like to see what you write if you don't mind showing me.” Renee looked interested.

“Well I didn't bring any with me, nor none of my stuff. You brought me here without me packing anything.”

“We thought you would want a new start, since life on Earth was so bad for you.” Sages said. “Oh you want to see your room?”

“Well, I do but...I want my art and writing at least you know?” Ashley nodded following Sages to her room, she looked at it and her eyes widened. Somehow Sages seemed to know her style pretty well. “Wow this is great! Thanks!”

“Don't worry we will get your art and writing soon enough, we want to show you to some places you may like first though.” Sages said, pleased she liked the room.

“Oh? Well lead me to it! I am curious what this place is like.” Ashley grinned, excited.

So, they headed out ready to explore the world. Would Ashley really feel like she belonged in this place, or would she feel like an outsider again? Right now she was hopeful she could be heard! We shall see!

To be continued...

December 25, 2020 05:38

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