Angella’s popsicle started melting by that time. The day became a memorable one in her life. She corrected her spectacles which was about to fall down. She heard someone calling her.

“Angella, Angella, What are you doing there? Aren’t you coming to the wedding?”, her mom called.

“No mom, I’m little busy up with my record works and all”, Angella replied.

“Take care of the home. We’re moving now.” By telling that her mother and father left the home.

Angella thought to enjoy the day. From her small balcony, she was watching the little kids playing in the park next to her home. She forgot her favorite popsicle in her hands. She started to forget herself as she moved onto her deep thoughts.

Angella was doing her postgraduate studies in Sarah University. As she was the topper in the class, she was loved by all the staff and also the family. But she was a person who behaves very childish in all the works. Her thoughts took her to her own childhood days in the same park. She remembered that particular day throughout these years.

That was a sunny day with mild wind. But many kids came there for playing in the park. She was in her blue little gown which makes her look more pretty and chubby. With the round frame spectacles, she noted a beautiful colorful butterfly flying all over the park in search of honey. She was attracted to the butterfly and started to walk behind it to catch it. Running behind it for a long way, she moved out of the park and went for a long way into the road. Finally the butterfly flied onto the road and flied away. But the little girl Angella was hit by a car on the road.

Angella fell down unconsciously. The person who hit her, get down from the vehicle and took her in his arms and started crying looking at her. Then took her to the car and sprinkled some water in her face and she opened her eyes and calling him, “Dad, why are you crying? I’m fine.” He hugged her close to his heart and took her to the hospital. There was no injury, but she got some scratches in her knees. After that, her father took her to home. There, her mother was crying by the missing of her little daughter Angella. By seeing her little daughter with her husband, she scolded both of them by thinking that they both went somewhere together without informing her. And later she came to know the reason. From that day, Angella was not allowed to go anywhere alone without the company of someone else.

By looking into the park, she recollected her past memories and took a deep breath.

Angella heard a calling bell in her home. But at that time she was attracted by a colorful butterfly in her balcony. By that time, her popsicle melted and it reduced to half. It was flowing in her hands, but she was again crazy to the colorful butterfly which was flying in before her. She tried to make herself not to look into that butterfly. So Angella took the popsicle to her mouth. Meanwhile again she heard the calling bell. She went to the base floor and opened the door. Her mother was standing there. "What happened mom?" She asked.

“Where were you all these time?” Her mother enquired.

“Oh, sorry mom, I was watching the kids playing in the park.” Angella told her.

“What is in your hands?” Her mother asked. 

“Oh that’s the popsicle. It is almost melted.” She replied.

“Okay, I came to take my wallet. Now, I’m leaving. Be careful and safe. Don’t go out of the house.” Her mom advised her.

Angella nodded her head in a slow manner.

Mother asked, “Are you hearing what I am telling? Please don’t go anywhere.”

“Sure mom. I won’t anywhere.” She replied and her mom left.

Angella closed the door and went to her room again. “My lovely popsicle has melted” she worried a little. “I’m going to taste it now” she took it near to her mouth. Suddenly she heard a crying sound from the park. She ran to the balcony and checked for the crying sound there. In the park, she saw one little girl fell down from the swing and was crying loudly. She tried to call the kid from her balcony. But she didn’t hear. So Angella decided to move to the park to help the little girl. She kept her favourite red colour popsicle in a vessel on the table and ran to the park with a bottle of water and also with the first aid kit. Within a minute she reached the park because it is very close to her house.

Angella went to the girl and gave the water bottle. The little girl drank it very quickly. Then Angella asked her, “Do you get some wounds?”

The little girl again started crying showing her knees. Her knees were bleeding.

“Don’t cry little girl. I’ll help you”, Angella told her and started to clean her wounds. Then she applied medicine in her wounds. She comforted the little girl. Then they both become good friends. Angella asked her, “Where is your house?”

“It’s in the other side of the road.” Little girl said.

“How did you come here?” Angella asked her.

“I came with my elder brother but he left me alone here when his friends asked to go for a ride.” She told.

“When will he come to take you?” Angella enquired her.

The little one replied, “I don’t know. Will you take me to my home?” She asked.

Angella forgot her mother’s words. She decided to help the little one. So she accompanied her to her house. On the way to the little one’s house, they were talking and chatting. Finally, they reached the house and the little one’s mother enquired about the situation and she thanked Angella. Then the mother phoned the elder son and informed the situation too.

By the time, Angella left the little one’s home and moved to her house. In front of the house her mother and father were standing. Her father asked “Where were you all these time? I’m about to go out in search of you.”

Her mother asked, “What’s in your hands?” in a strange tone.

Angella tried to explain all the things that happened. Her parents praised her for her good act. They also advised her to take the phone wherever she goes.

With bundles of happiness and satisfaction in her heart, she went back to her room again. She saw the popsicle on the table. It was melted completely by that time. But she didn’t worry for that. She jumped in happiness for helping the little girl. Again she moved to the balcony and started to watch the park.

August 07, 2020 17:12

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Velma Darnell
10:40 Aug 13, 2020

The story is a little bit confusing because I didn't quite understand whom Angella was helping. But I liked the ending and the plot in general. Practice is all it takes. Good job!


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Katina Foster
01:47 Aug 13, 2020

I like the premise of a girl/woman (unsure about the main character's age) watching kids play in the park. However, I was a little confused. Did the dad hit his daughter with his car? It almost seemed like the older Angella was helping the younger one, who was also her. Was that your intent? Either way, you've got an interesting idea here. Keep writing!


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