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It was our first vacation together since we had gotten together. We'd known each other for years but I only had the courage to ask her out three years ago. We met when I was at work. I was working at a local café. My skirt had coffee stains and my long hair was in a messy ponytail as I reached the end of my shift. I accidently blurted out that I liked her anime bag and she burst out laughing. That's how our friendship started with me being a dork. Quickly, we grew closer and closer until I finally asked her out. We had been friends for two years by then, so I asked her out on her birthday. She hugged me hard and laughed saying, "I was going to ask you that, but I guess you beat me to it."

Now, I'm taking her to my favorite place, Zion National Park. My

mom took me here every couple years, before she died and now, I get to share it with Melissa. We're hiking angels landing because it was my mom’s favorite. Maybe at the top I'll finally have the courage to propose. I can feel the ring

box in my backpack as I put my water bottle away. I can feel my heart racing as Melissa turns to me.

"Well Jenny," Melissa spoke, "You ready to start


I give myself a second to calm down before I speak,


"Sweet," Melissa smiled and we started hiking. We walked in companionable silence admiring the beautiful view stretching around us. We finally made it to the chain part of the hike when Melissa started to freak out.

"Oh god," Melissa's normally tan face was pale," We are so high, and this does not look safe."

I placed a hand on her shoulder, "I know it's scary but

we're gonna be ok. I'm right here and I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Just take it slow ok."

Melissa took a deep, shaky breath and nodded, "Ok, yeah. I

can do this." She grabbed the chain and slowly but surely, we began to creep forward. She occasionally would have to stop and take some time to gather her courage. I would press a gentle hand on her shoulder and leave it there until she felt she could continue. I looked out as we slowly climbed higher. All around were the mountains and valleys that created Zion National Park.

The beautiful red and brown stone of the mountains practically

shown in the summer sun. The virgin river took a winding path through the valley slowly deepening the valley. We continued to hike our way up the winding trail.

After about two hours we finally made it to the top. From the top we could see everything the beautiful virgin river, all of the trees growing all over, the gorgeous mountains and everything else the sunlight touched. Melissa stood next to me taking in the view. I looked over at her and had to stop myself from gasping. The sun shown on her tan skin and was reflected in her deep hazel eyes. it shown off her dark hair and pronounced all the curls that tumbled from her scalp.

I took out the ring box that had been sitting there for weeks. I

bought the ring three months ago with both my and Melissa's younger brothers, it had a simple silver band, and a beautiful black sapphire was the center piece of the ring. I tucked my hand behind my back and gently grabbed Melissa's hand. She turned to me, cocking her head to the side.

"We've known each other for a long time. You helped me

learn how to cook. You helped me when my car broke down, and you saved me from despair when my mom died. You have been there for me unconditionally for these past three years. You're everything I've ever wanted even if I didn't know it at first. I love you so much and I know how scared you were to do this hike,

but you were brave because you knew how much it mattered to me. I would do the same for you." I got down on one knee opening the ring box. I heard Melissa gasp before I continued, " I love you and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together will you please marry me?"

Tears rolled down Melissa's face as she nodded vigorously, "Yes, oh my god yes." She gave me her hand and I slipped the ring on

her finger before standing up. She pulled me into a tight hug, "I love you so much Jenny."

"I love you too." We stood there for a long moment before breaking apart.

"Ready to head down this mountain?" Melissa wiped the tears off her face."

"Yeah," I smiled, and we headed back down the mountain


Once we reached the bottom, we headed out of the park and to the hotel we were staying in. waiting for us there were her mom, dad, and little brother.

"What are you guys doing here?" Melissa asked as she

hugged them.

"Jenny set it up," Mark, Melissa's dad, said, " she

told us she planned to propose, and she wanted us to be here to celebrate with you. Congrats kiddo."

"Yeah," Nate, Melissa's brother, nodded, "She let

me help her pick the ring!"

"That's great" Melissa smiled at her eleven-year-old

little brother, "Where's Mathew hiding?"

"He's in the bathroom changing," Natalie, Melissa's

mom, chuckled, "He got too excited and accidentally spilled his lunch in his lap. "

I laughed, "That sounds like something he would do."

"I can hear you; you know." A voice came from behind

me I turned to see my pouting brother standing there, "Congrats by the way. Took you long enough."

"Come here you," I grabbed him by the shoulders and

gave him a gentle noogie.

"Hey!" He protested, laughing lightly, "You'll

mess up my hair."

I laughed and let him go, "Well, we wouldn't want that now

would we." We all laughed and continued to chat we sat down for a lovely dinner nearby. A year and a half later my brother walked me down the aisle to my beautiful wife and we have been happily married ever since.

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