"Michael!" My mother said. “Why are the FBI at our door?” I gulped. I don’t think I did anything wrong. Why are they here? I admit, I am a troublemaker, but I don’t break laws. I slowly shuffled up to the door. Huh. That is weird. How come the two guards are wearing gray? Aren’t the FBI supposed to wear black? Suddenly, they grabbed me by my arms and handcuffed me. “Come with us,” they said. “You know what you did.” I actually have no clue, but I stared at their guns and kept my mouth shut. 

No matter how much my mom cried and begged, they still threw me into their car. I finally got the courage to ask them what I did wrong. They replied, “You didn’t really do anything wrong, but we are going to give you special training. We just made it sound like you did something wrong to fool your mom.” “W-why do I need training?” I stammered. “You have a lot of potential to join the TGB.” Aha! So they weren’t the FBI. ‘What is the TGB?” I asked. “They are a group of people with superpowers.” WHAT???? So does that mean…. 

“Here we are,” one of the men said. Wow. It was completely hidden just a few seconds ago. Now, I see a majestic building made entirely out of titanium. There is also a force field, which I think is completely unnecessary. Inside, there are a lot of people training their superpowers. I saw a fire breather, a person that can fly, and even a person that can read minds! They marched me past all of those people, and into a room with an old man. “His name is Jordivor. His superpower is to be able to detect other powers. He said he sensed a strong power coming from you. Now sit while he examines your power.” the men said. “Hmmm,” Jordivor said, “He has an interesting power. He has the ability to control shadows at his will, or make shadows. He can also make the shadows solid, or liquid.” Wow! That is a cool power! No wonder the shadows at his house seem drawn to him. “How do I control them, mister?” I asked. Jordivor replied, “You will have to use your heart to communicate with them. Believe it or not, they can talk to you, and you can talk to them.” 

Hmmm... I can make a shadow solid…. How about I make a tiger? I used my heart, and sure enough, I was able to create a tiger. Jordivor chuckled, “You may be able to make a shape of the tiger, but you cannot make him act like a tiger. That is why you are here. You will learn to be able to control the shadows that you make.

Wow!!! Maybe getting kidnapped by two burly men in gray suits isn’t a bad thing!!! Just as I was thinking that, the security alarm blared. “There are intruders!!!” One of the men said. “Probably from the Cloaks!!!” Who are the cloaks? I asked myself. “The Cloaks are a group of people that kill for fun, and of course, they all wear cloaks.” Jordivor said, as if reading my mind. Instantly, the two guards turned into a tiger and a lion. Huh. I was wondering if they have superpowers. “Watch and learn, kid!” they yelled before jumping into the mayhem. 

I stared, dumbfounded, as they took down people in cloaks, one by one. They are awesome! They have a surprising amount of agility, and a lot of strength, too. Within minutes, all of the Cloaks have fallen. “They sent in sucky people.” the guards said. They didn’t look sucky to me! One of them even controlled lightning!!! “You see? Every day, we are losing more and more men to this organization, so that is why we need you.” Jordivor said. “Why so you need me?” I asked. “You can just make men out of shadows, and send them to attack the Cloaks!!!” he replied. 

Hey! That does sound smart!!! “When do I start my training?” I asked Jordivor. “Hmmm…… How about…. Now?” he replied sarcastically. Geez. No need to be rude!!! Jordivor told me to close my eyes and imagine a shadow forming into the shape of a small car. I did, and Jordivor told me to open my eyes. There indeed was a small car, but it just stood there, not wanting to move. Jordivor said, “You see, the car will only move whenever the master has complete control over the car.” “You will get control over it by becoming one with it.” “How do I do that?” I asked. “Imagine you are the car, and imagine your wheels moving” What? That sounds so stupid!!! Whatever. He is my teacher. I will do as he tells me to. 

I imagined my wheels moving, and whenever I opened my eyes, I saw the car moving forwards!!! Jordivor smiled. “My job here is done.” Just one lesson!?! What the heck? “You will practice doing that until you can control multiple shadows at once,” he instructed. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. The guard took me to my room, and said, “This is where you will be living from now on. Look around, and do whatever you want.” Wait a minute. The room was just like my room from home!!!! What in the world? Whatever. I will practice my newly acquired skills. I made a shape of a tiger, but I still can’t get it to budge. I guess I have to start with easy stuff, and make my way up.

A few years later

“No no no!! You are doing it wrong!” I told my students. Use your heart to control your power, not your head! Yes, I now have my own students. I have completely mastered my superpower, to the point where Jordivor told me to take his place!!! I use a different method of teaching than him, though. I give my students lessons until they master their power. Suddenly, the intruder alarm sounded. I remembered what the burly men in gray suits once told me. I told my students, “What and learn, kiddos!!”

July 25, 2020 15:22

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Clarisse Mardoux
13:40 Aug 01, 2020

I loved how this story took a twist right at the beginning, and came full circle at the end. You were very creative with the powers; excellent job!


Derrick Chu
14:23 Aug 01, 2020

Thank you!!!


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