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Coming of Age Drama Friendship

The year?

I suppose it depends on which Space Time timeline you are on. Reagan or Nixon was president.

The objective? To defeat the coming UFOs? Or giants? Or demons? Seemed viable.

However, it was not. Mine. This reality is not mine.

I was aide-de-camp for three of the last of the ten generals. Laughter. To think they thought they could defeat heaven or UFOs whichever you prefer.

What is heaven? It is a Dyson sphere that has been held back by satellites for well that is hard to say. You see, each spin of earth’s plural meaning many the multiverse is huge after all could take minutes / secs / days/ months/ eons / or for myself? I check the age of the earth and when the next galaxy is to hit.


I came from Sagittarius and if my memory is real, which I assure it is real to me. That would make me a little over 4.5 billion years old. Seems absurd. I assure you the shrink and I have conversations about this and he finally saw what happens and gave up and gave me nice purple pills. Seemed a real shame. He was making money per hour and could not handle the truth. Sadness, I suppose.

Moral compass or stable compass of ethics? I can only say what the programs did.

You are living in the time of tribulation. Welcome. I am assured that Revelation 6 plague let loss by. Is it Soros? Or China? Or who owned Wuhan or better yet since the cold virus was originally from Canada via England which lab is owned by Gates. Just who is the author of the plague?

Seems ethically the problem is not so much who did it. Just that they did it.

Sad no?

Anyway program Shiva was activated a while ago. What did this program do?

Well Destroyer of Worlds. Per John Von Neumann and it indeed destroyed realities.

For a time.

And then?

Well, Revelation 6.

You see, they mixed up Revelation or if you are Mandela Effected Revelations.


To heaven or the Dyson sphere, it provided each leader with a horrible reality to face or deal with.

You think Biden is crazy? What if I told you he is working with some advance horror story novel yet to take place here in this reality and all he is attempting to do is stop heaven from coming?

The problem?

He is crazy.

Heaven wins and those who hate heaven well get their freedom or hell. Which ever it is you would want I supose.

However we were talking about ethics. So Paul, who was Saul, talks about the ethics of Dec 2017 plus or minus eons or years or billions of years. They blew themselves up instead of facing God.

Kind of scary no?

Hawaii was indeed nuked and retaliation happened and here I am still taking care of Program Fluffy which was released a few weeks or thousand or millions of years ago. Depending on how slowed down reality is.

Does it work?

Of course. Program Fluffy works just as program zombify humanity is working.

Meaning? Well, those Wi-Fi towers turned on to some frequency causes the new metal in your brains to do whatever the servers tell you to do.

Think I am lying? Try to purchase something outside some stupid guidelines now and see if you can if you are vaccinated.

What happens?

When the dam in Turkey fails. Which it will? The army of giants comes forth.

Absurd storyline I know. Sounds sort of like Tolken or Tolkien here I suppose. In yet?

Those giants eat people. And instead of letting humanity be a food source, they turn them into zombies. But why? Why not fight them?

Oh that scenario happened too..

Scary to face something thirteen feet tall, three rows of teeth. Taking a full clip and then some of ammo and still coming at you as if nothing had happened.

Freakish the nightmares are not something I would wish on anyone.

In yet? It happens. And will happen. I have happen and I suppose in Space time timeline is happening presently.

Ethics? To warn people? Sure. The GIANTS are COMING. And with that the frequency is turned on THE ZOMBIES are COMING. AND with that the UFO or heaven is COMING.

Seems less dramatic than it really is. For a few this should be an ending of things. For Program Fluffy it is the beginning of things. However, that is another story told elsewhere.

So ethically warning people that they are zombies waiting to eat their relatives when the frequency is turned on the metal modified protein in their head making them like a rabid skunk is wild. In yet here I am telling you this. Ethically I am sure they will censor this. But hey, I tried and did what I was told to do. And?

Ethically, why are they not stopping me?

Simple and same reason program Fluffy is activated. No one remembers what it is I did.

Meaning? Well, for example imagine me working on program Y and giving it instruction Z. And if Z works, then wola you are safe. But if Y never happens let alone Z never happens but the whole idea of why Z was built in the first place is a mystery that costs billions of dollars and turns on a blender instead of a defence system.

Sounds absurd. But that is what it is. Absurd. Everything I write is absurd. Shh..

That is the secret. This whole game is absurd. Pray for peace. It is the only chance to survive.

But what of those who saw life after destroying earth or escaping hell or living in bunkers?

There is no escaping the Dyson sphere. It is all it see all. There is nothing to be done outside of it.

Even the black matter AI that has taken over reality here can not live without it.


The quantum dot or enzyme now required to activate the vaccine in 2020. IT does something to your mind that is not repairable I suppose. And in the end. You go insane. Wanting to self destruct. But for whatever purpose, the AI won’t allow you too. And?

Well, read Revelation and realize a server controlling humanity is at the mercy of whatever evil a person giving those controls does. That is the ethical problem.

July 12, 2021 16:10

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